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Is there a way to deny a role access to the help desk? Right now it only lets me select all categories or specific ones, but there’s no way to give no access.


You can use ctrl + click or command + click ( in mac ) to unselect a category / option.

Hello, hope all is well, is it possible to add a feature for users to pay to have access to certain questions, the idea would be that people can submit their questions for free but to see the answer they have to pay

if there’s no way for users to register and publish their question, then at least being able to create a payment option for them to have access to the site, in this case the questions would be visible but to see the answers they have to pay

Thanks UOU


You can use another plugin, like Woocommerce to handle payments. This might not be included in this plugin as this is a very specific request and there are other plugins which can do this.

I will think of adding the feature where answers are restrict for certain user roles.


thank you

Hi, I have version 1.0.2 of the helpie helpdesk and want to upgrade to the latest version.

I am wondering if there is a update process to keep the articles in the KB.

I am really enjoying your product and think it has great potential especially when you have the features planned that you do….

Thank you

Liam Gibbins

License number if needed.. :) 125dd24f-a64c-442c-9a07-606d5c783434 – 3 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

Deleted plugin and installed the latest version and my existing articles can not be seen but they are there in the helpie menu in admin

Had to delete all articles and re do them, so that they are clickable from the main page..

Also that git-hub addon does not work theres loads of comments on forums everywhere saying its not working..

I am sorry. I saw that a few of our clients are already using it and suggested it to you. Will add the feature into the helpie plugin itself then.

If ticket system comes promise going to get this…


Hi there,

Please can you provide assistance with the following plugin. Please see the following: 175f0871-b06a-4c13-8a50-0a98a6e0a086

Please get back to us via

Hi! Great plugin Presale question: The users can upload your questions? (Support) Or only is a Knowledge database? Thanks.

Hello romro91, As of now, it is only a Knowledge base. We will be adding new features in the coming days.

Hi there I’m probably a bit blind but I don’t see how to add posts. I have created categories and subcategories & configured settings. But I can’t understand how I can write my FAQ text. Also, I don’t find any reference of the shortcodes… Can you clarify these points? Regards

H lancreyi,

Do you mean how you can add Helpdesk articles? You can do that by going to WP Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Add New Helpdesk article.

Reference to shortcodes and examples are shown here :

Hey mate, Whats the ETA on the ticket system?

Its not in the near future, sorry.

Hi Paul. Your plugin works great so far and I only have one question. Have you come up with a solution to password protect all content in a specific category yet. I gets messy when you have to add a password to each document within a category (folder) as it is today. BR Daniel

I was hoping there would be some free plugin that does this well. If not, this is definitely on the cards.

Have you checked this yet Paul? I guess that it would be in your interest to know if there is a plugin that fix this or not.

Is there a change log for new versions? For example version 1.0.5 was just released, where can I see what was updated?

Just added it to the change-logs in the Item Details page.

Awesome thank you!

Hi, Is there any way to use as stand-alone without wordpress?

Hello there,

Sorry, this is a WordPress plugin and does not work without WordPress.

Is there a way to have the document ‘expire’ or be flagged after a certain amount time after publishing? Need a way to help review/clear out old articles.

Not yet. Will considering adding it to the do-to list.

I was wondering if you could answer the following for me please. On a category page, is there an option to see the entire question and answer (not just a snippet) for each question and answer. See screenshot #3 as an example of what I am talking about here: Also, are individual questions and answers posted as pages or posts? Thank you!

We don’t have that feature yet, @dannanelli. Will considering adding it to the do-to list.

Hi Paul! Have you come up with a solution to password protect all content in a specific category yet? I have tried a couple of free plugin but haven´t got it to work. It seems that the Helpie Category is not the same as other categorys. I need to find a solution to this but do not want to spend money on different plugins just to check if it is possible or not. In the beginning you told me that I could expect this to come in next update but what I can see, this is not possible yet. So with this information, do you or any other of your customer have a proposal for me? //Daniel

Hello Daniel,

Sorry about that. Will try to release the next update in this week with this feature.


I installed the plugin but It doesn’t work properly. I added categories on 4 levels. In CSS, the level 4 category has the same class as level 3. I added an article in a level 4 category and the article headline shows up in the sidebar 4 times, under each parent category. Also, when you click and go to details, the sidebar doesn’t stay open. You no longer know where you are.

The category tree from admin is not the same as the one on frontend.

The categories have description but you cannot see it in frontend. If there is no article in a category, you cannot click on it. If there is an article, the category it’s clickable but there is no description.

Also, the main page URL is, for example, /knowledge-base/ and when I click on an article it’s /blog/knowledge-base/article-name/. Why blog? It makes no sense.

Also, the settings of my template are gone. On the main page, I have a header. If I go to the article, that’s gone. It’s another template.

The functionality is quite strange. It works properly only if you have main categories.

I hope you can fix it.

Thank you.


Thank you for the feedback @itelio. I am on this right now, along with a couple of other issues and the password-protection for categories. If you can mail me the request along with a couple of screenshots to explain the situation to, that would be great.

I use to track support requests, hope you understand.

Is it not possible to delete an article? I can’t find the remove command anywhere…

Edit – I figured it out. Have to publish it first, then trash it.

In the Sidebar with Page Scroll, is it possible to have multiple levels? Like a sub-level under the first label?

Currently no. Only categories have levels in the sidebar, not the in-page scroll points. Will add this to the backlog.

Hi Paul, what´s the progress regarding password-protection for categories?


I am almost there. Can you mail me at, I would like to get some suggestions on how to implement it.