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did you guys ever figure out why you cant put a 5 different maps within tabs and it work. you can see the images in each tab but only the first tab works where you can ad hotspots

can you put more than one map on a single page


rccgd Purchased

Great plugin. How do I change the submit button from “Create Hotspot” to something else?

Function snippet would be great please to not disturb your plugin codes and to not get any of the modifications overwritten when updated. Thank you!

Hello Admin, nice plugin. Can this be compatible with Contact Form 7? If not, is there any workaround?


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Sure it can work alongside Contact Form 7, but have you something specific in mind? I don’t see the connection :)

Hi: How can web made it responsive? We need to see it well at mobile. Best regards

Hi again:

The image you have at the demo works fine on mobile: http://eindbaas.nl/products/hotspots-with-comments-wordpress-plugin/

Best regards

Hi! It should work fine out of the box. Do you have working link that I could check? You can send it privately if you don’t want it showing here.