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What about updates, are they automatic or do they have to be done manually?

Everytime it gets updated, all buyers will be notified via CodeCanyon.

:O a plugin framework!! I have never heard of that before. Witchcraft!!!

I am going to look intensively into your documentation. I think I might buy this.

Can I publish things for sale I make with your framework?

Thanks! Yes, of course. You can sell plugins developed using this framework.

Let me know if you have any specific features on your mind. I will assist you further with the implementation.

It’s great to see a Wordpress plugin framework with support for MVC, however $40 is far too much for what this item is. I have no doubt you put a lot of effort into this, but I think the price will prevent you from making as much as you could. Good luck with sales though.

What price are you expecting? Thanks for the feedback.

Price is now 25 USD

Super ausome plugin im happy i invested in it just one question when its activated i have a redirect problem that just holts when i deactivate the plugin the redirect continues would you be able to assist me in getting around this little error /bug

Hey, check you email :)

WordPressFuel HMVC WP Plugin Development Framework i love this plugin and platform – thank you for sorting out the issue that i was having i would just like to mention that amzee was the best support i have had in ages outstanding work in swift time and over delivered with the friendliest manner best of luck with your sales from here on in what you fixed for me today im betting my bottom dollar on plugin developers / tweakers will want what this plugin offers with the added bonus of your awesum team . Thanks again :)

Thank you for your kind words.. WP Fuel comes with global exception/error handler and a theme function was erroneous that’s the reason it was not working. WP Fuel catches all the un-handled exceptions and errors.

Thanks again for your comments.


Having read over all abstract methods exposed in the plugin class I can see it offers a function for adding AJAX handlers to actions. However I am only able to route these actions to methods within the plugin class and NOT the controller classes.

How would I register an AJAX action and route it to a method within my controller? Please clarify.



Curious, have you heard back from the developer? I’m considering purchasing the plugin, but support is always a concern to me.

of course, we communicated via email. Anything you want to share? Thanks.

Oh, great. Good to hear. I’m curious as to whether or not fledgling developers (which I am one) would be able to benefit from your plugin, or is mostly geared towards advanced development? I’ve only just begun tinkering with “hello world” type plugin dev, and I’m hoping this will help jumpstart those efforts. Thoughts?

Hey, we are looking for a developer to write a specific plugin for us. In case you are interested, please email me at: borisuhlig@yahoo.de. Thank you!

email sent

The sample contact form does not work for me – I have installed everything, place the shortcode on a page but nothing gets displayed there (also not the shortcode, so i guess it gets processed somehow, but no contact form is shown).

How can I fix this?

Do you have more samples?

I will get back to you ASAP.

Sorry but I think waiting for an answer for another 20 days is not really ASAP – can you please answer my question? Thanks

I already sent email. Please turn on the error display as all I can see it blank screen. Please email. Thanks.


Error reporting is enabled now, but there is no error shown.

Also in the error_log there is no error.

What now?


Please check your email.

I’m wondering if you have anything in the pipe for checking user authentication by extending a different controller rather than the default: extends absController ?

I found this:

$this->_logged_in = modAuth::isLoggedIn(); in frontcontroller.php but couldn’t find any source for modAuth. Work in progress?

I would like to be able to lock people out of certain screens if they are not logged in and redirect them to a create account/login screen. Having it in a framework controller would save adding this check in multiple controllers. Or am I missing something?

Please go through the documentation in a flow as is. To know more file systme: http://www.wordpressfuel.com/docs/filesystem

Just getting back to this. Thanks for updating the docs. Much appreciated.

Thank you

Would you be willing to add a front-end ajax example to your documentation?

I muddled through. No example necessary for me. Others may benefit though.

Yes, more examples will be added in the net release.

I’m having few problems getting controllers working.

From this page: http://www.wordpressfuel.com/docs/writing-wp-fuel-plugin

Step 6: You indicate this is the appropriate path for a controller should be: wp-content/plugins/simple-contact-form/mvc/controls/wpsimplecontactform/form.php

This path includes the pluginslug (wpsimplecontactform). The rest of the documentation on your site (ex: http://www.wordpressfuel.com/docs/filesystem & http://www.wordpressfuel.com/docs/mvc-controllers) for configuring controllers doesn’t contain the pluginslug. The only way I can get controllers to work is when I place them under /myplugin/mvc/controls/[mypluginslug]. Which way is it supposed to be?

Some other challenges: I tried copying your instructions for user auth controller and the parent auth class can’t be found. Works fine when my controller extends absController but not ctr[mypluginslug]_user_auth_controller.

Lastly: Your docs say: If a URL like www.yourdomain.com/foo/bar is requested, the first segment “foo” will be the controller and the second segment “bar” will be the action method.

This doesn’t work. I create a controller called: [mypluginslug]_download_controller with an index method and then go to : http://mydomain.com/download?file=abc.txt and Wordpress kicks back a 404.

I really want to use your framework but these are blockers for me.

Okay. I will try to reply ASAP

I’ve got my plugin bundled up. Which email address would you like me to use? You can email me at justintilson at gmail dot com if you like.

email sent

Does this plugin support wordpress Multisite?

It depends how you use the architecture. This is a framework provides clean architecture to write maintainable WordPress Plugins.

I’m somewhat new to writing wordpress plugins … is there something that I need to do in the plugin itself to allow it to be installed separately on each website

I’m a bit confused. If I write a plugin based on this – and then want to sell that plugin. How is it possible to do that?

You need to go for extended license.

Extended License

Our Extended License allows use of the item in one single end product, which you or one client may sell to end users (charge end users to access or use the end product). Distribution of source files is not permitted.

Ok. How is the framework distributed? Does an end user need to install the framework as well as the plugin that was developed?

It is possible both the ways. Either include and load it within plugin or do dependency. Dependency is implemented by default.

With so many FREE “plugin frameworks” out there, also MVC, OOP, etc.,

Why should I buy this one? What makes it so different? Any case studies?

I have seen great “frameworks” on GitHub (with a lot of contribution from the Community)

It seems a very good work. I would like some more insights.


Thank you for your interest. Its an HMVC based PHP4 framework for WordPress Plugin development. I would love to hear more from you if you wish to download and may be we can extend it further. Let me know. Thanks again.

I don’t mind paying for good stuff on here. I just want to make sure that I am actually getting my money’s worth. I’ve purchased over 40 different items in envato’s websites, so refunds are never questioned :). (Thanks Envato). By the way, I have only requested 1 refund in 4 years, so you have nothing to be worry about.

I would love to try your “framework” and if it’s up to my expectations, rest assure that I will come back and pay you for it.

But first, is there any case studies? Can you show me actual people that have used your “framework” successfully?


I have developed different plugins based on my framework and worked on other commercial projects.. To see samples: http://www.wordpressfuel.coml/samples

On CodeCanyon: http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-testimonial-manager-linkedin-importer/4421072 http://codecanyon.net/item/easy-shortcode-manager-for-wordpress/5735436

Hello, I would buy your framework, I only have three questions before purchase:

1. I have seen your last update is 13 december 2013, I am not saying it is too old, but are you continuing to mantain it ?

2. Does the plugin will help me to develop custom plugin pages with the same WP Look and feel? I woud like to follow the wp UI avoiding add useless CSS classes.

3. Do you also support forms(build) and form validations?

Thanks you!

Model serves as database abstraction. No such API to bind validation rules but there’s a utility class ‘clsValidate’ available which has many methods to validate data e,g, alpha, alpha numeric, empty, string length etc

Ok! I would like to use https://github.com/Respect/Validation do you think i should create a control like clsValidate that use this library?

amzee, one moment but i have to pay 125$ to use this framework for commercial purpose?? I Mean…if i develop a plugin and then sell it i have the extended license?

Yes, you need extended license

Hey man,

I purchased your stuff. I am following your Documentation but I can’t get it to show on the Plugins so I can activate it.


This is what I see in the index page of the wpfuel plugin.

On your webserver, STRICT error logging is enabled i.e. E_STRICT

Instead of turning off errors, you should actually rather fix your code so it won’t even throw anything

What is the issue?

Very Interesting Product! Can this be use to convert a Wordpress Plugin to “PHP” ? Thanks

No its for Wordpress :)

Hi this is for one client? Or I can write plugin and sell / give my clients? Is this plug neceserry to turn on any plugin build with ?

Hi there,

You can build as many plugins you like.. For plugins to work, framework must be installed. It like parent-child concept.

Parent: WordPress Fuel – Framework

Child: All the plugins build using the framework. All child plugins will inherit core classes. This is done to make sure framework can be easily updated.

Also, with this sample plugins included to get you started.

Let me know if you have any questions.

so I can use your plugin into ONE wordpress page or on as many i like?

You can use it on as many pages you like.

how does this make development easier, is it for plugins, I see there were no updates for a long time

Thank you for your interest.

Last Updated: 25 November 16

It gives you power write Plugin that you can easily maintain. You will be able to separate business, control and presentation logic. Hope that helps. Please view docs for more.