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Hello deels,

In the current version you could select “async animation” in “style options” tab, it’s not exactly what you ask, but may be helpful. Selection of transition speed, and some other customization options will be added in the next versions.

Sincerely VizL

Deels you may send sreenshot on

1. Its not responsive. 2. I have some issues with the balloon size – it looks find on the setup screen but different on the actual page using short code.

Thank you for this bug, it will be fixed in the next version.

It would be great if you can add the following features: 1. control font size. 2. responsiveness. 3. set up the delay time between the appearances of the hotspots. 4. Pulse hotspot that once hover it shows the balloon 5. add images to balloons . Thanks

Thank you. I will take these into account, with the release of the next version.


When will you be able to issue the update that makes this plugin responsive plus the other bugs deels pointed out? Also, the dot that I get in the front-end is different than the demo or in my backend, see the screen grab here:

Thanks for the great work.

Thanks. I will implement.

Also, It appears the plugin is buggy with Chrome for Mac (Version 32.0.1700.77). Let me know if you need a screenshot (the lines don’t intersect with the bubbles. Same problem exists on the demo site.)

Hello mensahf, thank you. I will test this browser for mac, after the release of the next version.

Dear alexbeja, in order to achieve better results of responsive, use a smaller size of the bubbles, as they are tied to a percentage of the image. However, this response system did not meet expectations, so in the next version, I’ll use an custom system of media queries which will allow you to customize your own response.

Sincerely VizL.

Hello VizL, thank you for great plugin, is there a fix i can apply to make the bubbles responsive, Also would be nice if we could choose the color of the bubbles.


Hello, Is it compatible with zll wordpress themes ? Thanks

your demo is off