Discussion on Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

Discussion on Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

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Recently, after about a week or so, my site breaks and I have to deactivate this plugin and reactivate it so my site goes back to normal. Any idea why this occurs? Once I deactivate hide my wp plugin, the site goes back to normal. Is there a caching piece I am missing with this plugin?

Hi, can you please create a support ticket at regarding the issue. Also, generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it there as private reply. Thanks!

Hi there!

Your HMWP IDS Log shows me something troubling.

Whenever people click ads (can’t mention networks here) that promote my website, IDS reports these clicks as malicious. I think. Not sure. Showing 3/3/ 5/5/ and so on. Doesn’t look good. Does this mean my ad-clicks are banned instantly? I need these clicks. I need these visitors ;-),

Hi, can you please post the screenshot of the log page? The requests will be blocked only if the total impact exceeds the Block Threshold value specified under IDS Firewall tab. We recommend you to raise a support ticket at

Hi, how can I create a private support ticket?

Hi, you can make the comments/posts private from second entry onwards (first one can’t be made private)

this item not compatible with woocommerce latest version 3.0?

Hi, it’s compatible with latest woocommerce. What exactly is the issue you are having? Please raise a support ticket at

After I will bay this plug-in, can I use it in more worpress installations or only for 1 website?

Hi, it’s one license one site. Hence, you’ll need separate license for each of the websites.

Ehy, I have a problem if i try to add new pages or articles , I had 404 :( how i can fix this??? please help me..

Hi, can you please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum as private reply? Thanks!

done just now :(

Already replied. Let’s connect there.

hi i want to purchase it but i am reading that too many bugs in the plugin like it is detectable and admin area go to the blank page error or fixed or not?

Hi, WP detection can depend on different types of plugins/theme installed. In some cases you’ll need to add some specific replacements related to specific theme/plugins. In that case our support team will help you out.
Regarding blank admin page, there’s no such issue. It’s only for few of the clients and is due to conflict with other plugins, and we have already resolved it for some.

Well I tried to remove a couple html elements from the site, and it did not work.

I also registered an account in the support forum, and tried to add a topic, however, once I try to send it, I get 403 error.

Would you mind checking this issue?


Hi, the support forum is working fine. can you please let us know the email address that you used to register in the support forum You can send it via contact form in my profile page

Sent, thank you.

hi, hide my wp plugin is very good but its conflicting with my frontend posting.. whenever somebody try to post from frontend it shows 404 error on submit event.

after so much effor we found that ‘hide my wp’ is conflicting with another ‘snax’ plugin.

please help us to run ‘hide my wp’ smoothly and succesfully.

Hi, make sure that you set “trusted user roles” for the users in General settings tab. Regarding conflict with Snax plugin, can you please let us know what exactly is the issue?
Please create a support ticket at regarding the issue.

THE plugin was working perfectly, but seems that whatsruns and wappalyzer has update their database or somehow they are showing the wordpress installation ….something that a month ago over the same page was hiden . Could be possible to give me some details of what has happened and how could sort out the new update , please ? thanks . I have sent you the link of my website . ( i have not done any changes over it ) it seems that is just an update over wappalizer and what s runs . thankks

Hi, we’ve replied to your support ticket. Let’s connect there. Thanks!

hreflang=”ar” href=”//

thats an error happening to wpml . can hidemywp be the reason?

Hi, have you added any replacements under Replace Tools tab? Can you please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum ( as private reply.

Free LIFETIME Support Forum Access + Automatic Update! No need to purchase extended support.

And I have just paid the offer with 15 US dollars for the extension.

It’s not about the 15 US dollars – but why do you write something in the item description?

You have paid correctly, we have changed our policy of lifetime support. We have now removed the message from product description.

But that’s not how easy it is.

I like the plugin and it’s certainly worth it.

Oh, let’s leave that ….......

Thanks for the answers.

Thank you!


We have the 5.5.3 version, and the new version 5.5.6 is available. But when we update the plugin it keeps as the same version. I mean the plugin doesn’t change the version.

We buy the plugin three years ago, but this event happens recently, Before it updated easily, but now it doesn’t happen.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, make sure that purchase code is entered in HMWP settings page. If it’s still the issue then please create a support ticket at regarding the issue.

Hi Team,

I am a big fan of your plugin and already purchased number of licenses but it seems the support is expired. Please let me know if I need to renew support for my problem.

I have recently changed my website from http:// to https:// but then when your plugin is applied the whole css is broken.

I really need the security of my website so I am already a little worried because it is not being protected now.

Your soonest reply will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

- Kindaro

Hi, please raise a support ticket at so that we can look into it. Thanks!

A ticket has been raised on the website! Thank you!

Hi, any chance of implementing or a similar encryption utility, to encrypt source code or convert it to javascript?

Hi, as of now, we have no plan to implement such feature.

Can you please customize it for us? We can pay for the customization.

Sorry this is out of scope for the plugin.

I just send a ticket on your support site, please give it a look :-)

Hi, replied there.

interested into any compatibility issue with ? regards

Hi, HMWP is compatible with this plugin.

Hi, May I know what ALL the updates were that happened recently please so I know everything about my items update, thank you

The changelog is updated in the plugin’s codecanyon page.

- Added: Improvements for detection for Yoast and WooCommerce - Added: Hides Rest API on enabling Auto Configuration, improves detection - Fixed: Minor Bugs

Exactly my question. You mentioned minor bugs, and I asked to know everything about what was fixed without superficial responses. Minor bugs, ok, what were they ? Just like my original question wants to know everuthingvthat was fixed updated please, simple question for a simple answer without beating around the bush !

Ah, I wasn’t sure that you were asking specifically about “Minor bugs”, those are cosmetic bugs for language and options inside the admin page. Hope that helps!

Major part of the update was improvement for detection evasion.

I find that your plugin slows down my site. But I love the HIDE wpadmin feature, is there any way to just enable this feature and not load everything else?

Hi, it should not slow down the site (except for few milliseconds in some cases). And yes, you can enable only the features that you want. Please raise a support ticket at if you have further queries. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve added this to my website which uses woocommerce. When I click add product, I get 404? thanks

Hi, can you please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum ( as private reply. And is the add product issue in frontend or backend?

Hi, its the frontend. I have posted on support forum. Thanks

Yes, already replied to it. Let’s connect there.


I am trying the plugin with Woocommerce based shop! But I cannot figure out how to make it compatible with Woocommerce search.

I have enabled the “Search Base”.

Now it redirects all searches to:

The old search was:

I tried this (but not working):

Any solution?

Aha! I thought there is some way to edit the search rules in htaccess file (by adding the query?post_type=product) as usual, why you don’t add search rule in htaccess to confider the redirect?

Hi, thanks for your valuable suggestion. We’ll look into it in the upcoming versions, how feasible it is.

Great! hope you can make it editable from the haccess rules like other rules, so we can add additional query to separate the blog search from product search.

Thank you :)


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