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Hi, does it pos system?

its beauty parlour and saloon management system with online booking system

You need to incorporate a breadcrumbs system, as of now, when I go to a stylist…there is no way that I see to return back to main page

You mean through that form on the right correct? if so, is that message sent directly to the beautician? as I do not see a messages tab in the admin nor do I see an email attached to the listed beauticians, so “who” gets the Booking message?

admin / parlour owner will get the msg. chk our demo, there are an option for booking management

oh ok…i see now. again, great work,but I still stand by my breadcrumbs suggestion :)

Hi, are you going to add Inventory Management and POS?

Hi, I sent you an email already but you’re not replying… I also sent you last November of last year, but you also didn’t reply anymore… Are you really available for custom development? Thanks

we always reply mail we got, pls knock me on skype, yes i can remember ur requirement’s and yes we are able to do it. lets come on skype, i need to talk with u for some issue. my skype id: rifat636 # i hope u already added on my list

Good work. But u need to add POS and inventory management system as a part of standard module to make this application perfect to sell well. Good luck on sales.

Thanks.. day by day we are releasing update. hope soon we add those

Does HifiSaloon have multi-language support?

No. Just english, if u need we can add google translator for multiple language

Hello, The system should allow the customers to self register, be able to pay for the service immediately after adding to cart, the system should allow the possibility add reviews by already worked on customers and to add ratings of their services, several payment gateways should be added for instant payment by customers,etc.

Otherwise thanks for the hard work so far put in, just add those features to make your system ready for saloon. Also make it for multiple saloons.

Thank you Ronnie

we are able to customized this script for multiple saloon system. pls contact us on skype. we will try to provide with cheap cost as we can. our skype ID: RIFAT636

sorry i do not have skype

you may contact via email: rifat636@yahoo.com || let me know about your buget for multiple salon system

can sms be intgerated

Yes. Please contact via Skype: rifat636

Hi where can’t see function.php

Already answered

please help

we are chking

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. when i go to Beautician list

pls mail us ur base url and cpanel access: rifat636@yahoo.com

NEW Beautician Added Successfully! but i don’t see it

pls mail us ur base url and cpanel access: rifat636@yahoo.com

Thank-you i did send you the link Please Help

on the appointment list (listapo.php) the order is from 1 2 3 Which shows the first person ever to book an appointment down to the last person, instead of 3 2 1 Which should show the curret person that booked on the first line down to first ones. I tried putting ASC with the SELECT statement….the record table changes and shows the last person that booked first. But the ID number won’t change with it..as it still shows 12345 instead of 54321. I don’t know if you get what I mean. I bought this item when I mistankened it for Clinico, but, I had to buy the two cause I needed the Clinico more. So I didn’t need this until now and my support has expired. I will very much appreciate it if you can help me. Thanks.

its included, pls check carefully

Sorry, I don’t get you. I mean to ask for help to change the order of number. Like if I have 20 appointments..lisapo.php page should show the last appointment first in the order of 20 19 18 17 16….but instead, the number shows 1 2 3 4 5…

yes bro.. check it.. we will solve it on next update

Hello Can you add some additions by fee 1 – add expenses 2 – Report of income and expenses and Profits 4. Can you translate to another language and change currencies 5-Add the required day and booking time to your booking page and save it to order booking

follow us mail

Hello, 1.When will an update with features like add expenses, report of income and expenses or profits be available?

2. Make it possible to show the service names ordered for and not just numbers.

I do need as soon as an update with especially the ability to add expenses and report for income and expenses or profit is added

Thank you Ronnie

we able to customized as u need for additional charges. thnxx


The system has no where to see the amount of money earned by a beautician of which is very important too.

The booking should have dates and time.

Thank you


as i see u’r good advisor here


Do you have the SMS module enabled in this? i want the customers to get SMS after they take service and pay the amount.



$100 for sms module is lot also as i can see others have also requested for sms module so i request you to kindly include sms module in this and i can buy immediately

u can buy this if u need,

If you can add sms and email notification for customers then j will buy

Presale Question: I run a directory site where vendors can list there business’s and services. I would like to use this booking system to offer to them, do you have a portal version of the plugin so each vendor gets access to there own area only.

all we have are here, if u need any customization then we able to do it for additional charges

that really doesnt answer my question, can you answer my question please

yes it was my answer, all is there u may need to check, if somethings not there thats means we dont yet developed that, so if u need customization we able to do for additional charges – Thats all

I need some additional features in this system, Can I get full source code after buying it?

they will solve when they receive proper information

what else you required, I already given you cPanel details, what rest you need?

follow there reply, installation time is max 24 hours. within this time they will install it