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It is possible to add every day informations in the app from my iPhone ?


Hi, you mean every day Information such as Deals or News or etc ? You can Type rss Feed URL from your website in your app and app Updates it automaticaly or if your website has no rss, just create the file , and Upload rss Feed file on your website Server . And app will Show it automaticaly in your app. Thanks.

Hi, we have updated our template and added iPad support. thanx

Hi, any demo? Thanks

Hi, nice…1. can the rss reader works with wordpress? 2. Can i insert videos in the rss? Thanks

Hi, App Supports all types of RSS feeds (XML, ATOM, etc…) wordpress is one of them too. This Rss Reader has built in browser and if your Article/News has video on its page, you can open your video too with this rss reader. Thanx

Hi, we have updated our template and added iPad support. thanx

Hi, This is a full running app ??

Hi, yes this is a Full Application. You Need only to change/ overwrite logo and Lounch images with your own. Thanx

Hi, we have updated our template and added iPad support. thanx

does the rss support fetching of images as thumbnails next to article names?

App comments/reviews are very important for us. Thank you very much!

always respect good work..have many ideas and waiting for updates or maybe new apps from you!great work once again!

very nice to hear it! we will do our best : )) thanks and all best wishes for you.

Hello. I want to know as a freelancer can create source code for the iPad?. My mail niscama@alice.it Thanks

Hi, okey i’ll write you today an email with all informations. Thanx

Hi, we have updated our template and added iPad support. thanx

Version Android?

Hi, maybe later. Thanx

hi how i can customize all the stuffs? is there a way to do it withtou a mac ? thank you kind regards

Hi, without Mac you can not customize or submit in the App Store , but We will be able to compile this app for you with your logos, images, text, etc and publish it in the App Store with your developer account or with our developer account . Just write us an email from our profile page and we can find a good solution. Thanx, best regards

hi, if i need this app for more hotels or more exactly apart hotels how can i do? P.s Very nice app cheers:)

Hi, thanks for your comment. Please send me an email from our profile’s contact form and we will send you all informations about licenses etc. best regards : )

Hi, what’s the mechanism for the app backend management, xml?Parse?JSON? Thanks. Pretty clean and neat app btw.

Hi it is used .plist file (as XML). Very simple to customize. Thanks

Would I be able to customize this to another type of business? Like a car dealer, for example?

They can sell through it as reservation for hotel for example. It is no problem. I mean if you want to purchase this app for your employer, it is commercial use for you and your employer can not use this app with regular/extended license if you have purchased it. They must purchase this app with own envato account or you need commercial use license for them. I hope it will help you, if you need any other infos, I can send you an email. Thanx

Yes, please email me. Because according to the Licensing FAQ I can do this http://codecanyon.net/licenses/faq#use-product-for-client-a all I need to do is transfer the license to the client. In my case, being that I am purchasing it on behalf of my employer and my employer is not selling the app, my employer would be giving it away to end users, according to the Licensing FAQ this would be a “regular license.”

Example: If you create a website for a client using a WordPress theme, you could give him the theme as long as you deleted it and linked to our license. In this case for hotel app you can also do this , but you can not redistribute it for other clients, after that your employer uses this template . With regular license they can publish this app for free to the App Store if no inapp purchases will be added. If you need for example to use this app for more than one client (employer) , with regular license you can not do this. Thanx


has anyone successfully had this app approved in the app store?


Thanks for quick response.. just a couple more notes for your own reference.

I would also rate this app high, as the design and look is fantastic, but this does not mean it will get accepted.

One major thing apple look at is “can this app facilitate something that cannot be done in a web app/ website”... and from the video preview, I see nothing that does this… it is essentially just a website, so I was wondering if anyone had any success in having this app approved.

One thing you could add to the app that would definitely ensure is approved is a “my details” page where the person can enter their details, have stored locally within the app and then the reservations takes this info from the app.

Hi, no it is not a website or webapp. Every changes and informations you must make in within the app source code template, and not online. Online will be rss feed downloaded. Thats why it is no problem for apple to submit. In this app will be no website loaded or something like other web apps you are talking about. it is full application with its own content. you don’t need extra website or html5 page for this app. Thanks

maybe later. at this time we develop only for iOS. Thanks

can I add my own logo and change the code to add more features or less to this app and add it to the app store by my name after buy it?

Hi, you can change all images such as logo, app logo, room images etc. You can Remove Features easily, but to add you need some Programming skills. You can publish this app under your or your hotel Name in App Store and it will Apparat in devices. Thanks

just need few information before i buy this:

1. is it possible to add multiple hotels/restaurants [so that people can see varieties and options – like say people can compare] , or is there any chance if i want to use this app for more hotels or more exactly apart hotels? can i get full documentation for adding those hotels/restaurants details – pics,price,contact info,facilities etc ?

waiting for helpful respond thanks

Hi, to add more hotels is possible but will be high programming skills required and all our developers are busy with other Projects so we can not start to work on this. The simplest way looks like this: App Opens -> Welcome Screen (Please Choose Hotel A or B, or C) and when the customer clicks f.e. Hotel A, opens next screen, our app for Hotel A, or Hotel B, etc… Please contact us per e-mail for more informations, from our profile’s contact form. Thanks

Hello AppsVilla,

any change you will update the sourcecode to Swift?

Hello, what changes you want to have as it is not required to use swift as object c is has also all functionality what this app requires. thanks

Hello, is there any Payment mothod like Paypal?

Hi, payment method can be used when website is using online ordering system. App has not its own payment methods. Thanks

Hello, I am looking to purchase, but I was wondering if you could add add some features for me. For example a calendar view to make booking with information showing live rooms available or booked for that day. Then being able to make payments or deposits to book these rooms via paypal or card payment. How much would you charge to add this extra feature?

Hi, please send us above comment via email at info@appsvilla.de and write us if you or the hotel has a website already. thanks

Are you updating this template?

You will sell more templates even if made one new addition and upload it as an update. Potential clients always look to see when the last update was and if the developer is active.

Yes you are right and our team is working on a new updates. Thanks for your comment

That’s good. I will purchase new version. Thanks.

Hi do you have multiple listing hotel

currently is only one listing available. Regards

Ok thanks, I am looking for multiple hotel apps..beat if luck sir..

Ops i mean best of luck…(: