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hello we can use the app in playstore.with all features how much app sorce cost and which sever i want to buy and how much it cost per month plz tell me iam intrest in this app to buy and how much you will cost if i had ask you to setup

Can we make changes on ourselves ??

Yes you can.

100$ karşılığında açık kaynak olarak sahip olabiliyoruz ? Doğru anladım dimi ?

waiting for new update then i can purchase?

There’s no exact time of an update. It’s upto you whether you want to buy it or not.

nice app, the app doesn’t sync automatically with your contact. You have to search and add contacts manually this is not user friendly. Please can i have some customized features ASAP? thanks

kindly reply on my email?

i got this Fatal error: Call to undefined function apache_request_headers() in /home/phonemics/public_html/index.php on line 378

and this service ”/user/update/icon” return exception and other services aren’t work can i give you the host and upload it for us this my email contact me please “orcl.masr@hotmail.com “

It’s up to you to use. I suggest your own server rather than shared hosting. Shared hosting is limited in many cases.

we already using the dedicated server with no lomoted features , but we have many bugs , could you please support us on it , and we had sent you a mail withour reply

I guess the problem is fixed?

can have this app on shared hostingg

can any one who has purchased please send me the app link iwill see it as a demoo to my maill arun143chowdary@gmail.com

Web server with decent specifications means can pleasee telm me detaily

Meaning storage, ram for starter. I recommend going with VPS.