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Hi, can we use your script for different animal? it can be cat or dog. Thanks

Yes, you can use it.

You are welcome!

Hello,Can you Help me ? I want delete one File .Thank you

Provide me details via support ticket or email:


This script is from 23 December 15 and has only 5 sales and 4 comments (5 with this one) Is this what’s called a flop…?

Who knows, we are looking for serious investor into horse/bird/other animal selling business. Then only one sale is enough to earn more then with 1000 sales ;-)

i will buy this in near future, thank you for this great script

You are welcome!

Hi ..does this site have any way to pre-populate the site to get it rolling. Also, is there is provision for AdSense or affiliate ad networks for income. Any feedback will be appreciated ..thanks


Demo content is available, same as you can see on demo.

AdSense is integrated as you can see on demo.

You are welcome!

Hey sanljiljan, great Portal. But is it possible for the pedigree to have only text fields to fill out…the graph maker is a good idea…but to complicated for my users…10 text fields would be great! You can see a standard pedigree in the horse market looks like this…could you do that? Thanks!!!!

Something like this is not supported, but graph is also very simple to populate, more visual and nice.

Can be done with custom coding but is not simple and cheap, guide for customization services:


I added nice instructions, probably there is no easier solution to generate such graph ;-)

Hi, can we use your script for rental any thing ? when i buy your script, our brogrammer can be customize ?

In that case I suggest you to check this:

Yes, our scripts are completely open source.

You are welcome!

is this fully functional. Is the DB code all ready to add horses, trainers and blogs and everything. ???

You will receive fully functional website, same as demo provided.

You are welcome!

I purchased the horse Point platform. WHY have you got all the realestate widgets and other things in the Horse Point product? It makes it very confusing. For Example: In the Horse point home page you have a real estate Mortgage Payment Calculator widget on there??? Is this just being lazy because you cloned the horse point product from the realestate one? In your documentation for Horse point its says there is a standard template and several custom templates. But there is not. When you edit a template is had all the realesatate php files in there. If you going to make a separate product that you are going to charge people for that is basically a CLONE of another product at least strip it out and make the new product clean and update your documentation please. I have bought your other products and you have done the same. – STOP BEING LAZY!!!

“Mortgage Payment Calculator” can be also used for horse selling, to calculate mortgage. Can be also removed if you don’t need it.

We used same good and tested backend, but with different features based on purpose.



I want to buy

I have questions

1: Can I make pet ads?

birds, cats, dogs vs

2: Can I make arrangements for the price field

Can we put an option in the price field?

Looking for a home
Looking for loss
Veterinary clinic vs



3:I have smtp on the system



1. Yes, it’s suitable for pet ads

2. possible also with some basic html coding.

BTW: check also this script version, also can be used for such purpose:

You are welcome!


I liked this script at the outlook

I do not know html coding If

I buy it, will you help me?

Of course I can help you with some hints. Custom coding is not included (cost additionaly).

You are welcome!

Hi! Can I add classifieds like riding equipment? or just horses? thank you.

Can be added with additional type, but maybe this will better suit your needs:

You are welcome!

I have a license for the infinity market, but it is mainly done for real estate and I have a problem with adjusting it for the sale of horses and riding equipment. The problem is also in the translation of the wording which is not in the Polish language. I will learn the infinity market from the beginning and I will try. Can I install the infinity market without the demo values? (sry for my english).

Demo content for selling animals/horses is already included there.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or need further information via support ticket:

You are welcome!