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Very nice app…Best of luck for the sales buddy.

Demo apk can be found here

What is the password?


Slightly confusing preview image, as that displays the app on iOS devices, when in fact this is an Android app.

The images are used for demonstration purposes only.The app is listed under Android-Full Applications so it is pretty clear that it is built for Android.

Yeah, but I’m just saying that the pictures are kinda misleading – I’d change them, if I were you.

Hi… Nice app.

Are you give full source of application.

Hello and thank you for your comment.Yes full source code is included.

Can I edit this with phonegap or only eclipse ?

Only Eclipse.

Hello, i have tested your apps, and i didnt find where you can add files, sou have view file but not add. Thanks

Hello, In this app you can create files with shifts and/or patients and view them delete them or send them via email. There is no option to add a new file.

Maybe i misunderstood what you asked.I mean that there is no option to add an external file.You can create files by selecting the checkboxes next to shifts or patients and then at the bottom click “create file” button.

thanks i ll try

How to change translation ?

Regarding icons you should edit the photoshop files and change the texts,save them for web as .png files and then drop them inside mdpi folder. Other strings can be changed inside HospitalShiftManager\res\values\strings.xml file.

Nice app. How can be found apk? because from my sg s3 no found.. Change of style, icons It is easy? I need see the demo working to buy.

Hello. Thank you for the comment.

If you have downloaded the demo.apk file just browse to it with a file browser intalled in your phone.For the demo.apk to install you have to allow installation from unknown sources in your phone’s settings. The demo can be found here Click above link from your mobile phone’s browser and it will download and install.Make sure that you have allowed installation from unknown sources though. The icons can be easily edited in photoshop.Just edit the layers to fit your needs.

Hello, i have erro on styles.xml, in customaction bar. thanks

and i have a lot of error in eclipse “R cannot be resolved to a variable” in the code. Thanks

You have to import appcompat v7 library and make your project use it in order to make the errors go away.There are instructions on how to do that in the documentation,

@mesto1974 just delete styles.xml and all errors would be solved xd I did that when I become angry and it works.

Thanks crosite :)

Can you help me?? 99 errors…even removing style.xml. Please help me…

Hello. Thanks for the purchase. You have to import android-support-appcompat v7 library and make your project use it in order for the errors to go away.There are instructions on how to do that in the documentation,

i think this app needs another power user. this power user is the one adding the data and push it to the doctors mobile app considering that these doctors have no time to update or include patients data and all.

hence, a power user (manager) will add the data for them and sync it in the cloud once data plan is on for the doctor to get updated data in his mobile app.

let me know of what you think. i need something like this

can you add a dropdown list in “Add shift” and “add patient” called “Hospitals”.

majority of our doctors are working from one hospital, a retainer doctor to company or to his clinic. in that way the doc will know where will be his shift or location be for that shift.

Perhaps you can also add push notifications and (or) meeting notifications set by the secretary as well.

Hello iscagigas and thank you for your comment. This app works with SQLite right now but it can be updated to fit the use cases you mentioned.

Where is the data saved? Can a hospital use this app and share the file of a patient??

Data is saved in SQLite database.There is an option,by long clicking on a file to mail it.

Fotech… Can I edit this in NetBeans or only eclipse…

You can edit in Eclipse.

Hey I send you an email regarding your app,

would you be able to answer kindly. I work with intellij and i had to downgrade to eclipse but still it is not working, need docs . Your docs are simple.. Need your app updated for android studio or intellije If you can? Otherise i will have to ask for refund .. Thanks

Please be more specific regarding the error it gives in order to resolve this.Does it have to do with the support library? The app was developed using eclipse,there are no documents for intelij or android studio

Please, do this run your download package in a refresh computer install, all you need we are using eclipse 2014.07.02 ..then you will see error when running, works until the password and then crushes Please comply or respond quick

how can i access the demo apk, before i make my oder, is urgent please

Please find the demo in the following link http://fotech.gr/HospitalShiftManager.apk

i got the app and i try using 12345, as password but when i enter it and press the enter button, app crashed, i try severally with same result

I tried it in two available phones, a Huawei p6 and a sony xperia E and it doesn’t crash. Can you supply OS version and phone type you are using?

demo apk not found. please rechek link!

hello, Is this project still live as it seems no update from dec 2014. If there is apk available for latest android please share the link. thanks