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Hello..I purchased this plugin…I need to customize it like i dont want to give some power to admin.Like to create prescription its the Doctors authority..They are others things like this…another thing when i logout as admin it is logged out like normal wordpress. but i dont want it. admin logged out like doctor, patient and other users….

“Inpatient” means that the procedure requires the patient to be admitted to the hospital, primarily so that he or she can be closely monitored during the procedure and afterwards, during recovery.

            ”Outpatient” means that the procedure does not require hospital admission and may also be performed outside the premises of a hospital.

Hello, I need lots of customization….I think all of these are possible. Actually I want to make it as my customer requirements. I purchased it. How do i get the support? and how will you provide it?

Please click on support tab and email us all requirement. So we can check it. And will let you know what will be possible.


Hi, i am trying to view the demo page, but is loading very slowly.

Just checked and it is working fine.

hello we would like to know if you offer freelancer services .. because what we are looking for is a super admin system of more than one hospital with front listing and iOS and Android app if that is possible please send us a full details offer

yes we do and we will have replied back with email support.

Your support it’s look excellent , I hope when I purchase you can help a lot, maybe the demo is very very slow , is your server or the plugin ?

I have just checked and its working fine.

For multisite setup with different domain on subsite, does it need different license?

If yes, how much the price?

Thank you.

yes you need extended license.

i have recently purchased Hospital Management System for Wordpress , so are there any video tutorials?? thank u

     We have provide all access in  admin user in  access right Module .So  which user can access  in user details.

it seems that you did not get my point ,i want to hide graphics info from all users except administrator user. that means admin users can see how many doctors we have, mow many nurses we have and so on,

this can be done with some css modification.

looking at purchasing this, but the demo is very very slow. Ss this your hosting or just a very slow system?

  Thanks for your interest in our product. Sometimes Server is slow but you can check now as it working fine.

Hi, I just want to ask some question before purchasing this theme.

1. Does this theme store all the details of a patient from registration to each and every appointment with its prescription and last visit?

2. I have visited your demo link and tried to log in with credentials of doctor user. But it’s not working.

Kindly provide me valid credentials to view all the features.

   Thanks for your interest in our product.

   1) yes,Our plugin all future avaliable for patient registration to each and every appointment and prescription details.

    2) Please check it now and you should be able to do that.

Hallo! Some pre-purchase questions:

1) I want to test the demo site but it is VERY slow! I wait 3 to 5 minutes to see the result of each “click” i do! Why? Is the plugin too heavy or just too many visitors to your server?

2) Because i want to use your system just for a doctor private office, can i cut down or hide from the end user (the doctor and the secretary) modules they don’t need, so i can make the system more simple for them?

3) Can i add more/custom fields to the “Diagnosis”, “Prescription”, “Patient”, “Treatment” etc pages?

4) How can the doctor upload more than one document to each “Diagnosis Report”?

5) Can the doctor “connect” two or more “Diagnosis” with an “Appointment” in order to be able to see all the results of this appointment together?

6) Is there a Greek translation or if not, can i translate your system to Greek?

Sorry for the long post, but the demo is so slow that i cannot check my self all these questions!

Thank you for your time!

1) We have lot of demo on this server. 2) Yes it is possible. 3) This is possible through customization. 4) You can upload zip of documents. 5) Should be possible with customization. 6) Yes we do have language support.

Demo is not working. Database problem and its so slow.

Do check now. It should work fine.

No, cant log in and etc…

I have checked and its working fine in ours demo.

Is there any abilitiy to membership plans in this plugin – like in your gym version?

ok.. then we would recommend to purchase hospital plugin and customize it for notes and membership

Ok – and can you assist with adding the membership – and what does that cost

Click on support tab here and send us email so we can send you quote.

Pre purchased question I want to edit patient registration could it be done and if you can do that if yes give me the quotation?

Please give us your requirements with registration module and which field you want in Registration module. so we can give you quotation for customization.