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Hi! Is it possible to make picture link like slideshow that begins on mouse hover and stops on last pic when mouse is on picture, or first pic when the mouse is not on picture link? Thank You!

I Can’t install the plugin. Appears a message “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed” What I need to do?

No answer? I pay for you and you don’t answer me?


Is it possible to add these effects on images on a wordpress site 1) on scroll instead of on hover, 2) multiple PNGs overlapping each other?


Does this work with Wordpress 4.0?

This is a jQuery plguin, not wordpress plugin :)

How I can install this thing? I saw the index.html and didn’t found how. Could help me, please? I send you an email on your gmail and didn’t received a feedback Could you be more attention with your customers?

Sorry for that, it’s jQuery plugin not a wordpress plugin.

hi, How to remove the mouse wheel ?