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Want to purchase it.. but unable to find admin demo credentials… please send it.

Does your script has connection with, and

Is there a way to log in to the back-end / admin ?, also, can I use the HotelCMS/Booking system with another HTML front page?

you have to separate dir between frontpage and this script

I’m really interested but only in the bookings engine, I prefer to use my own landing page. Where is the demo for the back-end?

Admin panel login details ? before purchase it ?

Hi, I’m not particularly good at php! I’ve just bought your template but I have a pb for its implementation. I can see the php index page but cannot have access to admin page or the other pages (accomodations, facilities, offers…), I have an error 404. The address of the site is I did the 7 steps as mentioned. Can you help me, please? Is it an htaccess problem? Thanks in advance

Hi .ataccess not working on your hosting

Thanks for your reply. OK! htaccess did not work because I had changed the path with instead of leaving your initial code /hotelcms/. Step 7 was useless if we do not change the folder which regroups the template. Have a nice day!

Please send me admin. Thanks!

Can I use this plugin for multiple hotels? I want to use the chance to the visitors to search and book more than 2 hotels? For example the customer can search for period 10-15 Dec. and 16 – 20 Dec. Is that possible?

not support

Looking to buy, is the system 100% white label? Could I install it for a client and have it totaly white label?

Yes can do

It has a problem when you modify the reservation, at the end double the charges.

New upadte will be very soon Thank you


Hi! Is it possible to manage a Private Room as well as a Dorm Room with the plugin? Does it has Season Prices? Is there an iCalendar Export possibilty (so we can work together with AirBNB)? Thanks!!

your Demo doesn’t work properly as there are no rooms available so it’s not possible to go through the checkout process

I setup new rates / allocation already next version will be available on end of April

If the dates of check in and check out are indicated and between that range of dates there is an unavailable date, the reservation is still made by subtracting the inventory and oversold.

I am doing new version you will get it very soon and many more better design and coding.

Thank you.

want to access back end panel ?? Login details

How to administer this site? Give data to enter the admin area! Thank you!

new version already upload admin see in screen shot

Only screen shot?

I have 500 Internal Server Error I check my .htaccess file and update. But I can not make it work. I can see only my index.php So it must be a mistake .htaccess file

yes fixed you .htaccess file

Hi, I see that they have already updated but I think the previous system was better, it is no longer available for customers to edit their reservation, I thought they would add more editing options like moving dates, number of rooms, number of people.

I also see that they removed the promotional codes, it was good idea, I thought they would add to create codes that can be used several times, ideal for working in groups. They also took away that option to reserve and add your discount code.

Also you have removed the graphs that were statistical information, its function is very useful, I would like to improve this part, including a choice of reports would be very good.

It is complicated to use language system, it is complicated to add new languages.

In the same way they should add a section to create amenities, for the rooms to add a more detailed description.

Hi ! I need to buy this script but posible can I try admin panel

Looks awesome. How easy is it to integrate it into another payment gateway such as Stripe?


Hello. Can you provide admin login data to check the product before the purchase, please?

I need to buy but need to know details before I buy it

Friend can not see the back end demo ?