Discussion on Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

Discussion on Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress!

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A few days ago I bought this plug-in a second time and applied a new serial.

Why do I get an authentication message again?

Is it a scam plugin?

Will you intentionally revoke the certificate?

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Can you please raise a support ticket regarding this at

Meanwhile, you can configure HMWP. Thanks!

I created a “logout” shortcode page.

If I use “hide wp”, why show “logout” admin address?

Why doesn’t show “logout” shortcode page address?

Hi, please create a support ticket regarding the issues at support forum It’s very difficult to refer to your previous posts’ comments here. Thanks!

Hi it does not hide my site from wappalyzer and what it runs.

Hi, can you please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum as private reply. Thanks!

it does not hide my website from wappalyzer and whatitruns

Hi, can you please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum as private reply. Thanks!

Hey, I just started using CloudFlare. Do I have to change any settings in HMWP in order for it to work properly? Like entering something into “General Settings -> CDN path”?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, for CloudFlare CDN you don’t need to enter anything in CDN Path field.

Hey, I was wondering if there are any known compatibility issues with the cache plugin called ‘WP Rocket’. I was told that its caching works fine with ‘Hide My WP’, but that its minify and concatenation functionalities don’t. Is this true? If so, are there any known solutions? Or should everything work fine?

Thank you for your help!

Hi, HMWP is compatible with WP Rocket. Do let us know if you face any issue.

Hi, the logo link still refer to wp-content/upload but everything else has been hided, can you tell me how to fix that and why is this happening ? I changed ‘New wp-content path’ on ‘Permaliks and URLs’ but it won’t load the logo image at all, I also tried to ‘Replace in HTML’ wp-content with ‘inc’ as per my settings with no result.

Hi, can you please create a support ticket at regarding the issue. Also, generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it there as private reply. Thanks!

I could not configration it , what i have to do now ? it still all my plugin and style in the sorce

pls can u help me

Hi, please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum ( as private reply.


i have 2 new problems with your plugin.

Since Avada 5.6 update, options for theme rewrite & .... does not work anymore – i get errors and page is not loading anymore

Before avada update with same HMWP settings was no problem – there is any new conflict at your plugin …... problem is only with your plugin – with all other plugins i use – no conflict

After i have disabled your plugin – everything loading within a second – also when i had changed everything that from your plugin is nothing done anymore with theme files, ....... – but then some features not working anymore too …......

Also with changed login url it is also possible to reach wp-login without input of full slug: instead of i had – and forward to login without any problem …..

i have never tried this – but by mistake i had forgotten the ?hide_acp….. It was working too – WHY ???

in .htaccess is everything correct inside

At the moment i’m 100% not happy anymore with HMWP plugin …

not long ago i had problems with WPML / problem still exists – that your HMWP plugin is not working anymore with 2 languages and produce 500 errors

here from your support after login to my wp-admin – everything was broken, because your support had forgotten to revert the changed settings – also 500 error

no reply from your support since 14.06. -> support id 22160

other open bug point -> can detect that my site is WordPress

also not resolved ..........

I am at the moment not happy to use it and it makes at the moment for 60% of functions no sense – because HMWP plugin is not work as it should be

..... only problems since months now ......


Hi, it’s working fine with latest version of Avada. We won’t know what exactly is the issue in your site with HMWP until and unless we have a look into it. So, please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum as private reply. And also add all the points/issues that you are currently facing with HMWP. Thanks!

Dear if everything would be working fine, than i would have no problems – always just after another plugin, here WPML and a theme Avada, had an update of their code.

the problems happened always after this – as well the problem with the login which is not working tested now a minute ago again – login possible without secret key

i will open a new support ticket

you had a look at the other 2 tickets with no answer/resolve ??? I have still no reply

Hello, I’m using paypal as a payment method, and whenever a redirect happens to my site after payment, a 404 error is appearing and the end of the url looks something like this: My question is: will Hide My WP be blocking the new url created, since whenever a new url is created I get error 404. Is there any possibility? I’m using the recommended settings (medium privacy)

I did some testing and it really is the plugin that is giving problems. After deactivating I did not have any more error 404. The redirection worked. Any ideial of what configuration in the plugin is giving this error?

Hi, please do these:

- in General settings tab disable/uncheck “Directory List” and “Hide PHP Files” options

- in Permalinks & URLs tab, empty out “Ajax URL” field. Also empty out “API Base” and “API Query” fields

- if still the issue then disable “IDS” option in IDS Firewall tab.

Let us know.

Hello, Is there any test for this plugin?, what if i buy this plugin and it breaks my site (so it would be useless for me) would i have a refund? Also is this plugin compatible with W3 Total Cache, WP Smush It and WP Optimize plugins? Regards!

Access to default WP login URLs is blocked (returns 404 page) by HMWP plugin. You can rename the login path to the name you want.

yes thats the question, that 404 that returns must be from the plugin or can it return 404 that the site already have? I dont want to use the 404 from the plugin, i want to use the 404 i already have in my site, regards!

That’s the default 404 page from your theme.

Hi! Thanks for the great plugin. I purhased recently and activated the license but my WP still wants to have valid license even there should be one year left.

Hi, I didn’t get it exactly. Can you please let us know what exactly the issue is? Are you getting any alert/error message?

Hi There, I am using BITNAMI wordpress build(AWS VPS), since I activated this plugin all my theme/JS files are not loading. my site is looking really bad. I followed steps from your FAQ but it didnt work, I tried to contact your support forum but coudnt register even I provide valid purchase code, what do I need to do to get my site working again with this plugin.

Hi, Bitnami installation by default do not enable htaccess. You will have to go into the bitnami apache configuration files and do the modifications there.

Change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All to use the .htaccess file.

I am still having issues, You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/uploads/ getting this since I installed your plugin.

Please create a support ticket regarding the issue at
As you already tried to register there but couldn’t succeed, can you please let us know the email ID you used to register there. You can message me via contact form in the profile page –

ok . installed . however wordfence Enable Two Factor Authentication stopped working. how to solve this

Hi, can you please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum as private reply. Thanks!

It is not working with my Divi Theme what you want me to do ?

Hi, what exactly is the issue you are facing? HMWP is compatible with Divi theme. Please generate debug report from HMWP start tab and post it in the support forum ( as private reply.

How to use Replace HTML to replace a piece of code, bypassing text or a link in it. Maybe there is a code like [skip]?

Hi, can you please let us know what exactly are you trying to replace? More info regarding the replacement here –

I want to remove < p id=”backtoblog”>< a href=” https: // ”>← Back to Site< /a>< /p>’ but the domain will still be changed so then this code means value, is there any possibility that it will change and LINK or CONTENT in the middle will be?

If you want to replace the text in URL then you can use “replace urls” option. Please create a support ticket at regarding the issue so that we can look into it further. Thanks!

Hi i’m using ithemes security will there be conflict? One more thing, will it slow down my site?


Hi, HMWP is compatible with iThemes security. It’ll not slow down the site. Please check this FAQ –

Dear Developer,

i have insert/requested the refund of the plugin at Envato, as agreed in the support forum from your staff/colleague, because it was not possible to resolve the issues/conflicts between used plugin/themes together with the plugin – what always can happen.

Envato has informed me, that it is forwarded to you, for reconfirm.

Thanks in advance for the confirm to Envato for further proceed

Hi, we’ll look into it. Thanks!


I have some pre-sale questions:

1) Can I replace any word for the html source code like wp-... or woocommerce…? I understand from your explanation that viewing the browser source code of the site, non admins will see the source code modifyed with the replaced text, right?

2) It blocks viewing php files from browser console?

3) It hashes the plugin names even if modifyed?

4) It obfuscates html output?

5) About changing urls paths and hiding standard login paths, what are the differences between this extension and other free solutions that are doing the same?

6) It is compatible if using other securiy ext like wodfnce?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards


1) If you apply the settings in HMWP the default WP paths will be replaced with the names you choose. You can also replace text in the site’s page source using “replace in html” option (but not recommended to replace CSS class names)

2) There’s an option for this, you can enable or disable.

3) Yes, it renames the plugins names.

4) No, it doesn’t. It only replaces default WP paths so that wordpress is not detected.

5) This is one of the features of the plugin. The difference is the support we provide and the code quality.

6) Yes, it’s compatible with other security plugins like Wordfence.


Thank you for the answers. Currently I use a free open solution Hide my wp and security enhancer, and it’s doing almost everything about hiding with no problems. So what are the differnces between your solution and the offered in the repository? only support?

I really want to be sure I can block php files from being viewed from browser console and replace any text in my html to protect my work. I could check your demo and opening applications in consoles I can see scripts and easily see what extensions are being used.

Thank you

There’s always several alternatives available in the market. We’ve been in the market for over 4 years and we care for our customers.

Hiding wordpress sometimes might not be straight forward depending upon various plugins/theme installed and server settings. So you might need some help setting up the plugin and we do provide dedicated support (

You can try the free plugin and then try HMWP. You’ll see the difference!

Here’s our demo WP site –

Hello there, I have noticed that before I activate the plugin my website’s Time to first byte (TTFB) ranges from 0.2s to 0.24s but when I activate it and without any settings made, the TTFB increases and ranges between 0.6s to 0.8s. I also get a notice from Google Pagespeed insights about my server response time which shows this problem. You can replicate the issue using the “UsageDD” plugin.

As you understand this seems pretty important since google seem to take TTFB into account for ranking websites.

Could you please advise on this matter?

Hi, we checked using UsageDD plugin, and every time we refresh the wp backend page (with HMWP activated or deactivated), the TTFB it shows is different (+/- few milliseconds). So in your case also it’s the difference of few milliseconds only which actually is very difficult to validate.

Hi, as I mentioned there is an increase in TTFB of about 0.5s which doesn’t seem that much, but it is strongly advised to keep it below 0.2s (200ms). They might be milliseconds but they matter to Google and you can see this here

Did you notice a similar increase ranging for 0.4 to 0.6s? Please try in frontend alsosince this is the most important

For us it’s few millisecond difference every time we refresh the page, so there’s no consistency. Can you please create a support ticket at so that we can look into it further. Thanks!


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