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hi my friend i have i have a presale questions

1) is it working with other themes i used this one http://themeforest.net/item/journal-advanced-opencart-theme-framework/4260361?WT.oss_phrase=journal&WT.oss_rank=1&WT.z_author=DigitalAtelier&WT.trending=trending&WT.ac=search_thumb

2) are you going to make it to work with openacart2

thank you i am ready to buy if yes.

It should work on different themes because its not theme related, but if it wont work you can contact me. i am thinking to make it work with OC 2.x maybe within the next week.

Hello biggie congratulations on the mod, it should be indispensable part of all the shops based in opencart, twist so that you have many sales, just need to be more widespread for this to happen because it really is a great help in securing our business, just like taking a questions before buying:

1- It works for all extensions, modules and extensions based on the xml files vqmod?

2- It is possible to add more folders such as: image / data / rename to / image

3- I saw in the html source code to change the link to the topic was as skins / default / stylesheet / in this case “default” is the default theme name? in this case it is possible to hide this name of my current theme so that it only skins / stylesheet or if I have an issue with name eg shopica with this extension it will also exposed the theme name as “skins / shoppica2 / stylesheet /” ?

I’m waiting the return, because to me the functionality to also hide the name of the theme folder I’m using is critical to increasing the security and privacy of my project.

1. There should be no problem with this because it is just basically rewriting the request using mod_rewrite

2. Never looked at this. :-( because image is a real folder so rewriting that would end up with a loop.

3. Unfortunately it is exposing the theme name, so it will be skins/shoppica/stylesheet But this can easily be faked by just renaming the shoppica folder inside catalog/view/theme on your ftp and change the request inside the header.tpl to the same as you renamed it. So it will be skins/custom/stylesheet (example).

If you would like to discuss more on this topic you can email me.

Hello Thanks for the information, but I would love to hide the name of my theme of automatic form by admin without the need to access the ftp files if possible to provide this functionality in a next update I would be grateful to get this module.

I will try to do that. It is a hard request tho..

Hi is this available for OpenCart 2.0 yet?

still not, i didn’t had time for it due several reasons. I will try to make it within next week

Thanks biggie0344 i will definitely purchase this when it is available.

Cheers J


I bought the plugin , Although Idea is good, admin url gets secured perfectly.

But When I turn on features like “New Theme folder” and “New Javascript folder” . It bricks my site.

I clear all my cache , open a new window ingnito, and It starts giving me javascript error.

I am sure something is incorrect with plugin.

You still need to work on this plugin.

Seriously !!, Not even a single word from you !!

Well, I only do support when you send me an email with detailed information. I can’t help you from the comments. Send me an email from my profile page and I’ll have a look at it


That is a really good idea and I was surprise for that you only have a few purchase.

For me, what stopping me purchasing this extension is about the updates and support level, also, need OC 2.x support too.

Please let me know if OC 2.x is ready.

Thanks and Regards, A.

hello, please shoot me an email i have it done for 95% I need other people to test it on different setups

replied :-)


Any update on OC 2x support


I am currently on vacation, I will have a look at this, this week and try to publish it 1st week of January

hello, please shoot me an email i have it done for 95% I need other people to test it on different setups