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Jewelleries does not currently provide support for this item.

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On February 9th the Jewelleries support team sent me the message below. I have followed up almost every other day about this item and they still have not fixed the problem or even replied for that matter. I’m not happy.

On 2/9/14, 5:13 PM, Jewelleries® Support wrote: Ok, hero is now displayed (instead of youtube video we have selected img that you have already defined, because your youtube video must be enabled for embedding, check that option on youtube) But there is another problem, users can’t subscribe because somehow your server won’t load contact-script.php (included with our plugin) You can see this message in right bottom corner (attached image) There is a lot of activated plugins and we won’t to experiment on live site at the moment and explore what can cause this situation. We will provide you more information and look for fix tomorrow (monday) asap developer guys comes to office.

hi there. nice plugin but i have one question before i buy it. it is possible to add for each page a different video ? i have 4 pages, i want to display only on 2 pages… it is possible ?

hi, presale question, is it posiblle put a conrol vlume on / off ?

Failed plugin. potential blown by lack of dedication from devs. It looks inviting to the lover of clean and intuitive web designs like, but the plugin does- not- work. It is broken. Do NOT BUY.


I have just bought your plugin and I am not able to show the hero by inserting the php code in the header.php file.

I have deactivated all other plugins and it still doesn’t show. I habe moved the php code tag from unter </head> into the body directly under the -tag and nothing appears.

I have tried this in 4 different themes (for example TwentySixteen) and it just wont work.

The shortcode which should be used in post/pages will work but I am not willing to add another sidebar and to enable shortcodes in widgets just because your plugin is not correct. Do something quickly!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda

what an unprofessional behaviour!!! No answer, Vimeo videos wont work, php implementation diesn’t work either. Just absolute CRAP!

After 6 days no answer? I want a refund and I am going to report you!