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Hello I am interested in purchasing this app with video and audio chat plugin. Can you please provide me some information about video & audio chat plugin is it your own or its third party library?

It’s third party library. Sinch is providing that service.

Hello, I seem to be having problems with importing SQL, I emailed you some time ago but have not received a reply as of yet.

I haven’t received your mail.

I want this app but i only need it for voice call(app to app-not Sinch) which must work with 2G network connection. Is this possible? Please advice.

Yes you can get only voice call plugin for app to app but obviously you would need Sinch to make it work.

I purchased,

I could not find the Database file & to which purpose you created the google-service.json (FCM)?


Database file is located inside project folder. The purpose of google-service.json file which is downloaded from Firebase Console is to send and receive push notifications.

sinch only allow 2500 minutes FREE per month. correct?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, when I try compile apk with android studio I get this error:

Error:(17, 46) error: package com.nostra13.universalimageloader.core does not exist Error:(18, 46) error: package com.nostra13.universalimageloader.core does not exist Error:(19, 53) error: package com.nostra13.universalimageloader.core.assist does not exist Error:(20, 55) error: package com.nostra13.universalimageloader.core.listener does not exist Error:(37, 5) error: cannot find symbol class ImageLoader

Remove the universal image loader usages from all classes and rebuild the project.

hi, why did not you answer?

I’m waiting for answer

Can you set up the database for me?

Please add a database file to the documentation…..Database Error ?I could not fix it

There’s a database file included in the project files. What error you’re getting? Send me the details with your purchase id so I could help you out there.

where is the demo of video call & link of video call plugin??

Video call plugin is for purchase.

the mean problem in this product, There’s no credit system to sale credit to the customers because you will buy from Sinch

It is for custom work and not included in the product.

The demo not working

I’d look on it.