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aloha24 Purchased

Hi. I need to disable a licence to a website to change for another website. But I removed the the first website and host Can you help me to reload the licence to the new website?


aloha24 Purchased

hello!! Is it possible to reset the licence if I delete the old website?


aloha24 Purchased

hello!! Is it possible to reset the licence if I delete the old website?

Hi, awesome plugin, only one thing, there is a problem with it’s display on mobile devices. The icon doesn’t resize, hence the text breaks and shows outside the box. so 1) Is there a way we could make it resize on mobile devices and show text next to the icon? 2) If not, can I disable the icon from displaying on mobile devices? Or both mobile and desktop?

i enable :“Don’t show on screens smaller than” 500px but it still showing at mobile. can you help fixed this?


cmisak Purchased

Awesome Plugin!

Can you IM me? I’d like to show you a custom Add-On I built for your plugin that is a nice enhancement. No longer “fake” data. I’m feeding real submissions for names and values into the DB field you use from gravity form submissions. Has a nice UI/UX – but has broken with the latest update. Would like to discuss giving you the code so I don’t have to maintain it and it can become a core feature.


mkqp Purchased

Sorry, but this plugin is not working. I installed and configure it. And it is not working. What can I do to get it work? Magic? :)

Greetings, Michael

where is the installation guide ??? I have downloaded the plugin, but i dont find the Zip file to install. Thank you

Is this working with WPML ?

Hey i got some problem with your Plugin.

I reinstall my wordpress and i tried to install Herd Effect but when i try to activated come this message ( Purchase code is already activated for website ) can you help me please

Changing settings and updating does not reflect in the actual website. I cannot get any changes to show, despite clearing browser cache etc.

Will this work with Wordpress? If yes do you have install instructions available for installing on Wordpress?

Hi – Will this work when embedding an iframed page (Clickfunnels) to be displayed? I other words, will this display over top of the iframed page?

Hi I bought the plugin with license for https://www.matta.surf but i do an new website (same domain) but i cant activate my license can you help me please Thanks

Hello. Try activate again

Hello, is it easily installable ? I have a virtuemart eshop. Thank you for your informations.

Hello. It’s a plugin for Wordpress


r0bnhood Purchased

Can this product be customized to say

[name] from [place] has just purchased [product name]


Yes, you can

Hi, I would like to ask few question before I made purchase. -> Herd Effect

Would like to ask if the plugin works for zencart? I am not a programmer and my knowledge for coding is rather limited, so will it be hard to integrate into zencart?

Looking forward for your reply. Thank you!

Sorry, but no


bjaynes Purchased

Can this plugin be modified/customized to integrate with wix code and the wix store?


r0bnhood Purchased

Hello, I love your plugins!

I have both Countdown Timer & Herd Effect.

I was wondering if there was a way (perhaps you could add it) so that the countdown timer & herd effect integrate.

For example a page with a “15 Places Left” countdown would then pop up with a Herd Effect notification every time the countdown timer reduced.

This would be an amazing feature and really set your product apart from the competitors, it would also help you upsell both your products.

If this is in any way possible please let me know!


Hello. This is a very interesting proposal. We will do it