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Hello Gentlemen, I have one question today:

What does this mean in the Generator settings?

Option to select between the Default Constructor class or Get and Set Class

I have tried both but cannot tell what I am supposed to do with “Get and Set Class”

Thank you!

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. It’s just different ways you can create objects for your class either using a single contructor or using get and set which are common to other OOP language. Both work fine, it depends on your choice.

@hezecom, @xemmex – its almost year since I purchased this very useful script. But it seems it’s still missing relational data between tables & image/file upload features. Is there any chance you will include these features in near future (not more than month/two)? Thanks & best wishes

thanks, any specific timeline?

hello again, 1) How to generate code for form/actions based on POST instead of GET mechanism? If Not supported, please let me know how to achieve it (small sample). 2.) How to enhance security to hide primary key from URLs?

1. You can always change your form action, but it’s already POST. check it in your view/Add.php 2. You can use any encoding format to hide your primary key on your url. Try url_encode. Check only for more url encoding format.

Hello, Is it possible to import a large csv file?, each row of the file have many colomns, is it possible to import all this and create unique static or dynamique page for each row with all the colomns info in each row on the generated static or dynamic page?

Yes! But also depend on your server execution time. You might need to extend server execution time if the csv file is extremely large.

Hello, thank you for you answer, one more question just to make shure i understand, you are saying that I can parse all the information in a row on the page, is it possible after importing everything to search these row’s, ? im trying to build a business directory with phone number, city and addrese.

Yes it is possible.

I can’t generate a table Could you give me a little table to test the generator ?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Here is it make sure your table have PRIMARY KEY and AUTO_INCREMENT. Does that help anyway?

Hi, just purchased and trying to get running. I am having the issue where it is not accepting the username/password for me to login. Should have been user: admin and password: helecom; after several failed attempts I tried to reset the password and it wasnt taking that either saying “Invalid username or password”

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Has it worked now?

Hello, trying to determine if this product is what I need for a project. I run a same day delivery service and I am looking to create an online, password protected system for our clients to view their orders (record level security) and place orders (add records to database) – this is pretty simple but I’m wondering what type of control over pages would I have, is this code that I would place into an existing page and create my own navigation? Also would need to perform calculations on records in related tables to determine cost. Please let me know, thank you for your time.

Hello… i have a problem…. when i register a system user the system registry the password *0xag623bWYXOqY0n52DTeN not $2a$08$9jNNekGLD1HWnt43VWSjy.vIvK3SgCpHigyOoxBX9mk… whats the problem? tks

The new xampp now uses MariaDB instead of MySQL – if I buy your product how will this affect my development?

Yes it will work

Still searching and sorting is for the current page of large data with pagination.

Sort by column only sorts current page data instead it should sort all data like in new footable V3 demo. Can you guide me or incorporate footable V3.

When can I get update with footable v3?.

Hi. thanks for your purchase. I can give a date for now, but I will update it ASAP.

please please update it ASAP before 4th march. I am not able to use your great script without this feature. use of footable v3 makes this highly recommendable. waiting for your quick support before it expires.

Hi hezecom, is it possible to upgrade from version Pro to version Ultimate for a preferred price? regards Tito24

Please contact me at info@hezecom.net

How does one create a drop down box (select box) that is populated from a mysql table. Is ‘ultimate speed app’ capable of creating a CRUD drop down box from values in a mysql table?

Okey I will try and put a primary index key and let you know.

Here are two other errors: 1 – the search box after creating CRUD does not work. Not able to search at all 2 – Unable to create a fileupload on crude even when data from database says it requires upload. I was expecting an upload box to appear.

I am not impressed at all with this product. The Only thing speedy and ultimate about this software is its name and price!. There are just so many things here that simply just do not work. There are too many errors. There is nothing much different from the older versions which I was using. This version the ‘ultimate’ versions is nothing more except for the Bootstrap gimmick. Anything else listed as new in functionality is bogus. They hardly work!!! Most people would only use the basic options and spend labor times doing the rest of the work manually. For the amount of money you are charging and for the big flashy name ultimate speedy, this product does not meet the standards.

1 – Search system, completely does not work, pagination becomes sketchy after 14 pages

2 – There are NO error feed back handlers at all in this software, Just blank pages appear when errors occur, so we are left to trouble shoot errors without any information. For instance if wrong database access information is entered, just a blank page is shown with 400 page.

3 – The user management thing is bogus because there is no email verification or no captcha code protection at user registration form and any one can register accounts without checks. I had spammers register 4700 accounts on my system while I worked, And they altered and deleted so many tables randomly..

4 – Many tables in a database gets missed out and the CRUD views are never created, even if the tables have primary indexes. This happens if the database contains more than 50 tables.

5 – The ability to read the SQL functions like ENUM, Blob, etc is sketchy at best. Sometime it reads them them some does it does not.

6 – There are no user privileges assigned to membership management except for admin and user, so as you advertised, it is implied that there is a usable role privileges system, but tere is none. .

7 – The moment an outsider accesses the setup.php file, they can practically erase and do anything to the database system. since the setup.php is unprotected as well as it keeps cached CRUDE setup information at the server side as well as at user-side. Any one can delete and alter the database. There should be an access prevention to the setup.php file. by creating a login prevention or something

8 – Even if one un-selects tables to prevent from CRUDE views being created, The Tables UN-selected will still appear on the both the admin and public menus, even though the CRUDE views are not there, these generate lots of blank unfound pages. One has to go and manually delete the menu links. Very time consuming.

9 – Several missing files like jquery_knob.js, jquery_slim roll etc are called for and yet missing. Some CRUDEtables are missing css class sections thefore unable to line up properly.

10 – Generate PDO data objects failures on multiple tables etc etc etc. My server errror log file was 9MB due to repeated errors. Please check your server side error logs and fix problems.

11 – the update, edit, view Icons are too small and dont show well on mobile phones. Overlap display on mobile phones inspite of using pre-made responsive bootstrap themes

Please the use of false advertsing names such as ultimate speed is completely misleading because your software instead bogs people down in manually fixing the errors.

PLEASE FIX THIS! Version 2 of hezecom was simple straight to the point and did not contain all these errors.

Hey I have a very weird problem… everything seems work fine with the generator, but every time I try to login is redirected to the login screen again and can not use the system… please help ASAP… thank you!

Nope, take a look to this screen recording. http://cl.ly/100o062r3f0A

is very weird.. seems to be session problem… any help wold be appreciate thanks in advance!!!

This look strange. Please can you try this script on another server.

Hi, we are considering something like your tool to generate a web based application for a current Client server app. The data model is simple, aprox 7 tables, but have some specific questions for this.

1. Will it read our current DB schema to be able to built the forms ?

2. What about Master / detail like invoice/product forms ?

3. I see it has user authentication, can a user has a field like project for example that filters out data after login based on project? if not how easily could this be implemented

4. what about charts and reports ?


Hi, never received an answer, are you still working on the project ?

demo not working? how it is working ? I Don’t know PHP coding, Can I use it with coding knowledge ?

Hi, Thanks for contacting.I have fixed the demo.

Is it practical/possible to have a tabbed form layout so that certain data fields are placed on separate tabs (when there are a lot of fields, it helps the user to see fewer fields at one time.

Hi, this feature is not available, but you can include it yourself after generating your codes if you know how to go about it. Thanks.

Hey can you tell me why is not shown the Generate Code button and when I clicked on View Code menu do not show nothing… https://cl.ly/0f0u0L2G1E12

Hi, please check your database table. make sure your table have PRIMARY_KEY field.

Hi, is there a way to populate a form select dropdown from a table?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Yes! but you will have to do it manually after generating your codes.


Could you please upload a video demo how to create the applications?


Please check the demo here: http://products.hezecom.com/speed3/UltimateSpeed3/ Thanks.


How can I add the table? How can I modify the code? how about the users? can I manage them?

Thank you!

Hi, once you, please go through the documentation on how you can modify the code. You can manage users as seen in the demo.

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

Hi, thanks for your comment. This software is not a wordpress plugin. If you want us to customize it to work with wordpress, please contact us at info@hezecom.com

Friend, how do I support svg files?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Sorry I don’t understand what you mean.