HomeAdmin: Ionic3 Firebase Full App to manage Expenses, Lists and Notes

HomeAdmin: Ionic3 Firebase Full App to manage Expenses, Lists and Notes

Fully functional iOS & Android mobile app developed with Ionic 3 and Firebase backend

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You can change the name & icon of the app, provide your own Firebase config file and you’re ready to publish the app. Or you can use it as a starter template for your custom app.

App functionality

This app combines 3 big pieces of functionality: Expenses, Lists and Notes. These are usually found in separate apps, but HomeAdmin groups them in the same app for more convenience.

  • Expenses: add/edit/delete expenses. Filter by month and see total amount spent in a month.
  • Categories: create your own categories and assign colors.
  • Charts: view expenses grouped by categories in the Charts view.
  • Lists: create shopping lists, travel lists or whatever list you want. Add items easily, edit them, mark them as completed or delete them.
  • Notes: keep your notes in the same app with your expenses and lists.

Additional features


You can invite your spouse (or multiple people) to manage the data together.


Data is synced in real-time across all of your devices.


Push changes to the app easily even after it was published to App Store / Google Play.


Monetize the app with AdMob by displaying interstitial ads.

Multi-language support

Translate the app into multiple languages to increase your user base.

Technology stack

  • Ionic3
  • Typescript
  • Firebase Database
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Bolt Compiler for easy management of Firebase Database security rules
  • Microsoft CodePush
  • Google Analytics for real-time app usage
  • AdMob
  • ng2-charts
  • ng2-redux: to manage application state
  • ng2-translate: for multi-language support

You only need a Firebase account, no additional server required.


  v1.5.3 - May 2017
  - add Firebase Function to support project name editing
  - upgrade to to Ionic 3.1.1

  v1.5.2 - May 2017
  - use fix version for npm dependencies
  - upgrade to ionic-app-scripts 1.0

  v1.5.1 - Apr 2017
  - Initial release