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What is WordPress Fuel?

WordPress Fuel is an (H)MVC framework for WordPress plugin development.

Why WordPress Fuel?

  • Procedural Code: WordPress Fuel has OOP plugin abstraction layer that uses WordPress features.
  • Namespacing: No need to explictly define function prefixes as everything is handled with a WordPress Fuel Plugin handler.
  • Modularity: Allows you to write modular code.
  • Plugin Layers: Ease of separation, separates the front-end and back-end logic pertaining to a plugin.
  • Coupling: Facilitates communication between plugins keeping the loose coupling.
  • Spaghetti code: Avoids spaghetti code. Spaghetti code is difficult to follow.

How can I use HMVC?

class galleryplugin_portfolio_item_controller extends absController
    public function index()
        $hmvc_response = $this->forward('sub_controller/action');



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