Hill Climb Bike Racing Physics Game - Cocos2d X

Hill Climb Bike Racing Physics Game - Cocos2d X

IOS Game Link
Cocos2dx 3.2v game.(iPhone, iPad, Mac Ready Code, Android Compatible.)
This is an awesome 4.7 star rating game on Android.
And more than 5k downloads on iOS.
Game Play Video
Check the Demo Video Before Buying
Check this Re-Skinned Game too:

Very Easy to understand the code and easily changeable resources.
Hill Climb style game.
6 Bikes of different types! All with different Physics! Bikes can be tuned!
5 Stages already involved(Unlockable via coin feature).
Includes a special Halloween Stage.
Breakable Sign Boards!!
Counting of Score by flips and multiplier of flips and inAir Bonus!!
Real Bike Engine sound.
Very easy to update bikes, just replace the images with new one!!
Sqlite3 used for database. (Pretty Easy to understand. If you need help we can assist you)
Lots more features you will be amazed to see. contains HillClimbBike folder which is a cocos2dx project for IOS.
iOS Game,Compatible with Android(Please contact us for this) as well.
Every Resource in this game Excluding the Logos are fully usable by the buyer. Logos are only given for buyer to understand what goes were.

Mac/Windows OS
Buy the Extended License and get complete assistance on learning Cocos2dx and Chipmunk Physics used in this game. And a Eclipse Project.

Cocos2dx is a complete Open Source Game Engine! Any one could just jump in and make a game just like this!