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Hello, I bought Club Hotel and I also installed. After the installation has been displayed: “Duplicate entry ‘hotelnamebg’ for key ‘KOD’ LINE:26Duplicate entry ‘hotelemail’ for key ‘KOD’ LINE:26”

Is imppossibile access the administrator panel, the page http://www.../cbadm/index.php does not work

Could you help me?

Does your script has connection with, and

if i buy it 14$ can i have full source for work offline?


Can you tell me if is possible to use this system in spanish language? I´m very interested in buy this system but I need to know how use the system in spanish because the people who work with me dosen´t speak english. thanks and waiting for your response.

Yes, but need translate from admin panel – add or modify english or bulgarian language.

Brayan, thanks for your answer. When I try to add a new language (Spanish) the system ask me for the code and serial number? the code i know is “es” but in the serial space dont know what is the entry. The thing is when I try with that language all is “blank” not links available on the manager panel. Can you let me know how can I use this to configure spanish language? I need to know if the system work in spanish as the person who go to use the program only speak spanish. waiting for your response, in order to try and then make my purchase. Thanks in advance and have a nice day

I’ve two question: 1) Can I have multiple installation on the same server for manage multiple hotel? 2) Is it included a widget for integration on existing website? Thanks!

1 – Yes, is possible, but in different folders. 2 – In demo page have example forms with fields (from date, to date, etc…) when you can see and make easy same in your webpage.

Hi! I’ve purchased your CBHotel software and I can read only now the system requirements about the Apache web server, but I need to install it on IIS webserver! How I can install it on my IIS web server? I’ve tried but it don’t want install! Thanks!

I’m sorry but I mistyped the booking url, the right is (CBHotel2 is a remnant of the various tests)

However I do not think the problem is in the configuration file, I’m able to reach the admin page with the url but as soon as the page is loaded I’m coming redirected to and here is looped infinity!

if this website is online, send me ftp details via mail. On localhost i can’t see.

Ok, I’ve sent you details via email…thanks!

bed function not working on demo

i cant pay when offline

payment is not working when not connected to internet how to fix this?

Reports > Payments > Income from services Help > Instructions Help > Inquiry Website > Pages All the above have some different language


Settings > Information > Google Maps/GPS isnt showing map Online Payment Link sows that language again

hello, Having challenges to install this solution on localhost to further customize it

can i set hourly price? i cannot find that option in demo admin site

Item with no support? Who wants to buy something without support? How does it have 5 stars with all of the bugs and questions reported here???

Hello, bought it on today and getting error message on hosting on local host. Please see the screenshot 1 and 2 iam using WAMP.. Please help me..

Screen shot : 1 Screen Shot : 2

Hello, I think, for screenshot 1: Set in php.ini asp_tags = On short_tags= On

for second: may be not copy all files in folders. See config file for look path is correct ?

I have copied all the file very correctly and there was not way for file missing. The tag’s asp_tags = On and short_tags= On was already on, I can see the similar issues are reported by other user’s here months and years before and it was not resolved yet. So please install a fresh wamp local host server and try at your end. So that you will also get to know the errors. The same file was working in Online server and why it was not working in Local Host. Even as an developer we can’t update or create new option on online, so it needed to be in local host and by the way it was easy to test, create and update content. So please take it as serious and apprichate if you can solve the issue in a day. We saw your script needed Iconcube loader to in a website not in your installation DOC, so we will test it and in the mean time you need to verify the same..

Finally you script is good but these minor issues needed to be resolved.

Hi iam back with an solution for this issue. For those who are facing issues to run this script in Local host (Wamp or xampp ) Follow below lines. 1. Open php.ini and make sure these line are marked as on : asp_tags = On , short_open_tag = On See the screen shot here:

2. Install ioncube loader there are many tutorial availble on internet to install the ioncube on wamp and xampp. In some time this may be an reason for not working the script offline

3. Be sure the rewrite_module was checked on the Apache other wise the .htaccess will not work.

By following the above It was worked for me as it have taken too much time for me to resolve this issue that’s why I have shared it here. Because it will help others to configure in their local server with in a minute.

Hi, i want to buy, this script, but befor, is it possible to add Stripe payment getway?

i’ve check the online demo version, also when would you update to mobile freindly(responsive version)?

Please would you give me a quote for this additions! :

The possibility to add many pages:

mobile freindly(responsive version) rooms page each room with pics and descriptions and prices, clients reviews, hotel services, hotel activities with pics, promotion/discount page with pics actualities page with pics contact page with google map, booking page to book many different rooms type in the same booking transaction(book 2 double rooms and 3 triple rooms), page lincks partner( add multiple linck partner to exchange trafics…)

Does this run under PHP 5.5? PHP 5.6? PHP 7.0?

I purchased it a few days ago and trying to install but am stuck on the 2nd step for putting database details, all details are correct but giving me a red button not going through. How am i supposed to write the details?

check sql details for special symbos – & or ’ and set new password for db without this symbols


cm0308 Purchased

Hi I’m trying to install the software, I have set up the permissions correctly, database details are correct, green light the whole way etc but when I click finish installation it keeps saying “installing the system” and just hangs there it does not go any further. Any reason for this? Can you help brayan?


cm0308 Purchased

Hi I am getting the following error when I make try to make a reservation: HI TCPDF ERROR: Unable to create output file: /home/easibnah/public_html/booking/datadb//temp/7G518R7.pdf

Also it does not seem to be sending emails.

Can you help brayan?

Hello, I was wondering if your API is compatible with (GTA Travel)? Thank you in advance.

Good idea, but totally outdated. Should be completely rewrite !!