Discussion on Horse Racing - HTML5 Casino Game

Discussion on Horse Racing - HTML5 Casino Game

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Hello dear author very nice item, please let me know if you can help me integrate into actual Goldsvet project, maybe you know it? Thank you in advance

hello, we replied to your pm

how do i hire you for the customization of betting system for horse racing? and also for setting up to my casino site?

hello, if you send us a detailed GDD to support[at]codethislab[dot]com, we’ll get back to you with a quotation

Hi Could I change the amount of horses & get sprites for them ?

hello, to change the amount of horses you have to modify a great part of code and graphics.

Is it possible to be instructed how or how to proceed?

hello, we are sorry, but it’s not possible. All the minor edits that can be easily done by the customer in autonomy are shown in the readme file. All the more complex, that can’t be explained shortly, are considered as customizations.

hello is this easy to setup with my domain? is there any support or assistance for set up?

hello, you can upload the live demo folder on your ftp and use the game in a full web page or embed it in an iframe. If you are using a WordPress website you might be interested in our plugin CTL Arcade We are sorry but we don’t provide installation services.

i would like some customize setup for this game. where do i send some structure?

I have sent mail with my requirements, awaiting for your reply.

hello, we replied to your email. Please note that generally the time required to get back to support emails is up to 3 working days.

Is this set up for multiplayer? Can web3 be integrated for betting purposes?

hello, the game is single player. We have never tested our games with web3, so we can’t ensure it can be implemented. Please note that our games are conceived to be used for fun

Hey! Can HTML5 games be connected to PlayFab?

hello, we have never tested our games with PlayFab, so we can’t ensure they will work properly.

I have purchased CTLarcade and this game. but i cant find this game on CTL Menu

hello, please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

We have purchasd this game and wordpress pugin, I have asked for help for instalation and there was no support as all! Need Help!

we replied to your pm

Hi. I am very interested in your product. can i integrate it into my site?

sure, you can embed the game into an iframe or if you have a wordpress website you can use our plugin CTL Arcade

Hello, I would like to make a redirection on your end of game button (“no win” button with the arrow)

Hello, to do that you have to modify the game’s code. If you want us to do it for you, please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation.

Can the game bundle into the apk ?

Hi, some of our customers make apps (apk, ios) with our games, I suggest you to hire some freelancer to execute this job.

Hello… i bought this script but i am not getting support.. I just want the value of the number of horse won and just want to convert 8 horses into 10 horses.. that’s it.. but i am not able to do it.. please help me.. whatsapp me on 7798925200

hello we replied to your private messages

Hello. I want to use horse racing to integrate it into our betting system. I have emailed you.

we replied to your pm

how to change chips value?

as written in the readme file,, you can change the chips value in the index.html file

how can i monitize this game like real beting site

hello, please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

I use to know where to change the name of the horses, How can I do that now since you upgraded the software?

i uploaded the Live.Demo, do I have to swap out the folders to show the name changes

I am also having a problem I am doing odds on the second betting page and even thought I win it says 0 wins. Also even when I bet at the for the horses to win, place or show then also do a bet on second page The winnings from the second page is not being awarded. I only won once then it stopped working

hello, in the live demo folder there is the minified version of the code that can’t be modified. In the game folder there is the editable version of the code. As for the second comment, please send us a video of the issue to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

hello, can i use this Game for Casino

hello, the game as is it’s conceived to be played for fun. If you want to use it in a real casino, you have to modify the code.

does it suport on facebook instant game

hello, the game as it is, doesn’t support Facebook Instant Game, you have to customize it to make it compatible. If you want to hire us to do it for you, write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com

does it have an admin panel to manage all the access

Hello, the game as it is, doesn’t come with admin panel. It’s conceived to be used for fun.

Hi i am looking for a live horse betting script say for live horse rating events

hello, please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com and give us more details


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