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Never used cocos, would this ne a good source to learn from ?. Or do i need to have some skills wigh cocos ?.

Thanks just bought it, will install cocos and learn.

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can you make eclipse code?

Yes, You can make eclipse project from this cocos2dx project very easily.
We provide Android Eclipse project to our extended license buyers.
The C++ code remains absolutely same. If you know cocos2dx then you yourself could easily make Eclipse Project out of this game.

Note* The C++ code present in this project is 100% compatible and tested for android. No need to do any more changes in the source code.

thanks. game is awsome

Hi, good game! I buy source you create apk for me? I sent id admob. Thx bro

You will need to buy the Extended License if you want us to create Signed APK with Admob. And also you will need to ReSkin this game(Update Images) before launching in Market. We can give you an eclipse project and show you how to create APK and how to add Admob ID.
Thanks Jaug.

Ok, project eclipse with ndk or sdk?

Eclipse Project with NDK.

Did you use the level editor for levels?

Thank you for purchasing.
To create levels i have used box2d editor: https://code.google.com/p/box2d-editor/
I first carved various shapes of roads for different type of level. I only outlined the roads using black 5px sharp brush in Photo shop/ Pixelmator(Mac).
Then i made the physics editor to detect the road i wanted. And created JSON file for each track.
Each track must have end point and start point at same height. So that the roads don’t mix up while you randomise it.
After Getting the JSON for a track then you can give it your desired texture.
Thats it! you can update the tracks that easy.
The Tutorial i followed while developing this: http://discuss.cocos2d-x.org/t/cocos3-0-tutorial-accurate-hit-testing-with-cocos2d-x-3-0-integrated-physics-feature/13393
Enjoy! :)

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is it can use admob ?

Yes you can use Admob.

Ok. So I purchased the extended license. I am supposed to obtain support with cocos2d-x, and an Eclipse project. The downloaded help documentation is basic to say the least. The download does not contain the eclipse project. Thats a bit ridiculous.

@bluegamerz – Thanks for your wishes. we hope the game does well. Thanks for the compliments too. Of course you can showcase the game, as long as we get a link there. We would also appreciate your support to port this to Android as we were facing some minor issues.

We will be glad to help. Let us know what you need. You can follow us on Skype any time you want.

Thanks. Managed to submit the game to GP. :)

Hi, I’m new to this and i’m trying to run this app and I’m getting a message saying that ” The file “Hill Climb Motorbike.app” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it.”

Can you help me out to fix this


Hi, I am not sure which file you are trying to run. You should build the project in Xcode and then run from there. If you need help then please give more information.

Hi, I’ve bought this source code under Regular License I just want to make sure does this means i can sell it on app store for free Thanks

Hi, Everything works fine after archiving I validated so for so good but when i tried to upload to App store It’s giving me an error ERROR ITMS – 90086 Can you give me some instructions to setup the architectures on build settings



I am not sure what sort of error is that. If you want us to look into this issue, it will be chargeable. My Skype id is virgil.wylie .