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nice code, is there a splash screen, any demo video would help understand what assets need to be changed as I do not have buildbox

Hello timelord77,

Yes there is a splash screen that you can easily modify. There is no video for the moment but there is an APK if you want ;).

If you need more information, send us a mail : stingreyzapp@gmail.com

Wish you a good day, Stingreyzapp =)

Hi, What is the total cost of include extra +10 ?

is it possible to change the file image’s without build box ? because i don’t have build box only Xcode ! and welcome to code canyon have a good business !

kindly gave us the demo as well ? like video preview or iTunes url ?

Hey Mohammad Kalim, or Salam Aleykoum =)

For the Game and the Extras, it is 25$ but without the buildbox project.

Yes of course, all the images will be in an atlas view and you will be able to modify them with your Photo Editor.

Send me a mail so that I can help you : stingreyzapp@gmail.com

I’m going to try and upload a video soon

Hi, is the buildbox project included?

Hello CliffsDover,

Nope, but you may buy it from us for 25$.

Send us a mail at stingreyzapp@gmail.com

Hello, I want BuildBox project and already send email to stingreyzapp@gmail.com Thanks.

Message received =)

The project is ObjC or Swift?

Salut 3r14ntube,

Le projet est en Swift car il s’utilise sous xCode

Salutations, Stingreyzapp.

Hi, I would like to add 10 New characters for $10 as well So how do I do that please and also is it 64 or 32 bit built ?

Kind Regards


Hi, Can I minimise the numbers of trucks and cars?

You’ll need the Buildbox Project for that.

PM me

hi how i can to change admob interstitial order ?

hi how i can to change admob interstitial order ?

You need the buildbox file