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Hi, can you create a completely separate mobile menu?


The main menu and the mobile menu is one item and can only be used in-conjunction.

Please feel free to ask more questions if needed.

Kind Regards, Gideon


Please have a look at our Documentation section for answers. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, please Submit a Ticket for quick turnaround support.


Have a great day :)

Kind Regards

Hi. I am thinking of using this plugin on a very customized theme I’m developing and that has very specific demands for the menu, hence I’m looking for a more robust menu solution and this one looks awesome :)

I know some of the questions I’m asking can be done through CSS/HTML, but I’d like to confirm with you whether this would be the case or, and more importantly, if it would be done with the menus generated by the plugin.

1) Can I create more than one menu? I need one of them at the footer, for instance.

2) Can I have a mega menu inside another mega menu?

3) Is it possible to have the mobile menu use only drop down and the normal menu use the mega menu?

4) Is the menu added to the page when it is loaded as HTML or is it loaded through AJAX or some JS call?

5) Is it possible to use a dynamic list of posts on the mega menu? Let’s say the 5 most recent ones instead of a fixed list? How? I’m thinking also to add somehow some related posts. I don’t mind creating the code to generating the posts, but I am not sure there would be a way to plug them into the menu.

6) My designed menu is one that does not take the whole screen width and is a few pixels off the top too. Is that possible? Along with that, the logo has a height bigger than the height of the menu. Is that something easily done with the plugin or will some CSS customization be needed?

7) In a more generic sense, is it possible to add classes to specific pieces of the menu or even extra HTML that may be needed to follow my menu design?

8 ) I would like to have different colors for different levels of the drop down, is it possible through the configuration or through some extra CSS?

9) Still on the drop down, is it possible to make it only close after a click outside the them or if ESC is pressed? I see people getting irritated when the menu disappears because their mouse moved outside the menu unintentionally :/

Thank you so very much for the answers you can provide :)


Hi Marvila

It looks like you need quite a custom menu and some of the requirements could be achieved with Hero Menu but unfortunately it wouldn’t be able to cater for all of your needs. I’ll break down the answers to each of your points.

1 – Yes, multiple menus can be created and their shortcodes used on the same page.

2 – This would not be possible, mega menus cannot be nested within each other.

3 – An option is provided to hide mega menu parent links from the mobile menu but not the other way around for standard dropdowns so this would require custom CSS to show/hide the appropriate parent links.

4 – The menu HTML is added on load but it does till rely on its javascript files to be loaded and executed for its display and functionality.

5 – The post element would by default show the latest few posts of a category rather than a specific selection of posts. Unfortunately though it does not have any sort of related posts feature so this would not be possible.

6 – The plugin would allow for width customization but not its positioning from the top of the page so it would rely on your HTML to position it but in essence could have some CSS to add margining/padding/top to adjust its position. The logo however is limited to the height of the menu bar so it would need custom CSS to adjust that.

7 – Custom CSS classes can be added to each navigation link but not to other elements in the menu. However custom HTML could only be added to the HTML element which can be added to a column of a mega menu but the plugin does not allow for custom HTML to be added for other sections.

8 – This is not a default feature as it would be a global setting so it would require custom CSS to change the color of each item individually.

9 – Unfortunately no, the dropdowns only work via a hover effect and not a click or button press.

I hope this helps clear up a few things, please let me know if you have any question.

Regards, Milos

Thanks a lot, Milos!

Pre-Sale Question – I have a WP/BuddyPress website. Can I show certain elements in the menu when logged in and others functions when logged-out? Also I see Google Map, Can we embed Vimeo’s video instead? Thank you :)

Hi Jf

The menu does support user roles for the navigation so nav items can be displayed/hidden based on the users role however not other elements i.e. logo or social media icons. Videos can definitely be embeded into a mega menu .

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Regards, Milos

Pre sale question… is posible hide the menu just on mobiles? Thanks


The mobile menu and the desktop menu will always work in-conjunction with each other and can not be switched off on mobile.

Please feel free to ask more questions, we’ll gladly answer.

Kind Regards, Gideon

Hello i want to buy your product, but before i have a question : I saw you can create several menus with differents design, my question is how to add the differents menus to the differents pages for each one ? Thanks by advance

Hi Brth

Using a menu shortcode and some PHP should do the trick for you but unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to use the ‘Page Specific Menu Items’ plugin as this works through the WordPress menu creator whereas Hero Menu is independent from this.

Regards, Milos


Brth Purchased

Thanks for you reply ok so if i buy the plugin, you will help me with the support to install the menu on the pages ? Thanks

Hi, Yes we’ll certainly help you with setting it up;)

Please send us a support ticket when you are ready. http://heroplugins.com/product/hero-menu/documentation/?section=submit_ticket

Kind Regards, Gideon

where can I see the demo site with the menu on left side? is it possible to have the left menu as sticky, so when you scroll up and down the menu doesnt move.

Hi Excelmicro

Just to clear things up are you referring to having the menu left aligned in the horizontal menu bar as in our current demo site? The navigation section can be moved between the left, center and right sections of the horizontal bar. However if you’re referring to a left vertical menu unfortunately this would not be possible as the plugin does not support vertical menus.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Milos

Hi, is it possible to override a CSS class or id to use a custom font (Typekit)?


Yes this is possible to add a custom typekit font.

We would recommend adding the custom css and font files to a child theme.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to chat to us via our support line.


Kind Regards, Gideon

You can also add a custom font in the following way.

Custom styling/CSS changes such as font can be added in to the ‘Advanced’ tab of the menu settings. You would first need to have your Typekit font added and available for use on the site and can then include the required CSS customization.

Kind Regards, Gideon


fearcoka Purchased

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to make the sticky menu the primary menu instead of the current one that appears above it.


fearcoka Purchased

If i put the menu full width, it goes to the right side and goes vertical :/


The sticky menu can not be set as the primary, but you can try and style them similar.

It also seems like there might be some interference from your theme or another plugin if your menu goes to the right and vertical. Please send us a support ticket and we can quickly have a look on Monday. http://heroplugins.com/product/hero-menu/documentation/?section=submit_ticket

Kind Regards, Gideon

URGENT PURCHASE QUESTION…Does this plugin has the animated horizontal dropdown menu effect similar to this one https://codecanyon.net/item/animated-horizontal-dropdown-menu/3584222


Thank you for getting in touch. We only support normal tree/list drop-downs and mega-menus. Unfortunately this would not be possible.

Kind Regards, Gideon

I cant configure the demo to be sticky on my smartphone, how can I do it, I need to previsualize it.

Hi Dibecsa

The sticky menu for mobile is by default disabled in order to prevent any scrolling issues with the ‘fixed’ element property. We have a more detailed explanation in our FAQ section if you’d like to take a look along with some CSS on how it can be enabled.


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Milos

Dear Developer,

2 question before buying:

1. It is compatible with enfold menu, easy to integrate?

2. Left social icon, right normal search wp box and center menu, above logo, this is my cause to buy it, It can be by plugin?

in visual: http://imgur.com/a/ekTDu



Hi Baldan

1 – The plugin can be used with Enfold and we have an integration guide in our documentation that I’ve included a link to below but if you do need any assistance please feel free to submit a support ticket and we’d be happy to help.


2 – Unfortunately though the menu structure cannot be split over two rows with the plugin so in order to achieve a layout like this your logo would need to be added in through another means to appear above the menu. The menu bar however can then be configured with the left, center and right sections.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Regards, Milos

Do you have any video tutorials or demos (on YouTube or other)?

Hi Hlmedia

Unfortunately we do not have any video guides and only have our written documentation available at the below link.


Regards, Milos

Hi, my theme already has a menu style feature. Will yours overwrites it? Or can I keep my theme style and just uses your plugin advanced features? Thank you.

Nice :-D And about these two plugins: https://wordpress.org/plugins/nav-menu-roles/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/conditional-menus/

Do you know tell me if they work with your plugin? Thank you! ;-)

Does this plugin have dropdown transitions? Where can I see them? Tks.

Hi Diegpl

The plugins you mentioned would unfortunately not be compatible with HeroMenu. However HeroMenu has a built in user-role selector for each menu item.

Currently HeroMenu has one transition affect for menus.

Regards HeroPlugins Support

Why doesn’t support ticket lead to something besides your email sign up.? I just bought this and set it up. I tried 3 different ways to integrate the menu and it crashes the site. I went to submit a ticket and it goes to your EMPTY web page. http://heroplugins.com/support/ I can only sign up for email here. Is that what you call support? I’m not impressed with this.

Milos_Krstic Author Team

Hi Robsolidus

Sorry for any confusion! From the support page you’d need to first just click the product link you require the support for which would then direct you to the documentation section for that product and the ticket from. I’ve included the direct link to the form for you below, please just provide us with the WordPress and FTP login info for the site and we’d be happy to take a look at the integration for you.


Regards, Milos


I have installed Hero Menu, activated it but it seem not to be working. I am unable to add categories the way it is stated in your documentation. I have also visited your website for support but your support page seem not to be working.

Please ho do I get support so I can show you problem I am facing and you can provide support?

The Menu has not being useful since I purchased it.



Milos_Krstic Author Team

Hi Osamede147

I’d be happy to take a look and help you with this, I’ve included a link to the support for for you below. Please just note that with any category it must not be empty in order for it to be available to use in the menu so you would need to have at least one published post assigned to a category.


Regards, Milos

Hi, I have been using your plugin for a while now and I love it. I would like to keep using it and put my company’s phone number to the right of the menu. Ideally I’d like to do this using the Layout and Order section of the Layout editor of the menu. So far, the only options are Logo, Menu, Search, Social, and WooCart. If it was possible to put text or HTML directly into a box and have it be another option, that’d be great. Just a note to find out if that’s on the feature list coming up. Thank you!


Milos_Krstic Author Team

Hi Clare12345

Unfortunately the main menu bar does not have a custom text section so the only way to include it here would be as a link in the navigation section. Alternatively though the eyebrow menu does provide a section for some text so this could be an option to have the phone number appear above the main menu bar.

Reagrds, Milos