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Hello CodeAgent We have purchased your code and implemented as guided, but there are lot of errors (77 Errors) in the code, we have imported everything as mentioned in the tutorial but still there are errors. Please help. If you have updated code please send us. silybits.mediaworks@gmail.com

Hello Silybits,

I’m not CodeAgent lol. And you should have no errors if everything is well configured.

Are you using Eclipse ?

You did not give me the right code and now you’re not even talking to me. I put you on the email you were not answering. These are not good.

Dude, when you’re asking 10 times the same thing, and I answer you 10 times the same thing. That’s not good.

Sorry that you can’t understand that. You are not the only client I have to manage too, so learn to wait and search deeper in the documentation provided

I am talking to slip away.

Hy Sir, I’ve sent email asking for new version of Hill Climb Racer source code without libpng problem.

I answered you ;).

Hi i have a question can we have a settings page where we can upgrade vehicles, backgrounds and also switch sound on / off. Also there is no driver in the car, can you please add that. I can pay extra for that.

How much time it will take? and if i hire a freelancer how much should be the cost? It will be a great help if you can let me know.

Please suggest…i will then place order and i will need buildbox code as well.

Can you guys please reply…i have sent 2 emails but no response. I want buildbox code as well. How to proceed????


jhen66 Purchased

I’ve bought Hill Climb Racer – Android Buildbox & Eclipse Game Template

Item by Stingreyzapp

but i can not download .. because there is no link .. Help me

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Hi How can I upgrade the libpng file in eclipse??? Thanks