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can i translate to indonesian?

Hello you can translate string resource to any language.but only you can not traslate horoscope, bcz our site xml is english ( which we have use in the app). But if you have this with your own language than you can do it. Bcz link used by xml feed…thanks.

i have a web http://secretcode.name/personalityname/index.php Can i link that resource to your theme?

Hi, when the update will come? You promise for update with the screenshot (Daily Horoscope, etc) share function but the update doesn’t come until now..

Hi, sorry for the happens to delay of your reply. I was out of connection from 2 weeks on way to journey & next week we are going to EID festival. so may be it will coming soon at this month.

mail us support@golakar.com for further help.

i’m send mail for you

hi where does this get the resource from? can we create our resources (web page)and add in it basicly?

Hi, All Horoscope data will comes from feed xml which is open source for publicly use & this one third party xml feed from other site. Also you can change your desire xml feed which is related to horoscope.

thank you so much

Dear author, please help me. This app stopped updating horoscope daily, monthly and yearly. Why?

Please do properly by help documentation file & its depend on that server which is too many requested. May be server was down. Alternately you can also use other site’s xml feed. hopefully you understand now.

I purchased your app, reskinned it. BUT No data is coming from the server, the app is not updating horoscope daily, monthly or yearly. What shall I do? Or Do you know any other open source Horoscope site’s xml feed?

Please mail us at : support@golakar.com

Thanks, excellent support!

Welcome bro

add some feature please

There are lots of feature in the present version….

Hello, I purchased your app, but the app is not updating horoscope daily, monthly or yearly. How could I change to other open source Horoscope site’s xml feed? I just sent an email to support. I’d appreciate your help . Regards.

mailed to you, Please checked

Thanks, excellent and fast support.

Client support is our first priority. thanks for purchase.

We need to buy your app and customize it as per our requirement if you can customize for your customer ?

We need to customize color horoscope sign and publishing system of horoscope and articles and extend it to buy service and gemstone. If yes please revert me back to dpdhungana@gmail.com

my reference site www.vedicdarpan.com

yes, we can do it as per your requirement. please mail us details at : support@golakar.com. we will discuss by mail for customization.


Key2015 Purchased

hello I sent you message with request , please check

already answered your mail..

Is it automatically updated in what language?

Hello dear, it’s currently with english. Because we have been used free RSS feed from the reliable source. If you have own language by RSS feed then it may be possible to show any kind of language. That’s why at first need to you with desire RSS feed for horoscope. Hope you understand.

Hi, I want to buy this app. But I don’t know android programming can I easily use and what about your support for this?

Thinks, you have a good knowledge about the code…It’s also possible to create a app for newbie. but at first need to understand the code structure. thanks.