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Hi! Would be nice if the hotel admin can see his request, paypal integration for online reservation payment (with commission fee for admin), user registration with billing, etc. Just ideas. Otherwise, very nice idea! Good luck with sales!

emailed you. please let me know if you can update and add more impt. features for this promising script.

Read now, i will email you soon.

ok. will be waiting.

Is a bootstrap template? is a good script

Yes, based on bootstrap.

I would like to buy the script by in my mobile I see some design bugs of weight divs align. Do you test into device mobiles?

Yes, there are problem with the table content, att the moment mobile is not full supported.

hi when will the mobile version be available?

No, but it’s easy to add. On process.php file on last line (before }) add mail($email,$email_subject,$email_body,$headers);

thanks. -And what kind of information is sent to the user and admin through confirmation email? (name,address,checkin time,address,email,phone ?) - Also how easy it is to remove the checkout option and just make it to calculate price only for one day based on the checkin date selected.and not by number of people. so regardless of number of people the room a flat rate?

All the data that the user set. Remove the booking is easy, you only need to delete the HTML button on search.php file.

Script not working got error Unknown MySQL server host ‘’ (0)

Does your script has connection with, and

Error connect mysql

demo doesn’t work, MySQL error.