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hi, in this app, you can’t type in it?

no, we’ve got inspired by an app on the app store where you can send pre-made short messages with just a tap

Hi, What font do you use for your logo? The part that says FV Imagination?

Got it, Many Thanks :-)

you’re welcome, and don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page ;) https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Hey! for Android is on its way, it’ll soon be available in pir Portfolio :)

If possible can you send me some screen shots of the app running with a few friends? Im only able to test this my self but need some screenshots from xcode.

My Email address is andyferriby@hotmail.co.uk

Many Thanks

images change often in google, anyway you may use that image in your project

Do you have a copy anywhere?

we’re off of work for the weekend, you may contact us on next monday by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap

Hello bro, can i customize the text message? peace!

yes of course, in a simple array of Strings in the code, the User Guide explains how to do that

Is there anyway to add phone numbers to the app?

where, in the Sign Up screen? what would you need to do with phone numbers?

Makes it easier to search for users… as lets say you have 1000 people, its easier to search for a user using the mobile number maybe?

the only thing is that phone number must be optional, Apple doesn’t want apps to force users to register their private phone numbers, new EULA terms. You would have to add a textField in the SignUp controller but users should type their number without spaces, then you would have to save their humber in the fullNameLowercase column.

My App has gone live on the app store, downside, I uploaded the wrong version so still has your logo, but dont worry, I have uploaded a new update… think I need more sleep!

and don’t forget to rate Hey here: https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Already have but the app is awaiting review again

ok great ;)

Hey … Thank you for the app.

I have a few questions :-

1) As the above user has already published the app to the app store does that mean that another version if published would be rejected?

2) Is there a way to disable ad mobs entirely from the app?

3) Is there a way to check and rename all references of the word ‘HEY’ for branding purposes?


1) no, just personalize this app with a new name and reskin it
2) check this out: https://youtu.be/e-HQYnta2Jg
3) yes, you can change all the hey! strings, app name, icon, etc.

for number 3 can you point in me in a direction of how to change the entire project to a different name?

The user guide explains how to rename your app, simply change the Display Name in general tab. Also, check the Configs.swift file and change the string of the APP_NAME variable.

Also could do with a way to accpet/ignore a friend request for the app as well…Only a suggestion

No, because you’re still able to block or remove a friend from your list, so that’s enough.

How do we remove the start screen? Just sonit dont shownit

what do you mean with “Just sonit dont shownit”?
You should replace the images in Brand Asset folder with your own ones, or you may remove them, but the splash screen will be black then.

Here’s an idea, why dont you try and add apple watch intergration? So you can reply directly from the watch? Im a watch owner so that would be a great idea

Thanks for your suggest, although we don’t like Apple Watch nor we ever received requests for it. We’ll see in the future.

Just a quick one, I see the updated one now shows up wrong on an iPhone… Can you have a look at the link below of my screen shot running on simulator which is the same as it is on my own iPhone…. This is the same build I uploaded to Apple Store via Xcode 8.0.


Many thanks

in our latest update for Xcode 8.1 (not 8.0, it’s important), we’ve removed the UIViews called contView in the Storyboard, so you must use Xcode 8.1

Super super nice!

I’m thinking to buy this.

Few suggestions/questions:

1.It would be great to have the possibility to send a “hey” and the users to be notified via email.

2.It would be great to have the possibility to invite people to use this app, via email or sms.

3.Do you plan on making an Android version as well?

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your feedback:
1. the purpose of this app is to send push notifications, not email, the feature you mention may be done as an extra customization job, we won’t add it in the original template.
2. good idea, we’ll see what we can do when we’ll be free, right now we’re too busy with other projects to get done.
3. Not yet, because of push notifications not working fine with Parse Push on Android.

Thanks for getting back.

1. I understand this. This extra customization job it’s a tedious and hard one to do?

2. Great, it might be much more engaging. I’m sure about this. It’s a win-win situation.

3. There is no solution to do this? Or you didn’t think about how might be fixed yet?

Other question/suggestion I have:

Can you search through your groups/friends based on locations? Something like a nearby feature? For example, you want to send a “hey” just to nearby friends.

Thank you!

1. It requires some hard custom code to make it happen, plus you would need to buy and setup your own domain and hosting server, something we want to avoid for this app since back4app is free.
2. ;)
3. Not yet
4. Too much work to do with that, you can make your friends list and send heys to all of then in one time, that’s enough for this app ;)

Hi again, I see that you have this feature:

Invite friends by SMS or email.

But I don’t see how it works. Can you give me more details?

Also, is it possible to create few public groups available by default for everyone?


1. it’s the second bar button on the right corner of the NavBar, the bubble with + sign.
2. no, you can create only private groups

Hi! Is there anyway you can add FB integration or help me add it so users can login with FB?

not yet, sorry, the FB sdk is not compatible with back4app yet, we tried but it doesn’t work.


I really like the idea of your app and looking to buying this immediately I have the following answered.

1. I want to use this to send selected messages to just three contacts.

2. Can contact list be limited to a specific number only.

3. Can each contact have its own unique selected messages different from the others.

4. Can admin backend control the number of contacts on the app.

5. Can users set their own custommessages or are all custome messages set by admin in backend.

6. Where can I find demo to backend please.


1. you can create groups of three friends and send a hey! to all of them with a single tap
2. you can set “query.limit = 10” (or any other number) in the home screen so the friends list will show that amount of friends
3. yes, of course, you can send heys to a single user or make a group, please watch the video preview of this template
4. you have access to all users data in your parse database, so you can edit/add/remove any record, including contacts
5. no demo to the backend, we cannot provide it, but you can create a free account on back4app.com, read the Docs and start creating a Parse app and get familiar with the Parse Dashboard by playing around with it.

Thx before I purchase now just two last questions.

1. Do I need the two different versions during purchase or just one for both IOS and Android

2. Can I edit the hey to any other text .


1. You can buy one version first, either iOS or Android, then you can buy the other one if you want and both apps can share the same Parse database by simply entering the same App ID and Client Key strings into Configs file.
2. Yes you can, the User Guide and comments in the code explain how to do that


uzybolt Purchased


Hope your well. This is a great app after downloading however I have 2 issues :

1) when a notification comes – I open app and view the message from friend however when I close the app it doesn’t update the number on the icon to 0

2) when a I send or receive a message on the freinds page it should push the Freind to the top as the most recent convo is with him. Did does not happen?


1. we’ve updated the AppDelegate.swift file 3 days ago so it resets the badge icon after launching the app, have you downloaded the update from your Downloads page?
2. we’re unable to build that feature at the present, sorry


ibizinc Purchased


I have just purchased this app and am facing issues with the following.

1. Push Notifications are not sent, despite following all the steps. The Parse Error Log says.

Thu Mar 09 2017 08:39:44 GMT+0000 (UTC) ERR! Thu Mar 09 2017 08:39:44 GMT+0000 (UTC) cannot find vaild connection for c38c018ed3f1a3e54dXXXXXXXXc836e03b5bfd8f4c5c8d5ca29c

Thu Mar 09 2017 08:39:44 GMT+0000 (UTC) parse-server-push-adapter APNS Thu Mar 09 2017 08:39:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)

2. When I try adding more than 10 Hey messages, the ones from 10 onwards do not get sent. The app just says Sending Heys…

yes, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and send us your XCode console log when the app gets stuck, to see if there’s some error, email us some screenshot as well so we’ll better understand your issue


ibizinc Purchased

Will do this at EOD today. Thanks.

you’re welcome


ibizinc Purchased

Hi – Just a quick question. After adding 20 or more Hey texts the app crashes on scrolling. Also XCode mentions an Index Out of Range error.

I have also made sure that I add the index to the case statement. Is there anywhere else I need to make a change?



ibizinc Purchased

Is there any other place where we have set limits on the number of rows / cases? As I have made the changes in the two places that was suggested.

There’s no limit on number of rows in the code, because the tableView shows as much rows as the items (strings) you’ve set in the heysArray in Configs.swift with return heysArray


ibizinc Purchased

I’ll check the heysArray as well and get back to you. Its strange because I dont face any issues as long as the list has 19 values, the issue only arises once it is more than 20.

Hi there,

Great app and I have been running it for about 4 months successfully however I just went and made some changes to the app, very basic changes too, and when I try to test it again on a phone I get the following error. I have tried everything to fix it…..

dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libswiftCore.dylib Referenced from: /var/containers/Bundle/Application/C62BDE4E-D322-4C20-A945-EC33FB79C5FF/Hey.app/Hey Reason: no suitable image found. Did find: /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/C62BDE4E-D322-4C20-A945-EC33FB79C5FF/Hey.app/Frameworks/libswiftCore.dylib: code signing blocked mmap() of ’/private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/C62BDE4E-D322-4C20-A945-EC33FB79C5FF/Hey.app/Frameworks/libswiftCore.dylib’ (lldb)

Any help would be great.

hi, it seems there’s a missing image somewhere, maybe you assigned an image to a View but such image doesn’t exist. Unfortunately the console log doesn’t say where it is so you have to double check you entire project

Thanks for the quick reply! I have been working on 2 different computers. I just copied the project folder back over to the computer I was originally working on and it worked…. I copied the entire project folder so I shouldn’t have been missing any images…. I thought it may have something to do with the certificate? (code signing blocked mmap() )??

Can I add different sound for notification? I will upload custom voice . thank you

no, it supports only the iOS default sounds for push notifications