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Can this extension work with a component like DJClassifieds?

sent you a mail

It was noted that the date of the last update was 7 October. There must be a mistake. When was Hide my Joomla upgraded ? Thank you

There is no need for an update as there are no changes and it supports the last version of Joomla!, as soon as there is an issue/update/feature I will provide an update. There might be coming a great new optimisation soon, I can’t promise when because it is complex.

Thanks for your quick response. A new optimization ? Interesting !

Are you inspired by the Hide My WP plugin’s features to make Hide My Joomla ?


basil5 Purchased

hi i have problem after install my admin screen is blank please help my i cant access my site admin


basil5 Purchased

the email not come, can you send again please

I’ve sent it to webking-@yahoo.- but if you can’t see it go to the support tab and checkout the FAQ of this plugin. : https://codecanyon.net/item/hide-my-joomla-hide-your-source-links/8988449/support

and follow the easy simple step


basil5 Purchased

ok thank you i will do it and if i have problem i tell you, fast support! if work no problem i give 5 stars

Also I am interested if this extension works with a component like DJClassifieds?

sorry for the late reply, I have never seen an issue with some kind of component. If you have an issue I will of course help you

Hi Does it support all versions of Joomla? including the latest one, 3.7.2? + is it compatible with all joomla components/plugins/modules? + Does it affect on SEO? + If we use it after a website is created, is it OK to use it? Google wouldn’t mind? thanks.

Yes it is working with the latest versions of Joomla

Hi ,

I just bought your product… When installing all the template breaks… All style css losing a format.

replied on your email.

The first thing I would say about this component (THIS IS MY BEST PURCHASE ON THEME FOREST!!!!!)

I do not like CMS as WP or JOOMLA evrywere you see on source code JOOMLA GENERATOR JOOMLA WP WP WO /templates/blablabla/style.css because they leave footprint is all the side and manually takes hours and days to remove them and many failures appear. As you all know.

Thanks to (Yusuf ) he continued to solve it and always answered the emails … You have to understand there are many platforms and templates where this component can not function at 100% because it is not easy make a standart for all JOOMLA FRAMEWORKS.

If you do web professionally and want to remove stupid comments from the handymans who tell you always (IF IT IS JOOMLA is easy to create web bla bla).I recommend using this component!

thanks for your comment. I am glad that you like it !