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1. Do you have any demo site that i could try? 2. How many markers it could handle? I have 10000 markers to put on. 3. Can i have a descriptions for each polygons/polylines that was added? It is on the same table as the markers? 4. It is possible to have additional category to filter? Like a restaurants categorized as fastfood/bar/wedding/etc.?


Hi Ivandgreat

Thanks for contacting us!

1 – We can definitely set up a demo site for you to test the plugin on. If you could please send through a support ticket with this request we can then provide you with the details. http://heroplugins.com/product/maps/documentation/?section=submit_ticket

2 – There is no limit to the amount of markers that can be added however high amounts such as this could potentially increase the load time of the map.

3 – Unfortunately no, text or any other info cannot be added to the lines and shapes drawn on the map.

4 – A marker can only be assigned to one category so it would not be possible to create this sort of filter system with Hero Maps.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Regards, Milos

Is there a set of javascript functions/methods and events that are “public” that would allow control of the map programmatically?

Hi Dpassudetti

Unfortunately from our end no there is not. However the map is created using the Google Maps API so in essence the functionality provided by this is still open and you should be able to make us of this, it would all just depend on what needs to be achieved though.

Regards, Milos

Hmm…After I run my website thru Cloudflare plugin is not working. Can’t see map…any ideas how to fix it?


Please send us a support ticket and we’ll take a look for you Monday morning.


Kind Regards, Gideon


I have one question before buy this plugin. I need to make map something like this: http://browarkingpin.pl/en/#/availability . So we have 3 categories “pub”, “store”, “wholesaler”. By clicking to category name you can show or hide markers with this category. Also there is search input “enter city”. And for example if You write “Warsaw” there will by show only markers around this city. I need this in my city. Search by city and possibility to hide and show markers with category. Is this possible with your plugin?

Thx, Lucas

Hi Manx89

With Hero Maps you’d be able to assign one category for a marker and the category selector on the frontend can either be displayed with a dropdown system which would show only the selected category markers or by tabs which would show and hide the markers of a category when clicked. However when selecting the category the map would not automatically move to this location as in the example and unfortunately this would not work with the search either and you wouldn’t be able to center the map based on the search result. Please also just note that the search function is only a Google Places search and won’t search through the custom markers you’ve added.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Milos

Hello, can I use this plugin to create a map with a lot of address (more than 100) without use Google API?.

Hi Bonight

The map created will always use the Google Maps API so its not possible to create a map through another means with the plugin. However adding in locations does not require using the API, it can either be done by manually by placing down markers or through importing a CSV file of locations. The number of markers is not limited however the amount of markers could increase the load time of the map.

I do hope I’ve not misunderstood, please let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Milos

Hello guys, I am using the info windows actively, and have the problem that the info window is loaded out of the map’s frame, sometimes. Even though there is enough free space within the frame. For example this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2feYUB0C2GNemVBS21kT0NxUzA/view?usp=sharing . But at another time it can open the same info window correctly, withing the map’s frame. How can I/we solve it?

Hi Antonvarious

The info window positioning does just depend on the size and length of the content within which is why some windows could go out of bounds as when the marker is clicked it will always be positioned in the center of the map area. One solution could be to either increase the map height or we could add in some CSS to limit the height of the info window to prevent it from opening further up outside of the map.

If you’d like to send through a support ticket, we’d be happy to take a look at these solutions.


Regards, Milos

1) is it your map will appear like this? http://preview.themeforest.net/item/directory-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/10480929?_ga=1.53473512.1574452451.1485994024

2) If at post we put several pin at map that we put at post, is it that pin will also appear maps that we put at homepage?

3) Is it the map we put at post can appear only appear that we want? For example we put pin texas restaurant at that map and other pin didn’t show. Can?

4) Can map at homepage filter the the pin category like restaurant. accommodation, school?

Hi Mywazzup

1 – Hero Maps does provide the same features as in this example and could not be used to re-create this functionality. You can take a look at our demo site here – http://plugins.heroplugins.com/demo/hero-maps-premium/

2 – I hope I’ve understood correctly here, if the same map us used in a post and on the homepage then all the same markers would appear. Markers cannot be shown or hidden based on the current page.

3 – Map markers can only be shown and hidden based on category. So if pin A is in one category and pin B in another the category controls would display each accordingly.

4 – Markers can be assigned to only 1 category and you’d be able to either use a dropdown or tab system to display categories, however this would not be a multiple filter system so a pin could not be filtered based on 2 or more categories.

Regards, Milos

1) why at your demo, when we click at pin, didn’t appear image thumbnail at preview info box?

2) So if we already create map A to combine all the map that we put at post B, C, D etc? Is it when put put map B specific at post B, is it pin at map A will appear the same at map B?

3) Can select two category to appear at same time at certain post?

4) so when we unselect category restaurant, school, etc so the pin didn’t remove?

Hi Mywazzup

1 – The marker info windows can be disabled or enabled per each marker, you’ll find a map example with this enabled further down the page from the map below the ‘MARKER GROUPS’ heading. Images can be added to an info window with some HTML however our demo does not contain any.

2 – I don’t think I’ve understood the query correctly but I’ll try to explain the map structure in the plugin. Each map created with Hero Maps is individual and has its own markers and settings and the same map can be placed on any page or post with its shortcode and will always appear the same. Multiple maps on the same page can be added and each map would have its own settings and markers but maps cannot be combined or merged in any way and changes on one map will not affect another.

3 – If you are using the tab system for marker categories then two categories can be shown at the same time when the page loads with the other category markers hidden. This cannot be done with the dropdown system.

4 – If the tab system is used for marker categories clicking a certain tab would show or hide all the markers in that category and not affect other categories however with the dropdown system only the selected category would be shown and all the others hidden.

I hope this helps. I’d be happy to create a demo site for you to test the plugin if you’d like to have a look, please just send us a support ticket and we can then send the demo access details.


Regards, Milos

Can I input radius around a map location with this plugin? I can currently do this on my own with “Google My Maps”. I do this by using this website: https://www.freemaptools.com/radius-around-point.htm to create a KML file and then import it into a map I have created with “Google My Maps”.

Hi Brookebot

The plugin supports the drawing of shapes directly on the map so with the circle tool you could draw a circle as a radius around a marker. The shapes however cannot be interacted with so you wouldn’t be able to have any sort of event or interaction for them and specifically with the circle tool it does not offer controls for setting the radius value as in the example so you’d have to manually control its size.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Milos


Can we create maps ( with markers, polygons, etc..) on mobile telephone?

I do not ask responsive feature of maps.

The question;

Can I create maps when I am using mobile telephone, not on desktop.

Hi Zafercelik

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Unfortunately though this wouldn’t be possible, the plugin backend was not created with this in mind and placement of markers is done by dragging and dropping them into position. Although shapes could be drawn but it could be a little difficult on a touch interface.

I hope this helps!

Regards, Milos

Hi Milos,

Thanks for answers.

It would be better if maps could be created on mobile.



I need a maps plugin, that can zoom on certain areas on button click. I need to have the Shops list across the whole country, so people would press on their town button for example Berlin, and the map would zoom in to berlin, and show all shops there that sell our product.

Can this plugin to that?


Hi Andreirkv

Unfortunately Hero Maps does not have this functionality and it would not be possible to achieve. The map zooms in only on markers and not regions. Markers also cannot be listed outside of the map in order to click and activate their location on the map.

I hope this helps clear things up, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Regards, Milos

Hello, pre-sales question, is it possible to change the position of the infowindow in that way that the infowindows covers the marker? Thank you for an answer Torsten

Hi slash77

Unfortunately no, its not possible to change the position of the info window in any way.

Regards, Milos

Thank you for answering.

Only a pleasure!


saintp Purchased

BUG – on mobile, if there is an image thumb included in a marker’s info box AND if you have the search box enabled (which appears only in the top left), then when a user taps on the marker, part of the modal box appears behind the search box, which is really annoying, esp when a map has numerous markers.


Please send us a support email and we’ll help you with a line of custom css to include in the plugin to avoid this from happening. We’ll also run some tests on our side so long.


Kind Regards, Gideon


Gulle Purchased


it is not possible to search a location while creating a new map.

Chrome Developer Tools shows this error:

You have exceeded your daily request quota for this API. For more information on usage limits and the Google Maps Javascript API services please see: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/usage.

The Problem is generated from this call:


It took me some time to figure out, that the api key is located in the plugins file: hmapsprem/views/maps/js/view.core.js

Is it possible, that you need to upgrade your quota for this key? How can i use my own key instead withour changing the core file?


Hi Gulle

Yes, it is possible to add your own API key. If you create a map, you will be able to insert your API key on the first tab “Setup”. Once saved, you can re-enter the map and your key will be used to load the map. Our default key is merely used to load the initial map. We will look into extending our license.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Regards, Brett.


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please, help. frontend search dont work! On mobile devices the map looks strange! ((( help!!!


It might be that there are some interference from your theme or another plugin, but we’ll gladly take a look at it for you if you send us a support ticket.


Kind Regards, Gideon


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hi, i’m send to U two support tickets. and waiting more than two days(


Milos_Krstic Author Team


Please could you let us know the ticket number you’ve received so that we can follow up on this for you.

Regards, Milos

Can I used this map in widget area? Does it compatible with template The 7 from dream theme?