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Hi – is it possible to have pulsating circles?

Hi! Unfortunately no; currently you can only choose from the included icons and there are no pulsating ones. In a future update for this plugin I will add the functionality for using your own custom icons, but it is not ready yet. Thank you for asking!

I have the same issue, updated the site but the hotspots dissapeared. the image is still there but the hotspot with icon is missing. I’ve downloaded and upgraded to the most recent but still nothing. Any suggestions?

Hi, can you send me a link to a page where you are using the Hotspots? (you can send me a private message if you want). It would help me greatly in debugging the problem :)

Same thing. The plugin and site is fully up to date, but the icons and hotspots have disappeared. The images are still there, but the icons and hotspots are not. Here’s a link to the page http://dev-cms.credit.net/sample-business-credit-report/. There are 6 images on that page that have hotspots, and none of them are there any more. Please help! Thanks!

Oh and could you check the ‘trash’ in Comments? Curious if they somehow ended up there.

The hotspots are still there, and they are not in the trash. They disappeared when updating the site, which included updating WordPress along with the theme and plugins. The odd thing is that this site: http://test-cms.credit.net/sample-business-credit-report/ is an exact copy of the site linked in my initial comment, and the hotspots seem to be present on the test version, but not the dev version.

Thanks for the link! I see that the icon font doesn’t load properly as well (the arrow icon is missing from your title). If I check the CSS it seems that the font isn’t loaded on ‘dev-cms’ but is on test-cms, but via the ‘Better WordPress Minify’ plugin. Could you test disabling the that plugin? It could be a caching conflict. I’ll investigate further.

I noticed some of the tooltips on the demo page extend beyond the viewport on an iPhone in portrait orientation. Have you already implemented tip’s viewport adjustment features and this anyway happens?

Will the front-end function recognize logged-in users so as not to ask for their name/e-mail address and when they have commented will the name then be displayed as part of the tooltip for others to see? Can I force a different style of tooltip and auto-publish vs. pending approval behavior depending on the WP user rights level?

Can I deep link to individual tooltips, meaning that I send someone a link and it opens the WP page with the hot spotted image with one of its comments already displaying?

If these tooltips work like comments in WP, is it possible to answer to an existing tooltip and have the original commenter receive a notification e-mail?


I have a question/issue with the comment popups as follows:


1. I create a Hotspot image with any of the four positioning options, e.g., left, right, top and bottom, and leave Pop-up width blank so that the comment auto-stretches 2. I add comments on the left, right, top and bottom edges of the image (close to the borders of the image) 3. If I’ve selected, e.g., “Top” for the popup position and created a comment on the left side of the image that contains a 280×158 YouTube video, then when I click on the comment icon to see the comment, the left side of popup window for that comment is off the screen on my smartphone. This means that the play/pause button for the video is not accessible unless I select full screen view. 4. Similarly, if the video comment is on the right side of the image, then the option to select full screen video is off the screen on the smartphone.

Because the position setting applies to all comments on an image, there is no one setting that will solve this issue. Therefore, is there a way/option to allow all popup comments on an image to align to the center of the screen, or for that matter keep all popup borders dynamically on screen?

Thanks for you help with this, and please let me know if you need further clarification.


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Any news on the update? It really has been a very long time.

At this point It’s clear you have no intention of resolving this issue. This is the worst type of support, i.e., you set expectations that a solution is imminent when in reality this will never happen. I am going to contact Ervato Market about your misleading, non-existent support.

I agree without the lack of feedback I gave and I apologize. I just wrote a devlog about the progression of the update, you can read it here: http://eindbaas.nl/products/hotspots-ui-overhaul/

Any progress on the update?

A couple weeks passed about six weeks ago. Any updates?

Hi CentralGeek,

I have just started a devlog so it’s a bit more transparent what I’m working on. You can read the progress for the update here: http://eindbaas.nl/products/rebuilding-tooltips/

Thanks for your patience! I’m trying to get the update out as soon as possible. It’s gonna be a big one.

Hi again,

Your devlog doesn’t seem to have been updated lately. Is there a projection for the next update? It would really be helpful. We have waited a long time for your rebuild, communication would be appreciated.

Hi, One question beofre to buy it

I need to us it with a PNG picture with transparent background, when i will use the shortcode, the picture will stay with the transparent background ?


Hi Mat1210,

Yes the picture itself will not be modified so it will stay transparent.


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I have centered my image but my hotspots are not centering. I need them to be centered please help.

Hi Glynis,

You can set the position of the hotspots in the admin, have you tried that? Otherwise I’ll have a look whats going on.


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Hi There :)

I was wondering if your plugin can do a “pulsating” effect like this hotspot plugin can: https://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-addon-image-hotspot-with-tooltip/8729185

I bought you plugin and love it but am curious if it is possible.

thank you in advance.


Hi! There is no ‘pulsating’ or other effects for the icons right now. It’s a great idea however. I’m working on some major updates for the plugin right now so I’ll keep it in mind :)


Just before buying this plugin, I have a question :

I use buddypress with rtmedia plugin to allow users to upload images. Is it possible to allow only the user who uploads the photos (the author of the photos) to put hotspots and comment ?

And do you know if this plugin works with rtmedia images?

Thanks a lot, Marine

Hi DeEindbaas i noticed another person posting a similar issue without resolve. ive been using your plugin for 2 years now & its fantastic. however since wordpress 4.5 (now on wordpress 4.7) hotspot comments do not stay shown on posts where the hotspot image is inserted via shortcode. if you leave a hotspot comment it will appear but after a page refresh it is gone. the comments still showup in the admin backend and also on the original hotspot image url. just not the post url containing the hotspot image shortcode. (i am not using any caching plugin) any insight on this?

Figured it out just wanted to reply with a solution if anyone experiences this. it turns out my host (bluehost) has a server side cache and that was causing issues. i disabled the server cache completley.

thanks again for this great plugin looking forward to future versions

Hello, is this working on all CPT images orr only posts or pages ?We have created our own plugin with images. thanks


The images work by creating a new ‘hotspotable’ image with the plugin and then placing that image with a shortcode on any post, page or widget. It won’t work with any custom-displaying images from within another plugin though.

You can check the manual here: http://eindbaas.nl/products/hotspots-with-comments-wordpress-plugin/manual/

Hope this answers your question!

Hi! Can your plugin allow “rectangle drawing” image annotation? Like https://wordpress.org/plugins/demon-image-annotation/

The Demon Image Annotation was the ONLY one with this capability in Wordpress. It is no longer supported, updated, or working, it’s abandoned and the plugin creator hasn’t tweeted or updated his website in years. So if you add this feature to your plugin you’ll be able the only one with those features.

I can pay extra for you to add this. Please I really really need something like that.

Hi Localpa,

This plugin doesn’t have rectangle drawing for annotations. Its a good idea though and I might be able to implement it in the future, but it would require some time.

If you are in a real hurry please contact me privately via email or contact-form and we can perhaps work something out :)

Hi, I installed the plugin and created a shortcode. I placed the shortcode on a simple page, but the image does not appear.

any idea? Here is the draft page:



solved it.. sorry.. i saved the image as draft.

I’m glad it works!

Guess I have to start a new comment since you aren’t responding to the last one anymore.

I haven’t seen you mention the major update promised several months back. “I have just started a devlog so it’s a bit more transparent what I’m working on. You can read the progress for the update here: http://eindbaas.nl/products/rebuilding-tooltips/"

I see you are responding to people within the last month or so. I would like to know if you are still working on the “major” update and what kind of timeframe we might be looking at. Thanks

You are correct and I do apologize for the lack of communication. You prompted me to write a new devlog and I just posted that here: http://eindbaas.nl/products/hotspots-ui-overhaul/ :)

Thank you for that. I appreciate knowing since it has been a long time since the last update. Very happy to see the logic behind what you are doing as well.

I completely understand the comments on how updates don’t happen. I struggle with that some as well. But most of all, thanks for responding with kindness.

Hi I love Hotspots with Comments!

I would like to develop it further. Could someone get in touch with me please.

There will be a need for this plugin with the company I work with, once it fits their custom need.

Please email me at surbhi@joshiinc.com

Hello – pre-sales question. Do logged-in users need to fill in their name and email or does you plugin automatically recognise these details? Thank you!