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rrdr Purchased

Can you please tell me what folder I can find the map data. I need to reinstall this plugin due to conflicts with and updated theme. I dont want to lose all the maps I created. Can you please tell me what folder to save via ftp before deleting and reinstalling this plugin. thank you.

Hi rrdr

Map data is stored within the ‘hmapsprem_default_storage_table’ within the site database and not in any of the plugin folders so backup the plugin files would not save this for you. The best option would be to run the map export directly from the plugin backend for each map so that you can re-import after the re-install or to also backup the plugin tables within the database in order to keep all of your data.

I hope that helps!

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DERYK68 Purchased

The search in the backend is not working while the search in the frontend works pretty well – what’s the problem ???


I’ve sent through a reply to your support ticket regarding this query, please let me know if you’ve not received it.

Regards, Milos

Can I call hmapsprem function from php code ?

Hi webspilka

The best option would be to trigger the menu short code with the ‘do_shortcode’ function i.e.

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[hmapsprem id=1]’); ?>

Please let me know if you have any further queries.

Regards, Milos

Very interested in buying this. However, I’ve got one question. When I click on an icon in the demo version, the map scrolls in very closely. That’s actually not what I want, I don’t want the map to zoom or move at all when I click on an icon. Is that possible with this plugin?

For my project I need to show about 30-50 projects on the world map. When I click on the project I want to have a title, description and button displayed. Therefore the zoom or location of the map shouldn’t change when I click on an icon.

Furthermore, how do I insert text/code in the popup boxes that show up when you click on an icon? I would like to show a button there so would have to add some html code.


Milos_Krstic Author Team


With the marker click there is a setting to set the zoom level for this within the map options, but cannot be disabled completely, so you would be able to set the marker click zoom level to match the current zoom level of the map in order to not have the effect be visible. However the map itself would still reposition to center on the currently clicked on marker but would reset when the info window is closed.

For the marker info window, this is edited when adding in a marker to the map and you would be able to add in some custom HTML.

If you’d like to preview and take a look at a demo of the plugin please let me know and I’d be happy to set this up for you.

Regards, Milos