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while trying to access admin or doctor login area using “www.siteagy.com/login” it keeps displaying error… Not Found The requested URL /login was not found on this server and /dashboard not found too

solved after reupload .htaccess


how to change name of menus?

from language file…you can change everything.


Can i get the script without any frame work (Pure PHP)


alalik Purchased


Can you explain the financial transactions and relationships between accounts, bills, payments and invoice, because I can’t create invoice and add service or package to it

Thank you :)

Hi, is this product available only in HTML and CSS not the whole script

you will get everything…if you want only HTML template then please see our template here : https://themeforest.net/item/hospital-hospital-appointment-and-management-html-template/18668965

I want the admin template not the website

That’s not available….you can purchase the application and then if you want you can keep unpublish the website.its not mandatory.

Please, in our clinic the patient is received through the reception, and the patient pays the price of detection in the same place “Reception”, and have a re-detection free ..

Is this possible through your app?

Thank you

please check the demo…if demo matches with you then you but it.if you need extra customisation then please contact directly our support : business@bdtask.com

What about adding Arabic?

you can add your any language and can also make it RTL admin panel.

Hi, Patient Medical Record (EMR) should only be visible to the Doctor attending that Patient or the Doctor assigned to that Patient, how do I correct this from the code?

Hello, there’s a way to insert the lunch break? I’d like to divide the morning schedule with the afternoon one.

I’ve created two different schedule (ex. Monday 8am-1pm and Monday 3pm-7pm for the same doctor) but the frontend shows only the timestamp of the morning schedule…

No, in our schedule there has no Launch Break .

so, for the same day it shows only morning or afternoon? there isn’t a way to show both…

Hi, I’d like to change the receptionist’s permissions and enable it to edit/remove appointments and schedules.

Sir, our application is not dynamic role based. what we added role default from code you can only get it.

Text editor is not working! for example i want to add some link, i add, but after click on save buttonб everything is gone..

after purchase.. it the can the android app be made available and at what cost?

for android apps please tell us your requirements. what exactly you want to keep at android apps.definetely full software will not keep at apps.


Hi, i;m interested to buy your script, but i have question regarding mobile app.

1. Do you provide android app for cuztomization? 2. i need android app to showing (book/appointment, bed status, doctor schedule, blog, gallery, and patient page (status booking, number of queque).)

Thats possible? and how much?


Yes, Sir.

We do android apps..please send to us your full requirements.we will then can give you an estimated cost.


Hi, we’ve bought the software, but it says this https://s31.postimg.cc/cu6oyr6zv/dfdd.jpg

please go to your envato admin panel download option then you can see there have purchase key. just download that and use it.


I had already done it during the installation, I hope the message does not come out again

During the registration, it’s possible to enter the ID_Patient manually?

Nevermind … i change the question: During the registration, there’s a way to insert email address and password fields?

Is it available with full source code so that we can run it offline…..? i mean can i get source code at the same price thanks in advance.

yes…you will get the full source and you can run it at online or offline both platform.

i have tried to look into it, but i have an issue , there is no connection between laboratory test and patient, as well as doctors, only blood group. there should be defining of different test in the lab, that lab technician should conduct as per doctor request on specific patient, then give feedback in patients patient lab test, then doctor interpret the lab results, he then diagnosis and suggest the sickness type, then he give prescription and medication, even does patient followup after that, and this information should be also seen in patients history both diagnosis, lab test, lab results, interpretation and prescription. my email: felixnyachio@teifinnovate.foundation i have a client who want such system but yours is missing something crucial.

please check your email

there is nothing in mail, i though you were to add such feature in next update?


Hi, can I setup different hospitals (different name and logo) and can this run offline in case the hospital lose internet ?

No, it will either run online or offline. we did not added the synchroniser here.

Thanks for your response but you forgot my first question. Can this application be used for multiples hospitals where each hospital has its own name and logo ? Also if you don’t mind, is there any documentation about offline install ?


yes .you can.Please check demo before purchase.

Hi, we have to change the language of the days of the schedule. Which files should we modify?


Startoner Purchased

Since you don’t offer us support, the product is useless for our project. We ask for a refund, otherwise we will have to give a very negative vote

Sir, We definitely provide support. what had in our demo, if you do not understand somewhere you will definitely help you to fix it.if you need extra things that will be hard for us sir. I hope you understand. if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me.

if you check our customer feedback, everybody give us 5 star.and all are happy.i can see it is your calendar language issue, if you just think about it that, international language is english and all js literary is available in english.we had to think about all people not you only.if anybody need extra work then he can customize himself or can hire our company. I hope you are clear now dear…..and please dont mind and dont be angry. we try to help people always.