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Very impressive work, friend, Congrats. wish you a luck with many sales.

Thanks for such nice comments.

I’m interested in purchasing this module, but I need first to know if this module does supports multilingual websites (in particular, translated with entity_translation module). Does titles and (html) txt in tooltips can be translated in all active languages? Thank you very much

With google translate it will work….

What answer is this? Be serious please. I’ll repeat: does titles and (html) txt in tooltips can be translated in all active languages with default Drupal translation system ( = are they passed through t() function to make them available for translations) ?

Sorry Sir this module is not compatible with drupal default language system.

Since i don’t know much about the language translate system, i need to research a bit on the drupal default language system and make my module compatible with it.

Apart from that there are some bugs in the system and i am working on it.

We will surely research on language translate and let you know the updates within a week.


Hiya, not able to load preview.

Can you please check links? Thanks.

Hi cbiggins,

Can you send me the demo links and details(admin, FTP) at my email. So that i can resolve the issue.


Hey man, Its the ‘preview link’ link on the ‘item details’ tab…. here:


We are having some server issue. We will update you as soon as it is fixed.


Please I need help. I bought the module last week but it doesnt work on my server.

When i load an image it doesnt appear to edit it. In the console it says: “Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/html: “”. “

Hi, We need admin details inspect and resolve the issue. It would be helpful if we can get ftp.



My hot-spots do not appear unless I set them to always show and the uploaded image keeps disappearing after awhile.

Please kindly assist. Thank You.

Hi, still awaiting your reply

Hey maximuscle,

Sorry for late reply. I am resolving the issue.It will take some time. Email:


Hey maximuscle,

Please send me an email to my id so that we can proceed with the conversation.


recently purchased this for a community site, best module i have ever come across! great work man.

while testing we noticed after 24 hours that the background image disappeared just leaving the hotspots markers but on a white/blank background. Is it the image we are using or does our version require a fix? please advise asap as we love it and want it to go live.

Hey, thank you for coming back to me on this issue, I have just emailed you as requested. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris

Any response to my emails on this?

Hi there:

We came across your Module and we are greatly interested in buying it. However, we have several concerns that are not explained in the demo video, and the live preview is a dead link as well.

1. In the popover window, I understand that you can choose “none” at the social media option and then you can type in some text in the “content” textbox. My question is, does this popover textbox support basic HTML? For example, if I want to include some text with simple html tags like

, can I do that in the popover box? I know this is built on twitter bootstrap and it’s definitely possible, but I do not see any text editor available in the demo video and I am worried that it will literally print out the HTML instead of rendering it correctly

2. What if our drupal site is not written with twitter bootstrap? Are we going to have capability issues?

Thanks, Samuel

Hello! What is the status of your module? Can i see working example somewhere? What is the difference between your and these module


I was wondering if it is possible to have hotspot popups only show when the hotspot is hovered over? Here is an example of what I’m looking for:


Scratch my last comment, I found the setting in the admin. The hover/click state doesn’t reveal the popover on touch devices though (e.g. smartphone and tablet). Will you be able to add support for touch devices?

Nice, I like it.

Please send the live demo link, I will purchase it if I see it live working …