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Awesome plugin! Good luck! :)

Thanks mate :)

Hi, great module. I’ve even been able to put a link in the pop-up, which has come in real handy. Now I was wondering if it is possible to skip a step. So that when I click on the icon I immediately go to the link destination in the pop-up, without the pop-up showing?


Your idea is good.

But i feel we can more things in the popup with link and the internal architecture is a little tuff.

I will search for a solution and will let you know.



indeed I was looking at the code and to apply my idea, I was thinking that on click, the function needs to check if there is only a link in the popup or something like that :)

Thanks for checking it out!

Loving this module, moved to this one after the other overlay stopped working (Hotspot Drupal Module) disappointed at first but this version is far better! Is there a way to make it responsive?

Hello, the current demo pages with example 1 and 2 seem not to be “responsive”? Can you clarify the feature set, please? Thanks in advance.


I contacted you some time ago regarding issues with the plugin.

I originally purchased your first hotspot plugin but found issues with it, so I purchased your most recent plugin and still found issues. (so we have purchased 2 items from you)

Please could you come back to me with some support on this plugin, as we are wanting to address this issue and re-use the plugin if it’s sorted.

Kind Regards


Hi Netkandi,

Let me know the issues send me an email

Hello, I bought this module recently and is not working,


Could you please give details about this..


running drupal 7.39, i can add background and icons on the image, but i cant edit the content of the box, color, also doesn’t show the responsive option as said in the description.

Hi, I purchased an item but noticed that I can’t upload an image. What are the minimum requirements, like PHP version etc.?

Obviously this is a very useful plugin of Drupal since there isn’t any similar module in Drupal site, but seem like this plugin can’t work, and author had not updated yet since 2014, hopefully it can be updated with newest Drupal version

Well done, keep going!