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Hello, when will your new APP BE READY? LET ME KNOW WHEN ITS READY


hi, does it take hotel datas automaticly or not? For example, can it take data from booking.com, hotels.com etc.?

no you have to code for that

Hi. Any news about the PHP control panel. I would be interest too if app can be used without parse.com

we are working on it will update you in a week

Hi friend parse is down you go update to php backend?

Hello its already on php backend :)

Is possible convert app for one hotel only?

yes you can do its just a modification

Hi bluehorntech, What about the user login for the front end, is there any forgot password or reset password option?. I saw the option Sign up and Sign in.


Its not in app. we are planning to make a update your suggestions are highly appreciated

Thanks for your fast replay. I will wait for that update

ok thanks alot

There is no information about the backend of this app. For example, does the hotel owner create the hotel profile and manage the bookings? Also, it would be interesting to know what is the revenue stream in this app.


Hello yes its working like that. we will add more description in it

Hey bluehorntech, are you still going update the Feature about the backend For example, does the hotel owner create the hotel profile and manage the bookings? In the App have password recover for client ? I know maybe its really fast to add this feature…but if could give a idea how long …so we can have some hope.. Thanks

I mean * maybe its Not really fast to add this feature

WE have done few of them. but will be in next update

Hello sir, do this app has backend like php and mysql then frontend using android studio. I want to buy now but i want to confirm with you.

Sir I bought it but the backend is not working in my server. I have my own hosting domain. I need your help.

Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘E:/wamp/bin/php/php5.4.16/ext/php_fileinfo.dll’ – E:/wamp/bin/php/php5.4.16/ext/php_fileinfo.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

The dll problem ext/php_fileinfo.dll

you have to talk to your hosting. it have some dll missing in hosting

Sir I bought it but the backend is not working in my server. I have my own hosting domain. I need your help.

please email me hosting info let me check the issue.

How can I get your email please

May I get your email please.

Sir is this your email wasiq.aftab.ch@gmail.com?

Does it come with an Android Studio project?

Hi. I’m working in the demo for your app, but I cannot login. Please help as I would like to purchase.

“Credentials do not match”

john@gmail.com password 12345

looks good, anything for iOS?

not yet


Qyadat Purchased

Is there any live application for this template in Google play? I already purchase the app but i want to know the performance of the app when there are large number of hotels in the backend . Thanks

HI thanks for purchasing the app. we dont know about any other user app. which is launched on play store.


Qyadat Purchased

Dear ;

The database is not complete many tables are missing in the back end.

ok tell me your email i will send you


Qyadat Purchased

Problem solved Thanks

no worries

I have my own Hotel booking API. Can I use it? Or will you provide me your backend code and then I have to modify it to use with my own API?

you can use your own api. if you purchase that you will fine my backend code and you can use that as well

Hi, im interested to buy this app. I need some info, can hotels open and close rooms availability, can hotels manage them self everything from admin panel. Can you add options for room type, like single, double…??

Hotel Booking Android app has admin panel from where you can add cities,hotels,,prices back ground images , rooms in each hotels,rooms details,images for further information visit admin panel http://takeawaymobileapplication.uk/clients/apis/hotelonline/ Username: admin

Password: admin123