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How is this app any different that the 100s of other messaging apps in the Google Play store? What makes this one stand out above all the others? Also, why have you decided to exclude all Android 4.x users who still make up such a large percentage of the market? That I think is a huge mistake.

This app is a different messaging app, it uses predefined hey messages like Yo iOS app, you can send a push notification with just a tap. Search for Yo app on google, that’s where we’ve got inspiration from.
Due to limitations on api and device screen size on older versions of Android, we choose to support Android 5.0+.

Nice Work !! Good Luck with Sales :)


APK is not working – Could you Please check as it is crashing

Sorry, don’t know what to say, we’ve successfully installed the demo APK to our real device running Android 5.0, 5.1 and 6, no crash at all. Maybe your device doesn’t have Google Play Services updated, you may try to install the APK on the Android Emulator, if you want.

Hi, May be I tested in 2 of the Mobiles and In 1 mobile when I click on Sign up it crashed and other One just Crashing when try to open. I think if you Add Splunk or Firebase crash you may find the real reason for the Crash. Anyway i will buy this and Will build to See the Stuff :)

ok sounds good

very nice work :) wish you all the best for your sales !


Congratulations! Good luck with your sales =D


Will I Be able to change the word hey to a different word ?

yes of course, the User Guide attached to the project explains how to do that ;)

If I don’t wanna use parse can I use firebase ?

No, sorry, because this app has been written with Parse iOS SDK, you would have to rewrite almost the entire code to make it works with Firebase.

Is it possible to just turn it into admin question and answer system? Only the administrator will be contacted.

hi, we’ll reply to your email asap

The push notification function is not working for android . And also on sending a message , it displays “Invalid function ” Toast message .. I followed the instructions given in user guide , I.e I generated the senderid and API key and also uploaded the main.js file in cloud code , and I also added the senderid in the appropriate places in the source code..Inspite of that it’s not working ..Please help ..

We would have to check your code out, because surely you’ve missed some step in the Push notification settings. Please contact us by our profile’s contact form.

Hello I will like to know if i can set specific messages to specific friends, how do i do this.

woopy for Android may be available in a month, we’re developeing it, it’s a complex app and it takes time :)

ok any new developments like the patient doctor chat and booking ?

not at the present, we may consider something like this for next year, not sooner.


I am just installing my app and need support with facebook setup. I have followed all the right information as per your guide but unable to locate the keyhash to complete the setup. You said run the emulator and wait for the keyhash to print but where do I find this (CatLog) to copy the print?. Please can you provide me how I can locate and copy this keyhash please.


hi, yes, you just need to run the app, open the Android Monitor tab on the bottom of the Android Studio window and check the Logcat messages until you’ll find the keyhash line, it ends with =

Thks very much got that and one last question. I will like to change the text in the app Friends top right and the menu bar below that says friends. What files do I have to edit please.

The Friends.java file, it contains the string that says “Friends”, you can change it as you wish. then search for “Friends” string in the friends.xml file and replace it as you wish.

hello.. before i buy this script, i want to ask :

1. this code no need hosting and domain right?

2. What if many users are using? Whether future need to use my own VPS?

3. I am still confused, This website www.back4app.com are yours? If not, then later if many who use this app MUST buy hosting there?

4. Short message, how many characters in this message? Is it 140 char like twitter? And whether the short message can be changed according to my wishes?

thanks before

1. no domain nor hosting are needed
2. if you’ll get thousands of users you may need to subscribe for a paid plan on back4app
3. back4app is not mine, it’s a BaaS service as Parse.com was, check that website put, the Docs and Pricing sections for more info 4. you can change the message strings as you wish, but they are pre-defined messages, so user’s don’t have to type them, they choose the pre-defined message wit just a tap, please check the APK or the iOS video preview to see how the app works ;)

its a full app or only a template

full app, code included

Just now i download the apk and when i open its close … cant use

what Android version does your device have? It must be 5.0 or higher.


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Hi! I tried installing the demo .apk, it got installed, but when I start the app, it goes to the launch page with fvimaginaion logo and loading symbol moving about, but it crashes after that. I am using a OnePlus 3T with Android 7.0

hi, please plug your device in the usb port of your computer and run Android Studio to check the Logcat message when the app crashes, or install the Apk on the emulator and see if it works or you get an error message in the Logcat, it will help me to understand your issue. Thanks


Gappu9 Purchased

I get this error “00:54:10 RuntimeException: Unable to locate Android SDK used by project: Hey 00:54:45 Gradle sync started 00:54:48 Gradle sync failed: Could not find method android() for arguments [build_cv9zs34idq32nuri30ai0txbj$_run_closure3@315c48e4] on root project ‘Hey’ of type org.gradle.api.Project. Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log)”

your Android Studio is misding the SDK path, it may happen with AS, check this out: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16581752/android-studio-how-to-change-android-sdk-path


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Hi, What are the Changes in this New Version?

Please check the change log in the app description ;)

Hi ! can you help with reskin and install ? Thank you

hi, i don’t offer publishing service for the Play Store, i can make a reskin job instead, you may contact me by my profile’s contact form and i’ll get back to you with a quotation asap

you’re welcome!


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- beginning of crash 09-06 20:43:29.263 5854-5854/domain.com.hey E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process: domain.com.hey, PID: 5854 java.lang.RuntimeException: Canvas: trying to draw too large(115605504bytes) bitmap.

Found the solution, there’s also a bkg.jpg image into the drawable folder which is really big, so I’ve resized it to 1000×1000px and moved it into the drawable-xxhdpi folder. Now the issue should disappear :) I’m gonna submit an update right now, it should be available in a few days ;)


brondo Purchased

ah! great. will check it out.

it will work ;)


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how do we change the push notification sound?

Not by code, but it depends on the Settings of your device, so if you don’t know where to go just make a search on google about this matter, mentioning your device brand and name, or you can check this out: http://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-change-notification-sound-576677/

Hi¡ i have an error when sign Up, “invalid Field name: has blocked you the error has appeared when I made the translation, thanks¡

Hi, your issue is not so clear to me, sorry, any Logcat message?
Have you translated the app? If yes, in what language?
Are you using your own parse App ID and Client Key?

Hi, yes i using my ID and Client Key, when I am going to register user, it lets me fill in the fields but then it shows me an error of “invalid Field name: has blocked you” i tranlsate the app into spanish lenguage, please can you send me a mail for send you images? thanks¡

you can upload your image to postimage.org and contact me by my profile’s contact form.

please is this a template or a full app

full working app with source code and documentation to configure it. Just download the demo APK to see it in action, that’s how this app works and what you’ll get if you buy it ;)