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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you ;)

This looks REALLY GOOD! Is it terribly complex to use?


It is really easy to use.

The plugin changes all the paths you and even in Inspect element you’ll see the new URLs.

Check out the test site: http://test.wpplugins.tips

Although, it is better to back up the wp-config.php and .htaccess before you confirm the changes. It never happened before … but just in case.

Regards, John

good advice. Back up first for sure.

Thank you Chris for your purchase. We love to help you stay safe online.

If you need support, I am here.

If you like the product please rate it. This will help us a lot.

Regards, John

does it work on litespeed server ?


Yes. Hide my Wordpress was tested on Litespeed server and it works.

Regards, John

can i install this in multiple sites?

Hey Alvin,

The license is for one site. You have to buy a license for each site separately .

Best regards, John

hey there i am having a problem after i installed your plugin. i getting this error on front and backend. please take a look at my screenshot link below


hey mate, i am having a problem after i installed your plugin. i getting this error on my front and backend. please take a look at my screenshot link below


it broke my site. please give me a refund. it does not work the way it should. maybe it is conflicting with my current plugin.

no. i am not using any security plugins or cache plugin. because some of my cache plugin or security plugin conflicts with my theme. Currently i am using a redirect plugin that i need to my site. i think that redirect plugin conflict with your plugin.

please if you don’t make it work please give me a refund. i already fill up the form from envato panel.

We already proceeded with the refund. Can you please tell me which theme and redirect plugin are you using .

Thank you John

Presales question: Does this plugin rename the wp-admin etc without hiding it? How does it work exactly? Another security plugin I tried just renamed it in httaccess, so from the front-end it was fine, but if I viewed source on the backend the folders were not renamed, and if I typed the URL /wp-admin, the page would still be there.

The result was some of my pages would go to /new-admin.php?etc and some would bounce back to /wp-admin.php?etc. Some of my users were committing on the different URL’s and it was confusing so I opted to just remove it.


Hey, It’s most for the frontend side and the plugin is not physically renaming the directory. You’ll still see the paths in FTP.

I don’t know if renaming the folder will work because the programming is based on paths and if you change them, then you have a problem.

Changing the frontend it’s really safe, we have success stories with people fighting ddos attacks and brut force attacks and they told us that the websites are not attacked anymore.

You can check our test site to inspect the source code: http://test.wpplugins.tips/

Best regards, John

johndarrel, I installed the plugin and set my settings. The on/off switch is missing. Example, on the Hide Emojicons there should be on/off switch? It’s not showing up for me.

screenshot: http://imgbox.com/BbYlRYmK

Hey Charlie,

Seems to be a theme issue. I will try to make it work and add an upgrade. Please tell me which theme are you using.

Thanks, John

Okay Charlie,

I’ll look into it and can continue our discussion on john@wpplugins.tips Please send me an email so we can connect.

Regards, John

Hello I just purchase the this plugin. I’m using the latest WP 4.6.1 with NGINX, PHP and MariaDB. Every time I activate this plugin I lose connection to the my WP-ADMIN page. It doesn’t redirect me to the setting page. The only way I can get my WP-ADMIN page back is to remove the plugin from the plugin folder. Any Help would be appreciated.


I checked and it works at our end. I can’t find the issue.. seems to be a theme issue. I want to help you so please continue our discussion on john@wpplugins.tips

Regards, John

Great work.. Best wishes for good sales..

Thank you, Glad to be of help. Please leave a positive review at https://codecanyon.net/item/hide-my-wordpress-urls-from-hackers-security-plugin/reviews/17455954, it will help us a lot. Thank you


Question before purchase.

We need no special technical knowledge. To use the plugin.

For example

1) Hide the fact that you use WordPress by changing the default name of the directories and files, without having to modify your original structure (for example: wp-admin, wp-content). Magic happens on the fly.

Can we rename and change the names of the css, js files. For example: wp-includes / css / admin-bar.min.css “by” wp-includes / css / bar.min.css “

Can we rename and change folder names For example: wp-includes / css / admin-bar.min.css “by” includes / css / bar.min.css “

2) Can you rename and change the names of the plugins. Change any string in the source code. This is useful when a plugin uses detailed CSS class names from which robots can determine that you are using WordPress.

3)That’s what I’m looking for as a plugin? But if we want to change the url but make sure that login.php or wp-admin is no longer accessible (for hackers)? , Has an extension (plugin) modifying the login address (wp-login.php) and (wp-admin) in order to block attempts to access the administration of a WordPress site and it will return a 404. Plugin can hide WordPress Admin (/ wp-admin /) and (wp-login.php) when a user is not logged in. If a user is not logged in and they try to access WP Admin directly, they can not and will return a 404.

For example Possible a new address? (wp-admin) by (administration) and (wp-login.php) by (connection)

Does your plugin have the same plugin function? /lockdown-wp-admin/

4) Can you custom disconnect url page is (wp-login.php) ........... By (connection or disconnection) ................

Can you customize the wp-login.php login page of WordPress (Wp-login.php) by (connection)

Can you customize the logo of the login page

Can we customize by default, the title of the link (visible on the flyover) is “Powered by WordPress”, so let’s change it: The hook login_headerurl so that it points to the home of the site.

5) Rename a file. (For example: You can rename the original readme.html without having to physically change.)

Etc …..........

thank you in advance

Could it be possible to have , Support Thank you


No other plugin physically changes the file name and folders. If they do that, your site will stop working immediately.

All changes are made using redirects and Hide My Wp does that.

If you follow the settings and add the code in wp-config.php is the plugin asks you then it should work with any WP theme.

If you still get the error even if you follow all the steps from settings, you can share your screen so I can understand where is the issue.

Best, John


Look at this plugin here:https://codecanyon.net/item/hide-my-wp-amazing-security-plugin-for-wordpress/4177158 before saying anything.

Already start by replying by mail, mail sent to “john@wpplugins.tips” at Mon, 16 Jan. 2017 22:22, we have received no replies You do not stop repeating the same phrases. This does not solve the problem We installed wordpress with the template by default, it works, after we buy a template, we no longer have access.So your plugin is not compatible with https://themeforest.net/item/classiera-classified-ads-wordpress-theme/14138208?_ga=1.42525861.1825683248.1484658971

Best regards,


We saw in the log ftp, you are logged on our server And you deleted your plugin, you saw that your plugin does not work with the template here

Do you have a solution ? On the problem Should I ask the model developer something?

Thank you

The code above is correct. I don’t understand the question.


Log on to our site, we have to disable your plugin, so that the plugin works correctly. White Label Wordpress Plugin – Alter

After enabling Hidemywp plugin its stopped redirecting otherwise it is working fine.”

Best Regards,

I sent you an email with a reply

Presales question – I am using woocommerce, would this plugin be able to hide all mentions of woocommerce on page source ? How about external urls being called by a javascript ?


We are using Hide My Wp with Wp Rocket on wpplugins.tips and we have woocommerce installed. You can check the website before you buy.

Best, John

Hello, I have not managed to get into the details of your plugin yet. I will do soon. but I have seen you are promoting another solution : sucuri. Can you please explain in details what is doing what. I am now confused about your solution against Sucuri. thanks

Our plugin works well with their solutions. It’s just a recommended plugin.

Best, John