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Interesting :) But it does not always register a mouse click especially if the ball has some speed, even a low speed it can fail to detect it :(

Well, I haven’t tested it on Mac, but on windows (and mobile devices) it seems to be working fine. If you can, test it on your mobile and see if the problem still exist. Tell us the answer so we can fix it (if possible).

Tried it on Samsung S3 latest firmware Chrome I can play the 1st level then I get a grey screen, I can hear the sounds and the ball bouncing but that is all. in FireFox it works but still the same on recognizing clicks/touches.

We will investigate the black screen problem because some other people are also having this issue. But for the hit detection, as far as I have tested it, I haven’t noticed any thing unusual.

^ I agree with him. It is too easy to beat the levels because you can click fast and trap the ball on the top of the screen. Might be harder if you let the ball fly up beyond the top…


We designed the game to be easier than other similar games on purpose. But there are some ways for increasing the difficulty. So we may increase it in future updates and try to solve the trapping issue.

Tried on Mac computer using Safari, and screen goes black when switch to next level.


Well, after each level the screen goes black and a text will be shown and then it goes to next level. But do you mean it gets stuck at the black screen?

is there anyway to add time limit so that it can be play by two players because a player can take all day trying to pass level two, instead saying you lost next player and keep the score is that possible?? Can we add some logos on the back or on the ball? can you make a soccer game like a penalty shot?


It is possible to add time limit, but this isn’t easy and we should make a modified version for you.

You can easily add logos to the background or on the ball or even replace the ball with a logo by editing the game’s image files.

And about making a penalty game, we haven’t made such a game before, but we can make one if you want (there is no technical difficulty in making a game like that).

Contact us via our mail so that we can give you more information.

HI, how can I retrieve the score and insert it in a database?

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

Contact us via our email and we will give you more information there (we will probably give you a new version with this feature).

HI, just email you to have more information about some features of your game…

No problem. I have answered your email.

Hi, thank you very much for the game. There is a chance to have the .js uncompressed? I’d like to do some changes to adapt it to my project.

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

It seems we compressed it by mistake! I will send you the uncompressed file in one or two days (I will send it to your email).

I’ll need the .js uncompressed to do some changes. Is it possible?

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

Email us and then we will send you the uncompressed js file.

Thank you very much!

Hi, i have purchased the game, can you please send the following file to me unminified, please? c2runtime.js

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

Email us and we will send it to you.

Can you creators game with a single rating for all users? We are planning to organize a competition in which we want to reward the best players in the past month.


It can be done. But currently all of our programmers are busy and working on other projects and so don’t have time to work on this. Sorry about that.

Hi, i would like to know if i put this on my page can i insert Google Ads too ?


You can add Google Ads to it, but you need the game’s project file. It is not included in the package, but whenever you have purchased it, email us and we will send you the project file. Just note that you need the Construct 2 engine for editing it.

Can the game be modified to be part of a flow?, for example, user reaches the page with the game, you have to keep the ball up for 5 kicks, and you win and go on to the next page, or lose and take you to a losers page.

Thank you

Hi there and really really sorry for the delay, I totally forgot about your comment.

What you want is possible. But will you provide the new graphics and other things that are needed? Also it would be nice if you could contact us via our email and give us more details about what you have in mind.

Hi is it possible to communicate with the webserver after a certain kind of action from the game, like if the ball falls on the ground for the third time.

I want to make a challenge so that if a user finishes his game he is forwarded to a new website. The points he has reached should also be transmitted to the server.

Hi there,

In general, it is possible to implement these changes, but they are not very easy to do. If you like, email us and we can talk about it in more details.