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Wow, Nice game and wonderful graphics! =).

Thank you!

I like game match 3, good work!!

Thank you! I like too)

Nice, but needs more than 1 level.

Thank you !, I think that in the next update will do 20-40 levels.

Hi, you can send logo hot jewels .psd ?


Hi, thanks for your work.

I’m trying to get the player’s score to save in my database, but i cant do that. Can you help me please?

Thank You !, I’m glad you liked my game! =) In the next update I will add to it another 20 levels of play. If you liked it, please appreciate it, I really appreciate it and I will be glad of your assessment! =).

Hi, Thanks for your help. I would like to know how can i get the player’s score at the end of the game in javascript. Next i will use ajax to do my things.

It is necessary to re-direct the game to rewrite the events in Ajax

Hello! Is it possible me to be able to modify the graphics for the game?

Yes, you can easily change your entire schedule!

Hi Muscle, can I remove the games and credit link? do I need construct 2 to do that? Thanks

Hi muscle one more thing, tested on mobil but its not adjust according screen resolution, i am using samsung note , thanks

Hi, yes, I made your request, and send you to the post office! Thank you!

hi, is possible that game auto resize to the browser screen? On mobile its very small.

Yes, you need in Construct 2 change screen resolution to “LetterboxScale”

Hi, as talked by email, I bought this game and also Mad Shark. Could you put both to adjust automatically to screen? And please, also put link on credits to my website (Must I send website and URL by email or here)?

Ok, send me your address links to you site that you want to insert into the game, but only by mail.

Bought this capx about a month ago. 40% of players complain that it freezes all the time, sometimes swipe is glitching or when there is 3 in one row, it does not always destroy the line.

We know that there are some small problems, but it is still in the process!

Hi, tried the game a dozens time. Every game crashed at some point and ended itself. Sometimes 3 in a row do not always destroy the line. New stones do not fall the whole column down, so an empty space appears instead of being refilled with a new stone. Stones were overlapping.

Hello, does this template using Array?

Hello, does this template using Array?