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is there any version for ios ?

When I import the project in abdroid studio, I have this message :
Manifest merger failed uses-sdk:minsdkversion 1 cannot be smaller than version 4 declared in library [com.android.support:support-v4:23.4.0] suggestion : use tools:overridelibrary="android.support.v4" to force usage.
Can you fixe this please ? Thanks :grin:

Hi, I have a problem, this is the message I get : interstitial ads loading failed I’ve been reading the responses of the other person, and I have done the following:

1-change the package name 2-Make sure your Internet connection 3 -Make sure admob id.

but the problem continues

Hi, Can u do special offer? i need this game but with other new stuff .. check ur email

why ads admob is not work

Hi, please where can I get the new google play lib , the old one is not working anymore with interstitial ads , thank you

Interstitial Ads loading failed how to fix this erreur

How to fix this, I need to change in the code.

This configuration cannot be published for the following reason(s): It is forbidden to downgrade devices which previously used M permissions (target SDK 23 and above) to APKs which use old style permissions (target SDK 22 and below). This occurs in the change from version 3 (target SDK 24) to version 5 (target SDK 0).


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Hi sir I want to add background in the game. beginning: game_bg-01 evolution: game_bg-02 experience: game_bg-03 thanks


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and i need 3 tileset.png for game_bg-01 & another for game_bg-02 …


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i cant translate this game

how i can fix this problem plz Manifest merger failed : uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 1 cannot be smaller than version 9 declared in library [com.google.android.gms:play-services:9.6.1]

HI this is good code source before buy it from you can i know the answer of a big problem my friend had with it , how can make the character slower because it move too fast, thanks

i mean the action of the character

can you make it work to Android studio? if you can i want to buy this sc.. cause i only have android studio and dont have eclips

Hello, if someone experienced problems with this app – I can help to solve any issue!

- Android Studio project
- Admob / Interstitial ads fixes
- Remove ads In-app purchases integration
- Google’s Leaderboard integration
- Google’s Achievements integration

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how can i add multiple worlds with different backgrounds ?

URGENT!!! UPDATE THIS SOURCE CODE!!! PLEASE!!! I cannot upload this game to Google Play Store. App is REJECTED by Google Play Store when i try to submit it. ERROR: We rejected GameName, with package name com.mycompanyname.appname, for violating our Malicious Behavior or User Data policy. Vulnerability on Libpng Library. The vulnerabilities were fixed in libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher. DO NOT BUY this game until the Developer Updates this source code. Update must be After Nov 20, 2016. Please HELP!


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hi sir pleas tell me how i can add new world ( 4 worlds in total )

Can you help me add chartboost cross promotion in it if i buy it ?

Vulnerability on Libpng Library. The vulnerabilities were fixed in libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher Can you fix it this problem ?

I have zero knowledge of coding. Can i buy your app and add to app distributing website like google play and other market place. Mainly i need to make money from admob.