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Beautiful work! Considering this for a few DIVI sites we have – which I see in other questions can be accomplished. My question is – how much can the Mobile version be customized? I did not see a lot of reference in the DEMO – curious if the logo could be centered if needed – sized – change icon on trigger – that kind of thing. Thanks!


Thank you for the kind words. The mobile menu can not be changed much via our Settings Panel. Changes can however be done with some custom CSS from your side.

Please let us know if you any other question, or need assistance with integration.

Kind Regards, Gideon


Please have a look at our Documentation section for answers. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, please Submit a Ticket for quick turnaround support.


Have a great day :)

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I don’t see dashboard and menus but only documentation and heroplugins.com

Hi It seems like there might be some interference from your server or another plugin. Please send us a support email and we’ll quickly take a look. http://heroplugins.com/product/hero-menu/documentation/?section=submit_ticket Kind Regards, Gideon

ok, Thank you


First of all I would love to thank you for such a beautiful plugin you have made with enhanced design.

I have tried the demo but then I noticed you missed a single detail that could help a lot of users which is :

- Changing the color of social headings when the sticky menu is activated.

I found a simple trick in CSS to do so but it would be great for users to control that element over the next versions.

A client has used that plugin, if you’re interested in more feedbacks, I could give more to help you develop plugin’s ideas with minimum costs, some discounts wouldn’t be refused.

Nice work guys !

Hi Thank you for your message. We already supply clients with this type of service and code. Thank you, Gideon

Can I have multiple looks on the same site. As example, a black header/menu on some pages and a white header/menu on some pages; or a transparent header/menu on some pages and an opaque header/menu on other pages?


Milos_Krstic Author Team

Hi olidax

Unfortunately no, I’m afraid its not possible to style a menu differently based on the page its being displayed on with Hero Menu. The only way to achieve this would be to create multiple menus, each styled differently, and then integrate each shortcode into your header through a check to detect which page which menu should be displayed on.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Regards, Milos