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i think allow_url_fopen works now but getting this message: “undefined” when i try to grab a link

Only today hosting provider changed. It works now.

bad luck you not a serious author otherwise you responded faster sadly.

so with this update that you sended a hour ago the grab url will work 100%?

What are the new updates?

You can see on Horizonte description title Change Log: 14 December 2016 – Version 1.0.2. The new version only fix grab content and crucial fix on laravel core system. Regards

”- RTL, LTR added” added too

When I installed this script i’m seeing 404 this page now found Im trying to test it before running it on its own domain.

Hi. How you install this script if in your profile doesnt appear “buyed”? If you purchase and need help please tell us by email the purchase ID, then we can help you. regards

I want to buy this script,but i can’t install this script, will you help me to install this script

Of course we help you install this script. Regards

oke I will buy this script tomorrow

Contact us by email after your purchase and we will help you. Thanks! Regards

Will this work with MariaDB? Everywhere I goes says it’s the same as MSQL but I already bought SOMEONE ELSE’s script and they refuse to provide any support or give a refund. Thanks :) sorry about crossposting

We haven’t tested with MariaDB, but we think it works perfectly. You can buy and we will test if it works perfectly. Otherwise, we will refund your money. No problem.

Hi sir i purchased your script there is problem to Install , in script there is no installation folder Available. Please help me to install the script on my domain

Please contact us by email. Thank you!

Hello, I would like to use your script for an arabic website… is it supporting RTL for admin and front end ?

Hello. Yes in Font end. Admin we’ll do it in few minutes after you purchase. Regards

nice news script.

noticed on mobile the featured article at homepage doesn’t looked good. There’s a lot of space between other articles and it need to be fix please …

please make featured article looks like

menu on mobile dropdown weight is too wide.

please make different page just for URL CONTENT GRAB with process loader icon. right now you can’t tell if its working… need to improve URL CONTENT GRAB to work more sites….

i wait for those features before i buy…

Hi. Thanks. We’ll fix the mobile in coming days. The grabber work with og:tags, if doesn’t exist on grabbed url, can’t work. Regards

Hey may I please get a refund I mistaken buy it. I haven’t downloaded it yet

Send a refund request and we’ll accept. Regards

Just did thx for understanding


isbkch Purchased

Can I get a demo for the Back End ?

You can get the same result with this script. You can see on Admin area: “Plugins” menu »» “RSS Reader”. Regards


isbkch Purchased

Thx. I just purchased the script only to notice it was strictly designed to work with Apache. I use Nginx on my dev and prod server. And even with converting the .htaccess rules to nginx properties, the script is unable to load the assets.. anything you’d suggest ?

Hi. Can you contact us by email? ( We need to see more details to fix. Regards

Nice script. :) I have some sugestions: It would be great if it was made author box after post with social links, short biografy and follow button.

The second thing is the ability to insert a link to a blog rss by a normal user, super option for portal with many authors, little social network for bloggers maybe? :)

Private message between users. Simple private message, enought complicated chat.

That’s all for now :)

Thanks! Great suggestions! We’ll build and will be available in future releases. :) Regards

Great :) When you plan next update? And I have another small sugestion. Profile icon(avatar) on mobile version next to menu, not in menu. :)

We just sent a new update, it is awaiting approval. We’ll work on some of your points for the next update in coming days. Regards

How to install the script? Any guidance?

Hello. The script includes a documentation/guide to install. The script includes too a step by step form to install in first time loading. If you need any help please tell us by email: . Regards

i can’t find .env for install the script ????!!!!!

Hi.please contact us by email: and we’ll help you. thank you

ok, done

I found little layout error. The error is right side “Most Popular” is not responsive. When you used a search bar to search etc.

Here link demo

I really want to buy this script but just need few more features to make me want to buy it etc.

IN “Import content from link:” when user click “GET” Can you add loading images in processing to show that the script is working?

Also can you add message if ““Import content from link:” Can not fetch article from URL etc.

Right Now I have NO clue if it’s running or not?

Lastly Supports Austro-Asiatic languages like Vietnamese, Myanmar in tags, URL slug and Articles


Thank you! We’ll see on next update. Regards


With the Last Update 14 March 17, did you updated the demo? Because I don’t see some the features I mentioned few days ago.


The error is right side “Most Popular” is not responsive. When you used a search bar to search etc. Here link demo

Supports Austro-Asiatic languages like Vietnamese, Myanmar in tags, URL slug and Articles

And others etc.

Hello. We remembered your post 4 months ago when we did enough and requested points. So for now we will not give priority to your requests. Thank you for understanding.

Hi there, I just purchased your script and I am not able to run the install. I have sent you an email. I appreciate your help in advance.

In the script there is no installation folder available. Please help me to install the script on my domain.

Hello. Thank you. Please see our answer to your email. Regards

Hi Dears,

i sent you a 404 problem to your support email.

kindly check and reply back as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hi. Answered. Regards

Demo URL is not working. Also provide the admin url and credentials

Its working now. Thank you. The log in credentials are: and password: “password”. After you log in on front end you can click on add posts and you will be redirect to admin system. Regards

Please correct me if i am wrong, 1. Upload photo for profile and comment doest work. 2. Comments section shows another language (not english) 3. Slow loading speed in most pages (Is this a server problem or the code) 4. Contact, Terms, Privacy and about us shows 404 error 5. Do i have to register for Disqus to comment.?... I need to know before i purchase

Hi. 1. Upload are disable, because a lot of people trying to change to unappropriate pictures. 2. Now shows EN, I log in my profile on Disqus and change to EN. 3. Maybe server, because we don’t use a lot of code. 4. Now its working, someone change links on admin. 5. To comment we have Disqus or Facebook system, you don’t need to register on website to comment, but you need to have a login on FB or Disqus. You can check online demo. If you need more help/details you can contact us by email: . Regards

Tried your demo, got an error posting MissingDependencyException in ImageManager.php line 123:

Also can you speed it up from 49 mobile page speed

Hi, getting an error on install

Hi. Please contact us by email: . We help you with installation. Thanks for your purchasing. Regards

drop the price of this script to $15 dollar for a week and you should see that u selling much more! than i will buy it to!

i’m gonna send it right now to your e-mail see your e-mail with in 3 min

the third point a side bar is way to low people will think wtf is that.. + i can decide to put only 2 potst so the sidebar won’t get to low but nobody want juts 2 posts on the sidebar thats useless!

Edit: e-mail has been send 25-04-2017 to

Answered and sent by email the files to fix the bugs announced. The third point is not a bug, it is a preference that we can adjust to the needs of each horizon buyer.

Sent in 25-04-2017 to Nelrickson buyer.

In next update of Horizonte will be available to all buyers.

din’t receive the files for the bug yet can you send it again?