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ilwido please check your email.. i never got any replies (how is that a support) ? Thanks

How to add new quotes for the website http://ofget.com/

Here : http://ofget.com/dashboard , the username and password is : 1234

i don’t have username or password please give me user id & pass

The user id & pass is : 1234

Hi I upload the script to my host I use Ipage then I show this error 500 Internal Server Error what is the problem ?

i think you have an error with PHP configuration.

Hello Sir, when is the next update planned? Can you tell me the updates/ features planned?

Any suggestions ?

Google index only homepage, Why not you provide Popular Authors list to view Quotes.

Example: Popular Authors List: Obama(Link) -> Quote1, Quote2 ….. Quote10

This will help to index more Pages on google :)

Thank you for your suggestions :) !

agree with @Maroon-Pixels
i’m interested to, i think like this script http://ilwido.net/demo/jokes/

Hi, http://ofget.com/dashboard , the username and password is : 1234 does not work.. gives: Wrong Username Or Password !

Please send me a Email To ilwidoo@gmail.com

Hello,does this script still available?

Can add instagram for the social?

Yes , We can add it for you.

can you help me on the script installation,I have hosting account but I dont know how to install it,the document provided cant help me though.

Looks cool!. Question. Is there a way to code it so one can hit the space bar and it will go to the next random quote?

Yes , i will add it to the next update :) !

75000 quotes contain in sql or text or csv?


Salam , Kayn chi tari9a nzid biha Og title , description et l’image l koulla quotes ? z3ma nzid code f header bach mni tpartaga chi quotes tban b tari9a mezyana f les reseaux sociaux ?

No Khoya Makaynax :/ !

Has anyone actually installed this script successfully. I am trying to install it in a subfolder called “quote” and its giving me the error 500. I have config all the database settings,base URL,uploaded the mysql database and it still doesn’t work when i visit mysite.com/quote not sure what I am missing. Please help!

I got it working now never mind. Thanks. Great script Btw keep up the good work!

Thank You :)

Please dont buy this script! Missing documentation and lot off function

Thank you a lot <3

i thanks for you support. Missinf lot off function, missing documentation but you don wont return money because I download script. On other side after download i see documentation and full script and this script is big bull-shit


Please Can You Check http://www.bestrandomquotes.com/dashboard not working

You didn’t install the script correctly ! Send me a email and i will help you to install it .

This script very nice, http://beebic.com working 100%. Thanks author

Thank you very much !

Nice interface. I would prefer the adsense to be responsive as well.

Why would you need a complicated framework like “codeigniter” for such a simple concept? I’m also curious to see your backend (dashboard) but nothing seems to work. What am I not doing right?

Does it work with PHP 7?

Hi, Can I add new quotes? Does it have an admin panel?