Hire for Work - Fab Artist Android

Hire for Work - Fab Artist Android

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FabArtist Mobile Application With Web Admin Panel

FAB ARTIST is an online platform for all customers to hire different services rendered by various Artists.

This application includes a great revenue model for the administrators, simple and friendly user experience for the customers, and a great opportunity for various artists to enrich their new or existing business.

There are two versions of FAB ARTIST – Customer App & Artist App

Customer App – Here customer can get registered and start using the application to view and hire various services near his location and through different categories

Artist App – Here, Artist can register and list his services on the application and avail the benefit of getting new customers to expand his customer base and business reach

Deliverables – If you purchase this application, we provide you the complete source code of both the versions of application (Customer & Artist Apps) along with admin panel

FAB ARTIST Functionalities & Features – An Overview

Customer Can
  • Discover Artist by Categories
  • Find Near by artist by Location
  • Book & Schedule Appointments
  • Make Online Payment
  • Perform Live Chat with artist
  • View Detailed Profile of Artist
  • Post Jobs to Get Served
  • View & Compare Job Applications
  • View & Submit Review Ratings
  • Add Favorite Artists For Future Services
  • Refer Application to Other Users to Avail Offer Benefits
Artist Can
  • List Services with Price
  • Find Near by artist by Location
  • Apply on Available Jobs
  • Track Customer Location
  • Link Payment Accounts
  • Perform Live Chat with Customers
  • Get Review Ratings for provided services
  • Receive Payments in Wallet
  • Get All Sales Analytics
Admin Can
  • Manage User and Artist
  • View & Analyze Sales
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Jobs & Bookings
  • View Invoice & Release Payments
  • Set Commission Ratios
  • Push Notifications
  • Manage Support System
  • Manage Coupon System

Please Take a Tour Of Our App With This Credentials

Adminpanel URl:

Admin Credintials ‒

Username ‒

Password ‒ 123456

Credentials of Customer app ‒

Customer App Demo APK Download Here ‒Customer App Build

Username ‒

Password ‒ 123456

Credentials of Artist app ‒

Artist App Demo APK Download Here ‒Artist App Build

Username ‒

Password ‒ 123456

Note : Due to changes in Google API developer Console Policy, Buyer have to provide Authenticate key for Place Picker to work application properly.
  • Customer can create Jobs, Explore & Hire nearby artists.
  • Chat & Book appointment with artists & get jobs done.
  • Make online payments to Artist using Stripe, PayPal
  • Artist can List services, Explore & Apply Nearby Jobs.
  • Track Job Status, Receive online payments & Calendar Notifications.
  • Categorized Search Option
  • Raise issues & complaints through support system & Many more features……

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What Will You Get

Change Log
Date : 24 June 2019
Now Compatible with Android 9.0 (Pie)
Change Log
Date : 08 July  2019
We have removed some bugs !!
Change Log
Date : 08 Aug  2019
Update bottom sheet library version.
Correct Profile crash issue.
Change Log
Date : 01 April  2020
Admin Panel App setting option - Enable button 
Fix app crashes.
Update database file.
Correct Profile crash issue.

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