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g4joe Purchased

Hello – I’ve just received an update to Helpie – thank you !

Could you please provide instructions for installing the update ?



g4joe Purchased

Thanks – I updated by deleting the old version and re-installing – now I can’t see any of the pages I created ?. I can see them in the back end but not on the site I published them to. Any ideas ?

That’s strange. Can you contact us via support@pauple.com please?

Hello, Recently, I have this code which is displayed in the “insight” menu of the plugin: helpie_insights_nonce in /home/xxxxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/helpie/admin/class-helpie-admin.php on line 131

Hi parlamer,

Sorry for the trouble. We checked and fixed it. We will release this in our upcoming release which is scheduled to be Tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.


OK. Good :)


Our latest version V1.4.3 has been released. Your issue has been fixed. Kindly update the Plugin and let us know if you are still facing any issues.


I just had a look at the demo on mobile (Chrome on Android) and noticed that there is a lot of margin or padding to the sides of the text. Is this how it’s supposed to look? Can the padding be changed to be a lot smaller? If I run Divi can I use the Divi builder when editing a page from the backend? Is there a way to test the frontend editor before I buy?

1. Do you mean the padding in the main page? I don’t get exactly which one are you talking about. Can you please send me a screenshot of what you are exactly seeing to support@pauple.com?

2. This week we have a big release where we are integrating parts of Helpie with Elementor (page builder). Divi and VC are scheduled for next releases.

3. Front-end editing works fine in the live. We are including it in the demo. It will be ready in two or three days. I will notify you once it’s ready in the demo.


We have included the front-end editor in our demo. You can try it in our demo now.


HI there and many thanks for creating Helpie,

I’m training to implement it with my intranet and come across a question – once i will embed helpie anywhere on the website, whilst interacting with any function i am being taken to a helpie style portal. This takes away my typical layout and even css is overwritten. I am just looking for a way to do a seamless integration. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks, Michal


Thank you for buying out Helpie. Our support team is always here to help you if you are facing any troubles.

Can you send me some of the screenshots you are seeing or your admin details to support@pauple.com so that I will better understand what you are saying exactly and I will check it out.


Hello, I like your plugin! Do you plan to be fully integrated into BuddyPress? (It would be great to get helpie articles included in BuddyPress menus: my articles, submit an article…). Is it possible to change the template of the single pages with elementor?

Hello, 1. Yes it’s a possibility. The theme I use (lisotopia from Javo) uses it and we can customize the template of the listing, the page blogs… via elementor. 2. I’m contacting you by email. Thank you.

One other point: Could it be possible to add the possibility to change the author of an article in the backend? Some members of my website send me articles by emails because they don’t know how to submit online. So I publish these articles for them. After that, I would like to change the author. It’s something I do for the posts of my blog.

1. We will check that out and get back to you.

2. We haven’t received your mail yet.

3. Yes, this is possible. We will add it in our upcoming release which is scheduled to be on 12th of this month. I will explain you more with some screenshots of how it works if you can mail us to support@pauple.com

can i mass import articles?

Yes You can. You can import all your articles as an xml file.


i have installed Helpie but got into 2 issues: 1. the search reasults dorpdown is not unfolding right, please see the screenshot – https://cl.ly/q8EE

2. how can i translate all the texts visible in the frontend ?(ex: What can i help you with?, Articles, articles in this topic, Contributors ao)




Thanks for purchasing Helpie.

1. Can you please send your website URL to support@pauple.com so that we will check that out.

2. We will do that and release it in our upcoming release which is scheduled to be tomorrow.


Got it.


Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home3/erin/public_html/hoot/wp-content/plugins/helpie/includes/shortcodes.php on line 24

I’m getting this error after install


I think you are using PHP version 5.6. We found the problem was with that version only. We have fixed it now. We are releasing it today. You will get the update once it’s approved.



Isn’t it possible to change the “Main Page Categories” order from DESC to ASC?


As of now, you can drag and drop to arrange your categories as you wish in Helpie settings -> Main Page -> Main Page categories. To arrange it in desc to Ascending order is not a big deal. We will add it to our backlog and let u know once it’s ready.



lukebar Purchased

First off-> I’m lovin’ the plugin!

Second, if I’m creating a customized main page using shortcodes, is there any way I can specify the order that categories are displayed when using [pauple_helpie_categories_listing]? By default, it doesn’t seem to respect the order I drag the categories to in Helpie Settings -> Main Page.

Thanks! – Luke


1. Thank you so much.

2. Yes, you can. You can sort it in three different ways: Alphabetical, article count and custom.

If you want it to fall back from Main page settings, you need to use the shortcode: [pauple_helpie_categories_listing sortby=’custom’ ]. Just replace the ‘custom’ by ‘Alphabetical’ if you want to arrange it in Alphabetical order and the same with article count.

You can follow this doc for more information: http://helpie.pauple.com/docs/front-page/category-listing-shortcodes/

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need assistance with anything else.



alyasir Purchased


i am just installing, plugin on may page and helpie Setting menu is not functional. it is show like : https://ibb.co/kgNzpn

please explain. thanks


Thanks for buying Helpie. Pls try hard refreshing it once and check it again as it works perfectly on our end.

If the issue still stands after hard refreshing it, please send your website URL and your admin details to support@pauple.com so that we will check this out.



omshiva Purchased

Hi – I just installed the plugin but I’m having an issue where the frontend page keeps trying to load, does show the page, but keeps loading, then fails with a browser error. Chrome on a Mac displays: Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. I’m running WP 4.9.4. I tried clearing all server cache (at WPEngine).


Sorry for the trouble.

Can you please send us your website URL and admin details to support@pauple.com so that we will check this out.

Hi, I tried to install on my WP and I receive this message: Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Could you help me? Thanks Henrique


First Let me clarify that this is a Plugin, not a theme.

You need to install it in Plugins -> Add New and upload your Plugin.

Let me know if you still face any issue after that.


its my bad :( but I tried to install a new plugin, by plugin area. I received a similar message ….

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Return to Plugin Installer


it worked, thanks


After I update the plugin to latest version it become like this https://i.imgur.com/tynh7LY.png the listing in categories is empty. and one more problem https://i.imgur.com/2TVNnJZ.png the subtitle color still haven’t fix the problem. In the setting i set to white color but it still showing grey color. Feel disappointed with your guys service. this problem i was mentioned since last time

please fix the problem css. this problem i had mentioned since last version

Please check your website now. I have added the custom css. I gave it in our previous conversation itself. I think you missed it.

Anyhow it works now. You can check it.

We will fix it in the coming release for sure.




Pre-sales question: does this plugin work with WPML and Yoast SEO?

thanks sandy

Hi Sandy,

Yes. Helpie Works perfectly with both of that Plugins.

Let me know if you need help with anything else.


We have also written a brief doc on how to Integrate WPML with Helpie: http://helpie.pauple.com/docs/front-page/integrating-wpml-with-helpie/. You can refer that incase if you need any help.


drredict Purchased

Hi, Just bought Helpie and facing some minor issues with front-end editing. As soon as it is enabled and I open an article, the following thing pops-up for ~1 second: https://imgur.com/a/BzmDu (seems as if it wants to trash the article and then cancels). Afterwards, the 3 dots with add-edit-trash aren’t working. Second would be, I am using tinyMCE advanced for the front-end, as helpie is lacking some functions. While creating an article, it shows up, as soon as I go into the front-end editing of an existing article, only the helpie-editor shows up. Any idea what’s wrong? Tyvm in advance+ best


Thank you for purchasing Helpie.

We checked your issues on our end and couldn’t see any of your issue. So I think we need some screenshots of your issues especially the one you say with tinyMCE. And also please send me your website url and temporary admin details to support@pauple.com so that we will check that out.


Hello, incluide system tickets?


No. We have decided to release ticketing as a seperate Plugin.


mcThings Purchased

Hi Pauple,

When using the component setting “Fix Helpie Sidebar Position” we are getting an undesirable, large amount of padding at the bottom of the article page due to the dynamic height of the sidebar – roughly > 1000px. This is not the case when using the static sidebar which displays properly. I’ve linked to a reference URL on the “Helpie” docs as this issue is occurring on your demo as well (in addition to this the table of contents also ends up behind/overlapping the resources footer).

URL: http://helpie.pauple.com/docs/front-page/sidebar-with-page-scroll/

Thank you for looking into this.


I was able to reproduce this error and have added it in our bug tracker. I’ll be sure to ping you as soon as we have a fix pushed up.

If you have any other questions, just let me know and I will be happy to help you.Thanks again for using Helpie and have an awesome day!

Regards, Stephen – Support Team


Taoashzar Purchased


I purchased Helpie yesterday. I am using the latest version of wordpress and a theme called Divi by Elegantthemes.com

I don’t have the ability to manipulate the basic page template with my theme divi with the default setting of Helpie.

So, I went into the “Main page” settings. I selected “Select a page”. I selected the page I want to use and hit save. From there I went to the page and added the shortcode as instructed.

This is where I have a problem. When I am using the divi builder and I enter the shortcode and update (or publish) the page. Then the wordpress section “Editor” (the main content entry section) disappears. This is very problematic because I can’t build out the page or make any edits.

Is Helpie not compatable with the Divi theme?

Please help, Zac

Hi Zac,

Good to know you. Thanks for using Helpie.

Regarding the issue, we need to check this out and find what exactly is causing the issue. Can you please send me your website URL and temporary admin details to support@pauple.com so that we will check this one.

If you have any other questions, just let me know and I will be happy to help you.Thanks again for using Helpie and have an awesome day!

Regards, Stephen – Support Team

Okay got it!

Here is the login url:


User name: support_pauple

Email: support@pauple.com

The password was sent too


Thanks, Zac