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Hi, I need to add wpml language selector to the hero menu it is possible? If yes please let me know how to do it. Thanks again

Hi music-and-sales,

Currently, Hero Menu does not support WPML.

Kind Regards, Carl

Hi, just purchased the Hero Menu but cannot find anywhere to post a support ticket at http://heroplugins.com/support/

okay, found it


shredi Purchased

hi How can i set a mega menu to always visible, i want to use it in the middle of a site so it must be always visible

Regards jürgen

Hi. Unfortunately there is no setting to allow this. This can only be done with custom CSS. Kind Regards, Gideon

Hi, I’ve purchased your plugin, it’s very beautiful. Under the page title there is a yellow line, how can I remove it?

This is the page http://www.iedile.it/piattaforma/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/example.jpg

Thank you so much


It looks like there’s some sort of interference from another plugin, or your theme. Please send us a support ticket and we’ll gladly have a look.

Kind Regards, Gideon


Please have a look at our Documentation section for answers. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, please Submit a Ticket for quick turnaround support.


Have a great day :)

Kind Regards

What is GPL licence meaning? and is this plugin for multiple websites?

Hi. It means that you have to buy one license per website that you use it with. Hope this answers your question. Kind Regards, Gideon

Hi. I need to know if I can make a hamburguer megamenu like this demo: https://goo.gl/VYgxqS with Hero Menu

Hi GrupoTure

Unfortunately this would not be possible with Hero Menu as the megamenu drop downs and mobile menu function differently to this example. You can preview a demo of the menu at the below link:


Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Regards, Milos

Hey! Will it add an extra header or it will modify theme header and nav bar?

Hi anik_ahmed01

Hero Menu could be used to replace your current theme menu or if used with the shortcode can also add in another menu to the header. Some integration would be required depending on your theme and header structure however with both cases.

Regards. Milos


IMSware Purchased

Greetings, since the last update(s) of our theme “BeTheme” we´ve some trouble with the menu system. My question: is this a known problem (reported by someone else, for example)?

I´m out of support for my two licenses, so if no, I´d renew support :-)


IMSware Purchased

Great, I´ll do so…


IMSware Purchased

Great, works again, thanks to your support (ordered once again…just to be sportingly). If you want to see Hero Menu in action with BeTheme, have a look to https://www.imsware.de

Thank you the compliments and well done on a great looking site! See you soon! ;)

I’m looking to get this kind of menu for my website but after checking the demo, it’s certainly not responsive. When window is minimized it hides everything except “Home” and “Dropdown” where’s the rest of the menu? like demo1 and demo2 and so on.


Is this a error maybe?

Best Regards John

Hi jawnystyff

This was intended for the demo as a mega menu item can be hidden from appearing on the mobile menu. I’ve gone ahead and just changed this for you so that you can view these links on the mobile menu.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Milos


serafus Purchased

Absolutely love this plugin. Great work. Well worth every penny. The best menu plugin out there without question and I’ve tried many of them.

Somehow the word “menu” is showing up behind my logo on the mobile version… any quick ideas on why that would happen?

Again, great job on an amazing design.


Milos_Krstic Author Team

Hi serafus

Thanks for the great compliment!

This title for the mobile menu can be removed from the ‘Settings > Responsive’ tab, however it definitely shouldn’t be displaying behind the logo. Feel free to send us a support ticket I’d be happy to double check for you. If your support is no longer valid just select the ‘not purchased’ option and include your purchase code in the message body.


Regards, Milos