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How do I put item limit?

Ex: maximum of 3 items


Hello, i want put img in slide .. can you safe me ? please

Yes you can do this with a combination of HTML and CSS.

Hi there.

I sent a support ticket to you but so far have yet to receive a response.

I’m basically lost with this whole java query stuff and believed what I was buying was a WordPress Plugin, not a piece of code that I don’t know how to use.

I am running theme EasyWeb and want to know how to easily create a VPS Slider to use with WHMCS / WooCommerce on my website.

If this can’t be done quickly and easily for someone who does not know code, please can you provide me with a full refund.

Thank you.

Hello??? 23 hours and no reply???


I have not mentioned WordPress anywhere in the description, please check carefully.

Hello there,

I know that there is not a mention of WordPress anywhere in your description, but before I buy a script or plugin, I always read the Comments section to see if anyone else has had any issues with the product offered.

Below is a comment from one of your customers from about a year ago, where you say that this slider will work with WordPress;

mwnnva79 mwnnva79 about 1 year ago Flag Hello, Can this be used in a WordPress theme?

WebAboard WebAboard AUTHOR about 1 year ago Flag Yes, certainly.

So what I really need to know from you is how to implement / integrate this script into my WordPress theme please. If there is a straightforward way of doing so, please advise on how I can achieve this. If it is not straightforward and is likely to take a long time and other paid resources, then I would appreciate a refund.

Please advise me on either option.

Many thanks,


Hi! Pre-purchase question. Can i use only two items, for example ram and price. i dont need more and that is not for hosting its for some other items. thank you


Yes, this will work.


Any ways to show me how it can connect to my WHMCS panel?


Hello, would your calculator be customizeable to fit something like these?

1. https://blazingboost.com/overwatch-boost/solo-que

2. https://www.boostards.com/overwatch/boost

3. https://www.boostingfactory.com/overwatch/boosting-service/

We are very interested in finding one to fit our needs, if you know of any please let us know :)


It would be great to have a demo backend to see how to use it, I am looking for a slider that works like the one on Mailchimp Pricing page.