Hotel App Full iOS Template for iPhone/iPad

Hotel App Full iOS Template for iPhone/iPad

Your Hotel iOS App for iPhone and iPad

iOS9 Ready! The application is ready to upload to the App Store and does not require any configuration.This iOS template allows you to build your own iOS Hotel App for iPhone and iPad devices with a flat UI look that fits the new style of iOS9. Supports also iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus Fullscreen included iPad.It is fully customizable without editing any code, by editing property list text files (plist). All views have .xib files and you can add any image or other functions very simply.


App Screens:
  • All Colors are configurable in a simple PLIST format.
  • Our Hotel : This feature allows you to add hotel Banner Photo along with hotel details.
  • Rooms : Your hotel room photos and any other general photo gallery. Slider View and Zoom in/out function.
  • Reservation : Through this user can request for reservation of rooms. App automatically calculates the amount based on room types and number of people. Room prices and types of room are configurable in a simple PLIST format.
  • Weather & News : This is a RSS reader. Supports all types of RSS feeds (XML, ATOM, etc…) wordpress is one of them too. You just need to configure your RSS feed url in PLIST and app will fetch all the news updates done on this channel. You can use Weather feed for your location, your own hotel deals, promotions, or just news.
  • Customer Service : This is most useful feature, where user can call to hotel for reservation or email you and also find the way to your hotel by following directions given on the map. Address details are also provided on this screen.

Features :

  • Supports iOS 6.0 and higher. (iPhone and iPad Version)
  • No Programming Skills Required.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Easy to use. Clean Code. (No Issues)
  • PSD and PNG Files
  • Fast Support.

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You have no Mac and Xcode?

We will be able to compile the program for you and publish it in the App Store. (Extra Support) Just write us.

Please note that if you are planning for any other commercial use, for example redistribute for other customers, to sell in-app purchases in the App or sell the App for a price on the App Store, you will need to purchase an Extended License. See the sidebar for more details. This does not apply to iAd or other advertisement in the App.

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