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Hi, hope your doing great. It was a great plug in indeed. But need a bit help from your end.. Is this possible to link the whole thumb image of the post instead of the ’+’ icon which appears on mouse over?

Please, let me know.. hope to hear back from your end at the soonest…


Hi, thanks! Yes, it is possible doing a little customization. But I already have a custom version that is ready. Please just send me an email via my user profile so that I send you this other version. Regards

Sent you mail.. Thanks

I sent you the customized version. Please check your email…

Hi, thank for great looking plugin. I wondering if there anyway when click the post it will open the whole post instead of open the light box?

Hi, thank you for the purchased.

Just open the post and you will see a panel/metabox called “Hopos Horizontal Posts – Options”. Then select: Open Content > On the page. And Update…

In this panel you can also see other options like video, audio etc.


Thank you so much :)

You’re welcome :)

good plugin but i have a problem to show it in another language. It’s not appear… why? need another plugin? i use wpml… thank you

Hello, I answered your email but it came back again for the third time. Your mailbox may be full…

I’ll see a solution to your question as soon as possible. Please send me the login WP, if necessary for some tests. If possible, also send the FTP data.


PS: I’ll even need the WP login to see what the problem is. Because I can not give you a solution without doing some tests. Please send me datas via email. Regards


1. Can you have the slider autoplay by default 2. Is it possible to have more than one slider in the same page or post?

Hi leloosh,

1. Yes, in the admin you choose autoplay on / off
2. Yes, you can use more than one slider per page or post. In the demo site has four sliders on the same page.

Thanks for the prompt reply (especially it is New Year’s). I like the minimal skin of “Basic” which should make it blend seamlessly with my theme.

Two more very basic questions if you don’t mind I’m relatively new to Wordpress and its plugins.

1) I can have the source of the slides as a specified category from posts, pages or custom posts, right?

2) Can you in the admin area determine how many slides you want to display at one time, 3, 4 or 5 for example? In case you have a slider and a limited amount of space.

Thanks again.

Ok, no problem :-)

1) Yes, you can choose categories of posts or custom post types. Pages does not have categories.

2) I do not know if I understand your question. But you set in the admin how many items and columns should be displayed. You can choose how many columns, depending on the resolution. For example, a slide with four items. With a resolution of 960px have four columns and a resolution of 768 have two columns. In the demo site you can resize your browser to see the behavior with a lower resolution.


this support forum still active or not?

yes, is active

Can you play audio and video from the slider and can I use Soundcloud links and embeds.

Thanks so much

Yes, you can play video and audio from the slider.
Soundcloud is not integrated. Regards

1) – This seems to have LESS features than your $13 plugin at…

Is this correct?

What are the KEY differences between the two ?

- turner2f

Hello turner2f,

1) No, because Hopos plugin it is more customizable.
It has common features and different ones. The main similarities are that both allow you to show video, audio and image for each post. The main difference is that Znews has its own custom post type and Hopos plugin does not have custom post type. Instead it can work with any post type existing in Wordpress (including “products” – Woo Commerce post type and the WP default, “post”).

2) Lite is a simplified version for demonstration. And this version is not being updated.

3) Yes, you can show WooCommerce produtcs in a Hopos slider.

Regards, Sergio

Thanks for your reply,

1) - Can the “HOPOS” scroll plugin vertically like it does in “Z-News” ?

2) - Concerning the “LITE” version…

Can you please be more specific as to how it is a more “simplified” version.

I am interested in the PRO version, but would like to explore all the possibilities of the “LITE version” first.

So, what can the PRO version do that the “LITE” version doesn’t ?

3) - Do you have an example that uses WooCommerce products ?

4) - Can this “AUTO SCROLL” for the sidebar widget too? If yes, can we set the amount of seconds ?

5) - Can the user have the option to click the full image so that they can be taken to the Post/Page/Product ?

1) No, horizontally only.

2) In the Lite version you can only have one slider and has only one skin available. Also is not being updated, so may have bugs that have not been fixed.

3) Sorry, I have WooCommerce just working on my local server. But I tested and they work together. See this link a picture of how it gets integrated with WooCommerce. In this case a WC shortcode [add_to_cart id =”1303” sku=”XYZ”] was applied to a field of Hopos plugin – “Extra Info” field.

4) Yes, works in widgets too. And you can set the transition time between slides.

5) If I well understand your question, I have an alternative version with link in the image. In the default version, the links are placed on the icons (large image, video, audio) and also in the product title.

Regards, Sergio

Hi there :-)

I absolutely love this plugin, but can’t figure out how to make the lightbox open to the post. When I click on the post, it opens in the lightbox, but there is no panel/metabox abywhere… Here is the link to the front page of my site on which I have the sliders along the bottom half. Is there something I’ve done wrong?

Thanks in advance :-)


Hi Jen, Thank you for your comment :)

In the edition of each post has a panel/metabox called “Hopos Slider – Options”. In it you can choose whether the link opens in lightbox or on a page/post/custom link. In the metabox, you can also add video, audio etc.

PS: In the Hopos > Settings menu you can choose which types of post the panel/metabox should appear in the edition of the post. The type “post” (default Wordpress) is not necessary.

Regards, Sergio

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! Now that answer made total sense! I was confused about where to find the panel/metabox… It shows when you are in edit mode of a post or page :-) Thanks again for great support, and a great plugin – 5 STARS!!!!

You’re welcome! And thanks so much for rating :)

Hi there, how can I disable the lightbox popup for the entire plugin? I need the articles to be taken directy to the link of the post. Thanks.

Hi orengutman. Sorry, there is an option to change all at once. You need to set inside the post the following option: Open Content >> On the page. Best regards.

Hi, Sent you an support ticket also. Question about making the full slider clickable. Looks like only the title is clickable. What can we do to make the full image clickable?

Hi, I made a new version that adds this option. I sent to your email the new version, please check.

Hi srvalle, Please can you tell me how i can completely disable the Link in the Thumbnails? I only want to display the Thumbnails without linking to the posts…

Thanks for your support!


PS: Great plugin!

Hi Dirk, thank you!

Add image_click on shortcode, as below:
[hopos id=’THE-ID-SLIDER’ image_click=’false’]

If you want to hide the icons, add the following in the Custom Styles option.
.hp_bar {
  display: none !important;

Dear srvalle, that works fine:-) Thank you very much for your kind support….!

You’re welcome :-)

Hi, i bought your plugin few weeks ago, it’s very nice and useful. I need to use the same shortcode (same id) in more languages and seems not possible through the plugin admin panel How can achieve that? Could you help me? Thanks.

No, I found a better solution, that you do not to duplicate the slider. Uses the same slider to all languages. I sent the new version to your email with all the explanations. Any questions please email me back. Best regards.

Hi Sergio, thanks for explaination! the lang_category attribute changes everything Thanks for your time. Regards.

You’re welcome. I stayed happy it worked and also easier to set up. Best regards.

Is there a way to center the post titles?

Yes. In the slider setup, select the option -> “Customising this Skin?”. Then add the style below and save.

.hp_title {
   text-align: center !important;

PS: You can add any other style in this field.

Worked great! Looks great! thank you.

You’re welcome!

Hello srvalle, presale question.

This plugin is compatible with visual composer, revolution slider…?

You’re welcome. Yes, the plugin provides shortcodes to call the Hopos gallery. You can apply this shortcodes on a page, post, widget or directly in the page code.

Srvalle thanks for this plugin, this is the that I searched.

But I need the image with the permalink. How I get it?

You say the image be able to be clickable? If it is only add to the shortcode: image_click=’true’. The shortcode should look like below. Replace only the id.

[hopos id='12345' image_click='true']

Hi, I have already send a mail last week but have not heard anything. I will try to post my issue over here.

I have a website for a customer at The hopos slider is working well. Only it shows the wrong image for a post: See below, the second post for Juvo Slim does not show the featured image:

Would you like to take a look and help me solve the problem?

Kind regards, Dennis Schmets

PS: Try also delete the image in Featured Image. Then upload the image again, and save the file.

Hi srvalle,

THanks for your reply. I have changed the image but this does not help solving the problem. I don’t see the Hopos Slider – Options, I think you mean the “Settings” panel. In this panel I do not see an option for Thumbnail Image URL. I will send you the login via the form under contact.

Kind regards, Dennis

Hi Dennis, the login you gave me I do not have access to the Wordpress admin…

What type of post are you using? It is the default “post”? The Hopos options panel appears by default in this type of post. If you are using another type of post (e.g. “product” – woo commerce plugin), check in “Hopos > Settings” if this type is marked. Each post should appear a panel “Hopos Slider – Options”.

Please check your email. I sent you an email with attached images. Regards.

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘hopos_save_meta_box’ not found or invalid function name

as well as

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/.../wp-includes/plugin.php:496) in /home1/..../wp-content/plugins/memberpress/app/lib/MeprUtils.php on line 1177 (also lines 1178 and 1179)

I keep getting this. i have memberpress as well on my website and it seems to conflict with hopos slider.

What can i do?

Hi. Yes, it seems to be a conflict. I need of Wordpress login to check what is wrong. You can send me the login data via email in my user profile. Regards.

Hi, A quick check before we buy this plugin, is it possible to use tag in a post as filter for a slider?

Hi Exerto. No, the slider is filtered by categories. You can choose one or more categories to fill the slider.