Hit and Run - HTML5 game (capx)

Hit and Run - HTML5 game (capx)

How to play HAR

Very simple! You need to choose the level of complexity and character, who would you like to play. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are big and slow, others fast, but have a small stock of rage.

Once you collect 10 points, rage begins to subside. At this point, you can destroy enemies. But be careful! As soon as the stock runs out.

Now open the first 2 characters after receiving 15 and 25 points.

The game is very simple to construct 2 ported to android and iOS. You can test the game on the links below to


  • The game works on all popular browsers;
  • Easy export to Android and IOS platforms;
  • Very easy customization, reskin;
  • Including Constuct 2 file (.capx – all source).

File includes

  • Images;
  • Sounds;
  • Project file Construct 2;
  • HTML5.
  • Quick start DOCUMENTATION


On your phone, do not like the control. Arrows large or small, can I change this? Of course! You can change the arrows as you like! Set any position, or even to remove them. Characters open too long. Too many or few points should be. Can I fix it? Yes! The documents indicated the place where the change points to open a new character. How to open medium and hard level? Need open 3 and 6 character Can I adjust the speed of the character? Yes, the speed of the character is customizable simply


Download ANDROID “HitAndRun” for test

Do you have ideas for games? You found bugs? Send me an email in my account profile



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