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Can I have the demo apk file. The apk you mentioned is removed i think

Demo Apk

settings option doesn’t works and is there any notification feature?

no there is no notification or setting

Hello, I keep getting connection error. Both on your demo app as well as the source code. Please let me know how to solve this.

send me a screenshot of mobile.

Which API you have used for daily feeds ?

Can I translate the content? And how about the content of the next year (2016, 2017…)?


I mean how can I change the content inside (the results)? I’m gonna buy so I want to focus the content. Thanks

ok i will guide you. after purchase

Hello mate,,

I can change into another language?

Its need for site to feed or I need Update?

Its have Admob Interstitial Ads?

no you can’t change language, yes you update it needs feed, no only admob banner work here.

Dear Sir. Interesting App. Just wondering are there any plans to add additional features instead of just the daily horoscope. I would really like to see one for the Month, and the year.. Other apps have this feature and I feel it really needs to incorporate these extra features.


pleas demo setting yout app

its based on feeds you can manage your Horoscope from Blogger

Is this Android project or Eclipse? Also, I was testing the demo, and I was wondering how I could fix the justifcation when you first open it, everything is justified to the left. Also, where does this pull horoscopes from? Alot of the punctuation is missing, and sentences aren’t right. Could we pull from somewhere else? Thank you

Project work in Eclipse

Hello gents, I just purchased app. I am trying to upload APK but google say it’s already exist so how to edit to me and test it online??

Also need to know follow points: 1- how to change images and icons 2- how to translate 3- it how to FEED news?

ok plz change your package first then upload in google play

in assets folders icons are there

feeds are working through google blogger.

waiting for new update and new skin???