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ekopde Purchased

How to add new menu and new page because I can’t add new section. Can you give me the step. Thanks

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i am facing issue with broken links.

some issue happens when user finished registration process , he can’t come back to appointment page, because hyperlink breaks there. we need to manually edit url to back main page,

you can check that no hyperlink will work in my site at this page”https://drcureclinics.com/patient_info/P1BORBWY”

please fix it, and don’t say that :what we show in demo we will get like that”

Hello I have a website, Can i link admin panel to my site? Or The website which you’re providing is mandatory?

You can use our software with your website there is no problem just you can add it inside another folder.but your website data will not be integrated with it.

I want to ask question about database users table is it all in one table or each role in a separated table ?

In same one table

How to move application to production server, is install or just move it?

You need to install there.

Hello I just install to production server but still get message This copy of application is not genuine. What should I do?

How to change year from datepicker because I need year is lost (not just this year)

please verify your script by purchase key.just got on envato account > download >click on the download button > then you can see the license key.just take it and approve the script.


I have put the purchase code but didn’t work. Help me please

Please give us your domain name, and purchase key at our email : bdtask@gmail.com

How to change appointment Info to pdf?

we did not understand what exactly you mean..

Is there pdf library so I can change report or view to pdf format.

no sir.there is no separate pdf library

How can I change the calendar to Spanish

Actually, this software programming is done by English language that why we had to use English calander.most of the user is English language that why we had to work for English based and if you want to customize separately Spanish calendar then you can do by us or anybody.

could you help me with it

Please submit your ticket at our support : https://www.bdtask.com/support.php


ekopde Purchased

hello, can I use another provider sms provider? maybe local provider or my own sms server?

What SMS company gateway we added you need to use that if you want without customization.


ekopde Purchased

zenziva sms

this is a really good script.

is it possible to sell medicine using this platform, then once the medicine is sold to the patient , the amount gets deducted from the inventory… Also , is there a way to know if a certain medicine is out of stock ?

on the sms gateway, is it possible to add one form my country , or the ones already in the system are compatible worldwide?

is it also possible for the doctor to suggest medicine to be given to the patient tp the pharmacist?

Thanks for your interest. we can do everything if you like to customise it.please send us your full requirements from our support form .please visit the link at submit a ticket : https://www.bdtask.com/support.php

Hello, How to download the complete data of patients/users from the application? I would like to download data as a backup if incase if I need to reset my hosting.As the application does’nt have import/Export option. Thank you

yes, we do not have an export option.but maybe you can download the patient info from SQL database or data table what is added.

How to download data table?


ekopde Purchased

How to limiting appointment date just for 1 month later. Thanks before

Please check the appointment system….

pre-sale what is the difference btw Multi Hospital – Best Hospital Management System (SaaS App) and Hospital – Hospital Management System with Website except of the fact that the first one is dedicated for multi Hospital?

You can create many hospital within single system.

How to update version 6? If iam using version 5 without reinstalling or deleting it.

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