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I already paid $19.95 USD for the full script bro. Please send it to me. I need help installing it too. Thanks

Hello there, where can i decrease the space of uploaded file? Such as you can only upload 20MB

Wont find download pages

Where can I increase the space of upload file? Please tell me. Thannks

SQLite is not installed… ERROR – please help me

SQLite is not installed! I’m thinking it’s not compatible with php5.3

Hello where is admin panel of hipload

The upload methood is suported only on your server? I want to mean if I will buy the product I will have the chance to have my own server? Something like this…my server…

Upload thru Download link:

? Thank you!

where can i increase and decrease file size.. please reply me any one

email :

php5.4 SQLite is not installed!

php53 SQLite is installed… OK

Same SQL lite problem, let me know if he gets back to you.